Watch TV Shows on FitTV

Fit TV Channel is a cable and satellite channel, focusing on delivering the latest exercise information to target getting fit, losing weight, toning muscle groups, and staying fit. It offers beginner and advanced exercise routines across a variety of exercise programs and shows. The channel highlights some of the leading exercise professionals in the industry, and offers a wide variety of exercise styles. It also includes health programs, and informational health programming.

Fitness shows include yoga, Pilates, cardio workouts, dance routines, such as Latin dancing, kickboxing, Tai-Chai, and many others. Routines include 10-60 minute workouts, and various episodes target particular muscle groups, such as abs, thighs, abdomen, legs and arms. Particular goals, such as toning muscle groups, flattening abs, losing body fat, and creating body sculpting effects can all be accomplished with the exercises on the channel. Fitness includes low or high impact, beginner or intermediate.

Some of the shows also are aired in a series, and episodes may take viewers from beginner to intermediate, or teach specific stances or dance moves with each episode. This may be especially true for shows such as those related to kick boxing, or dance shows, such as Latin dance. Shows also include some of the top industry fitness instructors, such as Cathe Friedrich, Winston Squire, Zuzka, Sharon Mann, Kate Potter and others. The channel teaches good fitness and good health. It also teaches how to properly exercise to avoid strain and injury, and shows give exercise tips, proper stance, and tricks for getting the most out of workouts.