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The CBS drama Swingtown takes place in the mid-seventies, as the residents of a Chicago suburb experience the sexual revolution from many different perspectives. Bruce Miller (Jack Davenport) and his wife Susan (Molly Parker) move into a new larger home in the North Shore neighborhood. Their new neighbors, Tom (Grant Show) and Trina (Lana Parrilla) Decker, invite them to a Fourth of July party at their house, and the Millers realize that the Deckers are part of the swinger community. Surprisingly, Bruce and Susan accept an invitation to a foursome.

After their uncharacteristic adventure, the Millers agree that they will not continue to experiment outside the marriage, especially when their best friends, Janet (Miriam Shor) and Roger Thompson (Josh Hopkins) express their disapproval. Yet, Bruce and Susan continue to feel drawn to the Decker's seemingly freewheeling lifestyle, because they seem happier than the uptight Thompsons. So they try to maintain a friendship without sexual encounters. Still, Susan continues to worry that Bruce will no longer be satisfied with monogamy. She also finds out that Trina yearns for a child and a more conventional lifestyle. At the same time, the Miller teen children begin their first steps into dating and romance. High school student Laurie (Shanna Collins) develops a crush on one of her teachers. Her preteen brother B.J. (Aaron Christian Howles) pursues Samantha (Britt Robertson), a girl from a troubled family who wants to runaway from home.

The series presents the titillating storyline elements with delicacy, focusing on the emotional and family repercussions of the social changes in the 1970s. Like many of the American households at the time, the Miller family finds themselves torn between two radically different societies co-existing in their social world.

Swingtown is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on June 5, 2008.

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1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 5, 2008
Drama, Comedy
Cast: Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Josh Hopkins
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Swingtown Full Episode Guide

  • The neighborhood couples confront relationship changing decisions during Trina and Tom's annual end of the summer clambake and key party.

  • A surprise party for Janet sparks shocking revelations between the neighbors.

  • Bruce and Susan enjoy a night of line dancing with Tom and Trina and Janet starts a temp job with a local newspaper.

  • Bruce insists the family head to the cabin for some time together, but Laurie has her own plans of meeting with Doug. Also, Janet and Roger seek advice from a therapist.

  • As Tom and Trina close their relationship, Bruce and Susan open a new door with Brad and Sylvia, but are interrupted by Laurie and Doug Stephens.

  • Trina plays host for a "Puzzlerama" party for Roger and Susan, Bruce and Melinda and Tom and Janet , in which mismatched couples must figure out the clues from the neighborhood's darkest secrets.

  • Trina, already bitter about Tom's affair, is left in the dark about his decision to throw a spontaneous pool party to beat the record high temperatures in Chicago. Meanwhile, Roger asks advice from Susan after being fired at work, and Bruce cozies up to a co-worker.

  • When Trina and a high school sweetheart relive some fond memories, it causes Tom to become jealous. Meanwhile, In an effort to boost Bruce's career, Susan attends a Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon, but it's Janet who makes an impression on the elite organization.

  • The star of a controversial film is given a fundraiser at Decker's home to help pay for his legal defense, which is attended by Bruce and Susan.

  • Susan invites the Deckers to join the Millers' in a two bedroom cabin when the Thompsons back out of the annual trip. The foursome get a shock when Janet and Roger make a last minute appearance, just as things were getting cozy. Meanwhile, Laurie invites Doug over for a dinner while her parents are away, and BJ, Samantha and Rick break in to the Deckers home and go swimming.

  • Susan asks for Janet's assistance in planning a house warming party in hopes of mending their damaged friendship, but Trina shakes things up when she adds guests to the list and a twist on fondue dipping.

  • Bruce celebrates a great day on the trading-room floor by attending a party with Susan and the Deckers at the Playboy Club; Janet entertains her new neighbors and realizes how important her friendship with Susan is.

  • Susan and Bruce have moved their family to Chicago to try to find a different, unique sense of community that they haven't felt yet. Little do they know, they've stepped into the world of swingers and the American sexual revolution.