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  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.9  (10)

The television show Sports Crash takes viewers to the world of sports where things do not go quite as planned. This television series shows real people partaking in real sports that end in dangerous crashes. It will leave you on the edge of your seat clip after clip wondering where did these professionals go wrong.

In this television series, viewers will watch clips of sporting events that led to unbelievable crashes including boat races, motorcycle crashes, ATV wrecks, and just about everything else that involves wheels. Clips will also be played in slow motion so viewers can see where these riders went wrong and what caused them to crash.

Sports Crash is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on July 6, 2010.

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Sports Crash 322
22. Sports Crash 322
October 10, 2012
The world's "fattest dare devil" gets slammed in the dirt when a motocross jump goes wrong, a freestyle skier gets big air that leads to an even bigger crash, a pimped out car gets prepped for the junk yard, and a fighter jet comes in for a fiery crash landing, see how the pilot faired.
Sports Crash 321
21. Sports Crash 321
October 3, 2012
A superbiker loses the battle to control his machine and gets slammed in the sand, the luxury auto parts fly when two porches take a pounding, an extreme skier learns why leaving red snow is a no-no and a ridiculous roof jump leaves one rollerblader weak in the knees.
Sports Crash 320
20. Sports Crash 320
September 26, 2012
A motorcycle drag race mistake turns the quarter mile into the worlds most painful slip'n slide, a devastating midair collision with a tree teaches one skier to learn it's best to look before you leap, a funny car driver puts his safety gear to the ultimate test and a FMXer goes too big for his own good.
Sports Crash 319
19. Sports Crash 319
September 19, 2012
A new trick sends one extreme skier belly flopping onto the hard pack from 20ft in the air, one wrong move sends a powerboating team and their 5 ton boat into a devastating back flip, a surfer takes a pounding from one of the most powerful waves of all time and a freestyle motocrosser earns a nasty case of road rash the hard way.
Sports Crash 318
18. Sports Crash 318
September 12, 2012
A high performance race car get crushed by a safety wall, a free style moto- crosser hits the slopes only to find out that the slopes hit back, a motorcycle drag racer has a head banging time at the drag strip and a rally car puts its roll cage to the ultimate test.
Sports Crash 317
17. Sports Crash 317
September 5, 2012
A massive powerboat crash leaves the crew struggling to get out as the cockpit fills up with water, a superbiker is sent on a super slide when he is bucked off his bike at over 100mph, a vicious collision ignites a high performance race car into flames and rips it in half and a drag race disaster you have to see to believe.
Sports Crash 316
16. Sports Crash 316
August 29, 2012
A class one powerboat takes an unplanned trip into the not so friendly skies before being slammed back to reality, a botched professional wrestling stunt sends a meathead to the hospital, one of the most vicious rolling rally cross wrecks of all time and it's no laughing matter when a funny car does a spot on impersonation of a fireball.
Sports Crash 315
15. Sports Crash 315
August 22, 2012
A massive botched back flip leaves one ATVer battered and broken, a superbik- er gets violently bucked from his bike and sent on a suicide slide, a rollerblad- er's rail riding mishap is polite enough to introduce his forehead to the sidewalk, and FMX superstar Travis Pastrana proves once again why he is known as one of the toughest athletes in the world of extreme sports.
Sports Crash 314
14. Sports Crash 314
August 15, 2012
An insane snowmobile jump lands one rider in a world of pain, a sudden wave sends a drag boat flying into the crowd at over 100mph, BMXers get rocked when two racers plow into each other at full race speed, and The World Series of Off Road Racing cranks up the destruction factor with a rolling wreck that leaves truck parts scattered all over the track.
Sports Crash 313
13. Sports Crash 313
August 1, 2012
A formula one collision sends one racer on an unexpected flight with a violent crash landing, a rollerblader takes the full force of a failed rail slide on his head, an off road racer gets knocked out behind the wheel and his rig goes on a ram- page through the crowd and a big air extreme skier comes up short on a 120 foot jump with devastating results.
Sports Crash 312
12. Sports Crash 312
July 25, 2012
A driver goes for a unbelievable rolling wreck at the Euro Rally Cross Champion- ships, a skier takes a bone crushing tumble down a rocky mountain face, a bull riding cowboy gets knocked out before he even leaves the start gate and an ATV rider gets slammed by his own machine when a jump goes horribly wrong.
Sports Crash 311
11. Sports Crash 311
July 18, 2012
Poor weather conditions turn a high performance GT race into a high stakes game of bumper cars, a snowmobiler get crushed by his own 500lb sled, Pro Mountain Bikers show how painful a trip to the skate park can be and a million dollar speed boat is destroyed on the open sea.
Sports Crash 310
10. Sports Crash 310
July 11, 2012
A snowboarder crushes his cranium on a disastrous rail slide that was doomed from the start, the drama unfolds when a high performance racecar ignites in flames with the driver still strapped inside, an ATV rider flies over the bars with body mangling results and a failed superman jump leaves mountain biking su- perstar Cameron Zink slammed and confused.
Sports Crash 309
9. Sports Crash 309
July 4, 2012
Sprint cars collide and combust in a race track catastrophe, a motorcycle mad- man gets laid out cold when things go wrong on a track made of ice, a mountain biker gets slammed back to reality when he goes too big for his own good, and it's a paraglider vs. a power line, see who wins.
Sports Crash 308
8. Sports Crash 308
June 27, 2012
A motocrosser experiences a horrifying face plant after a 35 foot fall, power- boat boat captains turn into Kamikaze pilots when their boats take flight with disastrous results, an out of control dragster flies off the track and straight for a camera man and things heat up when a metal mangling sprit car pileup ignites into a raging inferno.
Sports Crash 307
7. Sports Crash 307
June 20, 2012
FMX Super Star Seth Enslow sets out to break a distance record, but ends up breaking bones instead, a sprint car race becomes a metal mangling multi-car pileup, a nighttime drag race looks more like a fireworks exhibition and a street biker's skills are put to the test and his bike pays the price.
Sports Crash 306
6. Sports Crash 306
June 13, 2012
A spectacular wreck leaves a flatbottom drag boat heading for the bottom of the lake, Robbie Knieval puts it all on the line at the "Ride the Divide" rally, an extreme daredevil learns to never order his kiteboarding, "on the rocks" and a BMX back flip leads to a asphalt face plant.
Sports Crash 305
5. Sports Crash 305
June 6, 2012
A Porsche takes a pounding when a land speed record attempt ends in disas- ter, a motocrosser goes for big air but ends up in big trouble, a cowboy messes with the bull and gets the horns, and a night time drag race explosion lights up the quarter mile.
Sports Crash 304
4. Sports Crash 304
May 30, 2012
A motocrosser takes a British pounding in England, F1 Powerboats get blasted in Italy, a female drag racer find disaster quick on the quarter mile, and a pilot is in for the ride of his life when an airplane race heads south.
Sports Crash 303
3. Sports Crash 303
May 23, 2012
A base jumper's world gets rocked when a crosswind sends him into a build- ing, a hillclimber gets bucked from his bike with bone breaking consequences, a skateboarder gets a helmet check from the side of a building and a superbiker's safety gear is put to the ultimate test when he is tossed off his machine at full race speed.
Sports Crash 302
2. Sports Crash 302
May 16, 2012
A freestyle motocrosser cases a jump and takes a pounding from the parking lot, a skateboarders body pays the price when he takes on gravity one too many times, an air boat racer gets stomped in the swamp and a skier proves he has the need for speed... and health insurance.
Sports Crash 301
1. Sports Crash 301
May 9, 2012
Off road racers get rocked, rolled and railed in a metal mashing muti-truck pile- up, a rookie formula one race boat captain only finds the formula for disaster in his first outing, a mountain biking maniac's 35 foot plunge ends in a desert disaster and a stunt bikers luck runs out in Vegas when a botched wheelie de- stroys his brand new ride.
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Sports Crash is available for streaming on the Spike TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sports Crash on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    July 6, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (10)