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South Africa - The Land of Hope is a film that highlights the extreme disparities between the people and places that make up the great land of South Africa. While the country is very materially rich there are many problems with wealth distribution and a small part of the country's people receive any of that wealth. This film by KranGruppen basically explores this dichotomy.

There are many scenes of beauty and violence interspersed in this film and many of the "actors" are actual townspeople who make up the verdant countryside. Basically this film is about the differences in life between the citizens of South Africa.

1 Season, 3 Episodes
May 19, 2010
Documentary & Biography
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South Africa - The Land of Hope Full Episode Guide

  • Who owns the land? This question is dealt with in Part 3 of this documentary. In the early 20th century, the Union of South Africa was still young. But it was the disenfranchised Blacks who had ended up with the short end of the stick in the -

  • Part 1 starts with the arrival of a Dutch sailing vessel that would change the future of the African continent: Jan von Riebeeck is supposed to establish a supply station for European ships sailing the long ocean routes, gathering riches from all -

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