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Tattoo Nightmares is a reality show with three tattoo artists whose specialty is fixing bad tattoos. The three artists, one of which was a contestant on Inkmaster create beautiful art out of tattoos people are ashamed of. The three artists are Tommy, Jasmine, and Big Gus. Covering a tattoo requires special skill, because the artist must design and implement a new design which works around the old tattoo.

The show includes reenactments of the situation when the original tattoo was done. It shows the mindset at the time that led to a bad decision; some of the tattoos are terrible art, and some are mistakes as to the subject of the tattoo. It is entertaining to see the reasons people get awful tattoos, and the story is an appealing part of the show. Some of the tattoos remind them of moments in their past they wanted to forget, but are forced to remember by the constant reminders on their bodies.

One young man got a burning flag inked on his arm, and he was ashamed and afraid of the reaction of other people as he aged. He got the flag when he was feeling rebellious, and as he got older, realized his mistake. Jasmine designed an owl which covered the flag nicely and was a beautiful work of art he could be proud of.

Another man had a huge tribal tattoo he was embarrassed about, so Gus did an amazing Viking warrior, he could be proud to show off. The man was a rock musician he was excited and felt more comfortable going on stage with his new tattoo.

Tommy was faced with the challenge of covering a disaster of a tattoo on a man's chest. He covered it up with a unique design of a yin-yang symbol made of fish.

Each episode brings new challenges for the trio of experts; they have to be creative to cover up bad body art. People leave the shop happy with their new tattoo masterpieces.

Tattoo Nightmares is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 2012.

Tattoo Nightmares is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tattoo Nightmares on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
3 Seasons, 58 Episodes
October 16, 2012
Drama, Kids & Family, Talk & Interview
Cast: Big Gus Demented, Tommy Helm, Jasmine Rodriguez
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Tattoo Nightmares Full Episode Guide

  • Gus tries to cover four heavy-duty mistakes that test his "metal," Jasmine finds some common ground with her client's ex boyfriend woes, and Tommy butts heads with a guy who was in over his head.

  • Jasmine is doubtful of her client's mermaid mistake, while Tommy tackles the result of a back (and bone) breaking sexcapade, and a man trips out Big Gus with his magical adventures with a green creature sidekick.

  • Jasmine is suspicious of her client's mermaid mistake, while Tommy takes on the result of a back (and bone) breaking sexcapade, and a man trips out Big Gus with his magical adventures with a green creature sidekick.

  • Big Gus gives a perfect present to a birthday girl. Tommy hopes to help a musician fix a past mistake. Jasmine helps cover up a terri-BULL tattoo for a client.

  • A bodybuilder seeks Big Gus's expertise, while Jasmine helps a father give the boot to some bad ink, and a stripper drops her pants so Tommy can get down and dirty.

  • Big Gus helps a bartender's bad ink rise from the ashes, while Jasmine works to empower her client with a foxy cover of a dating disaster, and an arm wrestling champ is on the prowl for a fierce new tattoo from Tommy.

  • Gus needs more than garlic to ward off his client's crazy past; Jasmine relates to a mother's need for a classy new look, while Tommy rolls the dice with his and Jaz's reputations when he's challenged with his coworkers coverup.

  • Jasmine gets stuck in an unfortunate threesome when her client drops his pants, Big Gus is needed stat to fix this goofy tattoo that destroyed a family, while Tommy tries to give his client's tattoo a second life.

  • A man is badly scarred in more ways than one as he tearfully asks Jasmine for help, while Tommy's client wants to lose her bestie, who's been following behind her for years, and a man needs Big Gus to help change his luck.

  • A surfer rolls into the shop hoping Tommy can help him say sayonara an old mistake, while a mother comes to Gus searching for the key to some new ink, and a man wrongly accused needs Jasmine's help to escape his past.

  • A disgraced basketball fan hopes Gus can help him, while a hunter hopes Tommy will hit the mark with his new ink.

  • It's the holidays, as Gus ties his client's new ink up with a bow, Tommy tries to freeze out a man's yuletide eggnog disaster, and Jasmine shakes it up when a tough guy drops his drawers hoping for a new Christmas package.

  • Tommy has his client's number in his crosshairs as he works to kill some bad ink, while Jasmine helps a beauty expert shine light on her beast of a tattoo, and Gus is double-teamed by a couple hoping to strip away a past mistake

  • A surfer seeks Gus's expertise to wash away a mistake and win back his father, while Tommy rushes to the scene for an accident-prone paramedic, and Jasmine's client is desperate to ex-out his ink in time for an important reunion.

  • Tommy covers up some sidewalk-chalk inspired ink, a gamer needs Big Gus's help to reset a bad tattoo from a bad bet, and Jasmine hoists a client back onto the horse after an online dating catastrophe.

  • Big Gus helps a father hit a home-run with some new ink, while Jasmine prays for a miracle when she attempts to fix a Bible Belt blooper, and a woman's mystical mishap forces Tommy to work his magic.

  • Jasmine helps her client "smooth" over a mASSive mistake, Gus is tasked with erasing the memory of his client's son, and Tommy hopes to get lucky breaking his client's cursed tattoo gamble.

  • Gus helps a mother who is ready to leave her past behind her, Jasmine's client is ready to grow up, and Tommy takes a stab at the ink that's been haunting his client for 13 years.

  • Jasmine attempts a major touch-up on an unfortunate celebrity portrait, Big Gus signs up to help a client get rid of the wrong number, and Tommy has flashbacks when an ex-raver begs him to cover-up a past alien encounter.

  • Jasmine rescues a former 90's beach babe, whose bad ink is drowning her career, Big Gus' client is eager to drop his pants to change his game, and Tommy helps a father honor his son by knocking out his adolescent mistake.

  • Tommy goes Renegade as he revamps a dated tattoo of an 80s heartthrob, Jasmine rescues a police officer from a tattoo that's held him hostage for years, and Gus is exposed to a client's sexual history that sent her to jail.

  • Tommy is determined to cover a tattoo that has dishonored his client's entire family, Gus tries to help a rocker get his edge back, and Jasmine rescues a superhero fan from a phallic mishap on his back.

  • Tommy gets flashed by an obscene portrait of a man's private part, Jasmine swears off a mother's profane mistake from her rebellious past, and a client shocks Gus with his unconventional self-attempts at tattoo removal.

  • Tommy "crosses" paths with a horrible reminder of his past, while Big Gus gets down and dirty to save a client's impending marriage, and Jasmine does everything she can to "smoke out" her client's disastrous tattoo.

  • A client calls Gus a Ladykiller following an encounter; Tommy rescues a man from some ink that almost killed him; Jasmine takes on a tattoo in a sensitive area.

  • A client leaves Gus speechless when she reveals a secret of her two-timing ex, a cage fighter pleads with Tommy to release him from a tattoo causing him daily beatings and Jasmine struggles to keep a client from removing his tattoo.

  • Gus must fix a gory tattoo inspired by a secret fetish; Tommy takes on a devilish symbol that's upsetting a client's mother; Jasmine tries to rid a man of a lifetime of bullying.

  • In "Dr. Death," the tattoo cover artists encounter reminders of explosive relationships and a tattoo that leaves death in its wake. They'll have their work cut out for them with this tattoo nightmare.

  • A man shocks Jasmine by revealing the identity of a woman from his past; Gus must transform a soldier's tattoo of a knife-wielding penis; Tommy tries to improve a client's poor reputation.

  • Gus takes on one man's plea to escape his perverted past, Jasmine rescues a client who left her last artist barely clinging to life, and Tommy attempts to grant his client's desperate wish to restore his manhood.

  • Jasmine learns just how far a jilted girl will go for love, Gus is transported back to 1978 to do the cover-up hustle, and Tommy tries to erase a client's misguided tribute that left his wife paralyzed in the hospital.

  • Gus tries to heal the burns left by the world's worst bunny tattoo, Jasmine washes away the sins of a girl's blasphemous mistake, and Tommy attempts to correct a $6000 mistake that sent his client's wife into labor.

  • Gus tries to revamp a client's unintended image; Jasmine corrects some rapping gone wrong; and Tommy tries to help soothe the wounds left by a national tragedy.

  • Tommy tackles a girl's embarrassing "duckface"; Gus transforms a career ending tattoo; and Jasmine helps a client whose ink could ruin her sex life.

  • Jasmine attempts to reverse a curse; Tommy covers up scars left by a con man; and Gus hopes to help a man shaken by a carnival tragedy.

  • Gus tries to help a man conceal a tragic memory; Jasmine works on an unlucky tattoo; and Tommy cleans up after a con artist.

  • Jasmine offers comfort to a devastated client; Tommy is surprised by a pair of lizards; and Gus transforms a gambler's wicked arm tattoo.

  • Jasmine frees a man from his past; Gus helps a client declare her independence; and Tommy witnesses an inked engagement proposal.

  • Gus helps a client with needle phobia; Tommy fixes scars left by blind love; and Jasmine listens to a soldier's tale of a dangerous tattoo experience.

  • A tough-guy feels the pain when Jasmine inks his ribs; Gus works to help a busty pinup girl; and Tommy takes on an unintended-racist tattoo.

  • Jasmine fixes a cute tattoo for a cop; Tommy camouflages a client's unfortunate nickname; and Gus learns a lesson about cover-ups.

  • Gus fixes a tattoo with hidden images. Jasmine tries to extinguish a real-life fire crotch, and Tommy tries to lift the burden of a client's childhood mistakes.

  • Gus attacks a girl's vampire-squid tattoo; Jasmine helps a mixed-up client; and Tommy tries to cover a cop's past failures.

  • Jasmine takes on a contentious couple with ink-related issues; Tommy tries to help a mom whose skeleton tattoo scares her son; and Gus transforms a man's unwanted unicorn.

  • A softball coach with offensive ink seeks help; Gus tackles an eight-ball tattoo; and Jasmine's client faces a potentially hazardous situation.

  • A nice girl reveals a nasty tattoo; Jasmine tries to transform a client's demon clown; and Tommy transforms ugly ink.

  • Jasmine is surprised by a client's revelation to his wife; Tommy helps a girl hurt by her parents; and Gus covers up some wild ink on a man's chest.

  • Tommy works on a cross on a man's chest; Jasmine tries to help a client who was wronged by a friend; and Gus handles a head tattoo.

  • Tommy takes on a risqué image; a client's racist ink surprises Jasmine; and Gus tries to keep his cool while covering up a flower on a woman's posterior.

  • The second season opens with Tommy attempting to cover up a pentagram on a schoolgirl's back; Gus deals with some obscene ink; and Jasmine works to preserve a nerdy client's reputation.

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