Shop Talk

Shop Talk is a 2010 reality television series which features the employees of an auto body shop in Memphis. The shop is owned by Stewart, who has been restoring cars for the use of his staff as well as his clients since 1993. Another employee who is often featured in the show is Antonio who has a tendency to take on large projects and not be able to finish them by their deadlines. Grace works the front desk, and she is used to having a lot of customers come in and demand their vehicles immediately, which she responds to critically.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
February 2, 2010
Web Originals
Shop Talk

Shop Talk Full Episode Guide

  • Josiah's lesson on being a man comes to an end but the conversation continues..

  • Phil and Trina struggle while the shop talks commitment.

  • Now that there's a Black man in the White House, racial oppression is gone, right? Percy tries to school the young heads.

  • Phil, the father-to-be, asks Malik for some advice. Malik shares information from a higher source.

  • Interracial dating is the topic on this episode. See who likes a little cream in their coffee.

  • Is it money, stability, a partner...or all three? Malika finds herself at the center of the debate.

  • The love of music helps Phil deal with his bad news and soothes the customers in the shop.

  • Phil's girl has some news and he isn't too happy about it.

  • Josiah seeks wisdom from the guys at the barbershop and wants to know what it means to be a man.

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