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Talent is a show that is looking for people that possess all different types of talent. It is a chance for people to compete and win over the judges by showing them exactly what they can do. There are many different people doing completely different things. The talents range from singing, dancing, tricks, and so much more. There are many unique individuals that preform new and exciting things when competing on live television.

The judges like seeing all different acts and then tell the contestants who will be moving forward in the competition. The contestants will all continue to show the judges different things throughout their time on the show. The judges will then decide who will be the winner of the entire competition.

Alloy Entertainment
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
December 31, 1969
Comedy Drama
Cast: B.C. Jean, Mishell Livio, Alexandra Chando, Randy Wayne

Talent Full Episode Guide

  • Ever dream of starring in your own music video? Harper Walker aspires to make her pop star fantasies come true on Chapter 8 of Talent: Season 2, featuring B.C. Jean performing "Stand Up"-a song she wrote exclusively for Talent.*

  • When you're in a bad relationship with a psychotic Hollywood manager, breaking up is hard to do. Still, Harper knows that Coco has to go. The only question is: what's the best way to dump her? Watch Chapter 7 of Talent: Season 2 and find out.*

  • BeyoncĂ© may take photo shoots and recording sessions for granted, but as Harper Walker (B.C. Jean) struggles to become the pop star of her dreams, she's floored by all the attention. What other jaw-dropping surprises does her manager have planned? Watch Chapter 4 of Talent: Season 2 and find out.*

  • All work and no Hollywood hotties would make the quest to become a pop star lonely-and sans eye candy-for Harper Walker (B.C. Jean) and her friends. Luckily, things are about to get interesting with the boy next door. Watch the sparks fly on Chapter 3 of Talent: Season 2.*

  • Every girl who dreams of becoming a pop star needs a savvy manager-that, some talent, persistence and trustworthy friends. To find the perfect ally to launch her career, Harper Walker (B.C. Jean) will have to kiss a few industry frogs . . . but some look a lot like Hollywood princes. Watch what happens on Chapter 2 of Talent: Season 2.*

  • Danielle, Harper, and Bianca have talent, a manse in the Hollywood hills, and each other-but they won't be satisfied until Harper is a star. Luckily, plotting a comeback is easy . . . with a little help from your friends. Watch what happens on the unforgettable season finale of Talent.

  • Harper's wild night may have ruined her chance to be a Victous Records recording artist-but when she and Danielle ask Gabe for forgiveness, they get much more than they bargained for. Watch what happens on Episode Eight of Talent.

  • What do you get when you combine a secret hook-up, a bruised ego, and a room crawling with celebrities? Kenzie's album release party-and a recipe for disaster. Don't miss a moment of the fallout on Episode Seven of Talent.

  • Harper owes everything to Kenzie Walsh, the pop star who discovered her, but can she sit back and watch Kenzie sing her song? Harper's ego is tested when Gabe invites her and Danielle to Kenzie's exclusive album release party. No one said the road to fame would be easy. Watch what happens next on Episode Six of Talent.

  • When Harper delivers her first demo, Gabe finally shows her some love-and enough free designer clothes to make her feel like a true Victous Records star. With her client/best friend finally on her way, Danielle lets loose and soaks up some of Hollywood's fashionable benefits herself on Episode Five of Talent.

  • Harper's producer called her a wanker, told her that her voice sucks, and quit. So now what? If Danielle can't charm or bully Gabe into delivering a replacement, she'll have to sweet-talk Marcus into taking Harper back. How do you reason with an insane British producer? Find out on Episode Four of Talent.

  • After less than a week in LA, Danielle gets Harper what most pushy music managers chase for years: a record deal. But her work isn't done until Victous Records delivers a producer for Harper's album. While Danielle focuses on Victous, Harper conquers VIP parties, hot actors, and apartment hunting. The results are enviable. Watch what happens on Episode Two of Talent.