Stella is a British comedy drama based on the fictional life of a single mother in a small Welsh village. The show is written by and stars Ruth Jones, who became famous after writing and starring in the successful British comedy drama Gavin & Stacey; Stella marked Jones's move from the BBC to cable network Sky1, for whom this was one of the first original shows produced. An intial ten episode first season of 60 minute episodes saw the show recommissioned for a further two seasons and Christmas specials for Sky1. Initially broadcast on SKy1 in 2012 the show is filmed on location in the Rhonda Valley of South Wales.

Stella is a single mother raising her three children in the small Welsh village where she has spent her entire life; to make ends meet Stella works doing laundry and ironing clothes for the local people of the village bringing most of them to her house in each episode. The first season opens with a number of revelations, including the fact Stella's eldest son, Luke is in jail for stealing cars. While trying to update her appearance in the first episode Stella tries on a number of her daughter, Emma's clothes and her make-up; while enjoying herself in her daughter's room Stella discovers a positive pregnancy test and must confront Emma with it.

Alongside the problems of her daughter's teenage pregnancy, Stella is trying to welcome her son, Luke back from jail and make sure he stays away from criminal behavior while encouraging youngest son, Ben to stay in school. Stella also has a difficult love life with new boyfriend Sean and a number of former boyfriends and ex-husband, Karl. Story arcs are maintained throughout the season, including the upcoming wedding and pregnancy of Emma and Sunil; towards the end of season one Stella discovers she is pregnant and unsure of the identity of the father.

Comedy Central
5 Seasons, 51 Episodes
June 28, 2005
Cast: Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, David Wain, Heidi Neurauter

Stella Full Episode Guide

  • Pontyberry rallies to support Stella and Michael as they go on a TV show to find out Baby Jackson' parentage. Meanwhile Rob has life-saving heart surgery in London.

  • Rob and Stella finally get a chance to talk - and Stella' got a heartbreaking decision to make. Beyonce drops a bombshell on Michael, and Aunty Brenda bids rolling stone Clem goodbye.

  • A sad day, as Paula returns home for Daddy' funeral - only to meet with a further upsetting surprise. Stella tries to ignore the question of what exactly is going on with her and Rob - but will she be able to, with Paula around?

  • Stella and Michael are back on an even keel - until the early arrival of Baby Jackson throws their lives once more into turmoil. Aunty Brenda' ex-husband Clem saves Banjo' life, but endangers Brenda' political future.

  • Rob tells Michael about his heart condition, and Michael realizes he' got a lot of ground to make up with an upset Stella. Luke can't forgive his parents for keeping Rob' news a secret.

  • Rob Morgan' arrival in Pontyberry causes tension. Stella' promised to keep his secret, but an increasingly annoyed Michael knows she' hiding something.

  • Stella goes to London to surprise Michael. When they have dinner with his boss Maria, she gets a surprise of her own - and the weekend has yet more shocks in store.

  • Stella and Michael are getting back on their feet financially - until Beyonce starts demanding outrageously expensive things for the baby. Stella comes up with a typically selfless solution, but Michael wants her to put herself first for once.

  • Congratulations are in order for Stella as she aces her nursing exams. Michael lands a job in London - will Stella give the lawyer a reason to stay? A familiar face returns when Rob stops by to help son Luke confront his spiraling gambling addiction.

  • Preparations for Big Alan and Celia's wedding day are in full swing as friends and family gather for their stag and hen parties - although a mix-up sends an angry Bobby into battle.

  • Election day has arrived and Aunty Brenda can almost taste victory - until a new rival enters the race in the form of dodgy bookie Iwan Jenkins. Meanwhile, Ben takes Lily on a disastrous date, and a Paula finds a new direction in life.

  • Stella can't believe her eyes when a strange-looking, booze-swigging woman at the end of the street turns out to be none other than best pal and sister-in-law Paula, who says she has left Tenerife to see Aunty Brenda. But is there more to her story?

  • Moving on from Michael proves harder than anticipated for Stella due to the lack of a wall separating their two houses. Meanwhile, Celia gets a shock when she bumps into her ex-husband Dan.

  • Having given Michael the cold-shoulder treatment for a couple of days, Stella is ready to thaw and make amends - until she uncovers yet more secrets and lies.

  • Michael is full of guilt following his actions, but that doesn't stop him making the same mistake twice. Everything comes to a head at Katie's birthday lunch, which ends in a trip to hospital and a shock revelation for Stella.

  • Trouble brews in Pontyberry when Michael is fired from the cafe, so he heads down to the bikers' pub to drown his sorrows and bumps into his flirty client Beyonce - leading him to make a monumental mistake that he'll struggle to recover from.

  • Michael starts acting out of character, splashing out on a motorbike and leathers. Could he be suffering a mid-life crisis? Stella certainly thinks so. Elsewhere, Aunty Brenda and the newly flush Dai lock horns during a fraught business meeting.

  • Life is just as chaotic as ever for Stella, as new bloke Michael has decided to base his solicitors' office in her house, while at work she begins her second year of nursing training.

  • Stella makes plans to spend her first Christmas with Michael. However, when he is called away to Birmingham to deal with a family emergency, she ends up forming a close attachment with an 11-year-old boy with a terminal illness.