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  • TV-PG
  • 1969
  • 1 Season
  • 8.5  (2,296)

Super Dimension Fortress Macross is a legendary anime series that first premiered in 1982 and continued till 2002. The show is a blend of action, drama, and romance, appealing to audiences of all ages. The anime follows the story of a massive alien spaceship that enters the Earth's atmosphere, causing a global crisis that threatens humanity's existence.

The main protagonist of the show is a young pilot named Hikaru Ichijo. He is a talented and ambitious fighter pilot who dreams of flying the skies and fighting for his country. Through a series of events, Hikaru is thrust into a battle against the alien invaders and becomes part of a team tasked with saving humanity from destruction.

Alongside Hikaru is a diverse cast of colorful characters, including Lynn Minmay, a talented singer, and a potential love interest for Hikaru. There is also Lisa Hayes, a tough and determined officer, who helps Hikaru understand the gravity of the situation and how to fight the enemy with force and strategy.

The show is known for its incredible mecha designs and space battles, showcasing some of the best animation of its time. The mecha, called Veritech fighters, are transformable aircraft with impressive firepower that take on the giant alien ships in spectacular and intense battles. The action is fast-paced and gripping, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross is also known to have some of the most iconic music scores in anime history. The show features a series of catchy and memorable songs, sung by Mari Iijima, the voice of the character Lynn Minmay. The music adds a significant layer of emotion to the already compelling story, amplifying the show's romantic and dramatic elements.

Despite its age, Super Dimension Fortress Macross remains a powerful and engaging anime series even to this day. The show's themes of love, sacrifice, and humanity's resilience in the face of danger still resonate with audiences, making it a timeless classic. The characters and their journeys are unforgettable, and the animation and music are still praised for their quality and impact.

If you're a fan of mecha anime, space battles, and epic stories, then Super Dimension Fortress Macross is a must-watch. It's a series that has stood the test of time, paving the way for modern anime and influencing generations of creators and fans alike.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross (English Subtitled)
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Gentle Farewell
36. Gentle Farewell
Minmay is trying to get Hikaru to quit the military. Kamjin gets his warship up and running and heads toward the Macross.
35. Romanesque
June 19, 1983
It's Christmas time! Kamjin and his group have found a Zentradi warship and are repairing it using techniques learned from the humans.
Private Time
34. Private Time
Misa and Hikaru have a date for a picnic. However, Minmay calls Hikaru and he flies over to see her without telling Misa.
Rainy Night
33. Rainy Night
Misa and Claudia talk about the men in their lives over glasses of wine.
Broken Heart
32. Broken Heart
Kamjin captures Minmay and Kaifun and tries to ransom them for a warship. Misa and Hikaru are part of a mission to rescue them.
Satan's Dolls
31. Satan's Dolls
May 21, 1983
The disgruntled Zentradi are now trying to steal the micloning devices. The military find themselves battling ever increasing numbers of Zentradi.
Viva Maria
30. Viva Maria
May 15, 1983
Claudia, Misa, Hikaru, Max, Milia and Exedol are recruited to go with Britai to capture the Zentradi base that manufactures their ships.
Lonely Song
29. Lonely Song
As more and more Zentradi grow discontented with their current life, a solution must be found.
My Album
28. My Album
May 1, 1983
It's been two years since the Macross and its Zentradi allies destroyed Bodolzaa and the Main Fleet. A city has sprung up around the Macross, built by the human and Zentradi survivors.
Love Flows By
27. Love Flows By
The time has come for the final showdown. Hikaru admits his feelings for Minmay but how will she respond?
26. Messenger
Groups of Zentradi mutiny and demand the negotiation of a cease-fire with the Macross. Archivist Exedol is sent as ambassador to the Macross.
Virgin Road
25. Virgin Road
April 10, 1983
On their first date, Milia tries to kill Max. However, sparks fly along with the daggers, and the two wind up getting married.
Good-bye Girl
24. Good-bye Girl
Misa decides to return to the Earth to give her report to the UN Government High Command regarding the Zentradi, using data obtained from the defectors.
Drop Out
23. Drop Out
After the attack on the city inside the Macross, the civilians get to work cleaning up. Meanwhile, the military is kept busy fighting off small groups of Zentradi.
Love Concert
22. Love Concert
Exedol has come up with a plan to capture the Macross by taking advantage of the Daedalus Attack to insert battle pods aboard the Macross.
Micro Cosmos
21. Micro Cosmos
It's the premiere of Minmay's movie. She's reserved a seat in the front row for Hikaru but he doesn't get her message.
Paradise Lost
20. Paradise Lost
The explosion of the barrier system has not only destroyed most of Kamjin's fleet but decimated.
Burst Point
19. Burst Point
February 27, 1983
Roy is dead and the crew of the Macross has developed an omnidirectional barrier that can shield the entire ship for a brief period of time.
Pineapple Salad
18. Pineapple Salad
Hikaru regains consciousness but is being kept in the hospital for monitoring. His first visitor is Misa, who feels guilty for being responsible for Hikaru's injuries.
17. Phantasm
Having been seriously injured in his last battle, Hikaru is lying unconscious in a hospital.
Kung Fu Dandy
16. Kung Fu Dandy
Kaifun is reunited with his parents. The three spies gradually start adjusting to life with "culture."
15. Chinatown
January 23, 1983
Misa and Global head to UN Forces Headquarters in Alaska to report their theories regarding the Zentradi.
Global Report
14. Global Report
Captain Global prepares his report for UN Forces Headquarters.
Blue Wind
13. Blue Wind
On their return to the Macross, Hikaru, Kakizaki, Max, and Misa give their report to Global and his senior officers.
Big Escape
12. Big Escape
Britai, Exedol, and Bodolzaa decide they need to place micloned Zentradi soldiers aboard the Macross as spies.
First Contact
11. First Contact
Hikaru, Kakizaki, and Misa, having been captured by the Zentradi, are locked in a room for study. Britai and Exedol decide to contact Zentradi Supreme Commander Bodolzaa for advice.
Blind Game
10. Blind Game
Roli, Konda, and Warera, after having all their recording equipment destroyed by Hikaru, report to Britai and Exedol about the broadcast they witnessed.
Miss Macross
9. Miss Macross
A TV station is now running on the Macross. To celebrate they are holding a "Miss Macross" beauty pageant.
Longest Birthday
8. Longest Birthday
On Minmay's sixteenth birthday Hikaru is promoted and put in charge of two subordinates: Kakizaki Hayao and Maximillian Jenius.
Bye-Bye Mars
7. Bye-Bye Mars
Having discovered an abandoned base on Mars, the Zentradi set up a trap for the Macross. The Macross, already far off the intended course for Earth, makes a stop on Mars for much needed supplies.
Daedalus Attack
6. Daedalus Attack
The Macross crew develops a protective barrier from the energy anomaly left by the fold system disappearance. However, they can only create three small movable shields.
5. Transformation
November 7, 1982
The Zentradi locate the Macross and resume their attacks.
Lynn Minmay
4. Lynn Minmay
October 31, 1982
Hikaru and Minmay, after finding themselves suddenly in outer space, finally make it back aboard the Macross. Now they discover that they are in a sealed off, unused portion of the battleship.
Space Fold
3. Space Fold
October 17, 1982
The Captain of the Macross is forced to make a quick decision due to the relentless attackes of the enemy. Using alien technology, the Macross makes a space fold near the Earth's surface above South Ataria island.
2. Countdown
October 3, 1982
Air-racer pilot Ichijo Hikaru is about to get a joy ride in a Valkyrie fighter from his sempai, Major Roy Focker, when an air raid is called -- Aliens are attacking.
Booby Trap
1. Booby Trap
In 1999, a giant alien spacecraft crash lands on South Ataria island. Humanity proceeds to attempt to rebuild this marvel, but political conflicts centered around the "Macross" result in global war.
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    8.5  (2,296)