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Bad Ink is a reality television series featuring Dirk Vermin and his best friend Rob Ruckus. Vermin is a professional tattoo artist and owner of Pussykat Tattoo in Las Vegas. Ruckus is long time rocker and tattoo aficionado. The premise of the show is simple. Each episode, Vermin and Ruckus travel the streets in search of Sin City's worst tattoos.

The show features a diverse mix of people ranging from students to senior citizens. The one thing that they all have in common is a tattoo that they regret. A big part of the show is the comical exchanges between Vermin and Ruckus as they poke fun at people's terrible tattoos.

In exchange for being the butt of a few jokes, Vermin uses his skills to fix people's 'bad ink'. At his shop, Vermin transformers unwanted tattoos into body art masterpieces. For all his talents, Vermin isn't perfect and occasionally misspells something on a tattoo.

The relationship between Ruckus and Vermin is what sets Bad Ink apart from other tattoo reality shows. Vermin has described Bad Ink as more of a buddy comedy than anything else. The series also shows off Vermin's softer side as a father raising two girls.

Bad Ink is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on August 11, 2013.

Where do I stream Bad Ink online? Bad Ink is available for streaming on A&E, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bad Ink on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
August 11, 2013
Cast: Rob Ruckus, Dirk Vermin
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Bad Ink Full Episode Guide

  • Heather and Korrina celebrated their 21st birthdays by giving each other tattoos, even though neither of them had ever used a tattoo gun. One girl ended up in the hospital.

  • Dirk pranks Ruckus; a man is plagued by a tattoo of his ex-wife.

  • An embarrassing tattoo is covered up; a man seeks help with an inappropriate tattoo.

  • A scout leader bares an inappropriate tattoo on his leg; a man has a constant reminder from a previous marriage; a woman's body art resembles burnt toast.

  • A gun-shop clerk fails to honor her mother with the ink on her neck; a magician hopes to make his bad body art disappear.

  • Dirk and Ruckus receive a phone call from an overbearing mom whose son made a permanent mistake. Now Dirk has to try to fix it with the mom watching.

  • Dirk and Ruckus do their patriotic duty for Bridgette, a military veteran with a wildly inappropriate tattoo that she can't find the words to explain to her kids when they ask about it.

  • The guys help a bull rider who has big, bad body art, a nurse who has an offensive tattoo written in Chinese, and a woman who needs help with a tattoo that is ruining her sex life.

  • The guys help a young woman with a bad 'Buy One, Get One Free' tattoo; a woman who allowed her high-school boyfriend to apply ink to an intimate area, and a former male stripper with beastly body art.

  • A model seeks help after she got into a fight with he grandmother and got a "Suck it Grandma" tattoo. And Dirk's fellow artist Jonny gives a satisfied customer a tattoo of a horned woman with spikes and blood.

  • Rob and Dirk are off to the Public House in Las Vegas to help Vince, a boy from Philly who has an embarrassing tattoo in an embarrassing location. Next up, they help Emily, who allowed a friend to draw a doodle on her arm, and then a "Tattoo artist" etched it onto her permanently.

  • A former party girl got a tattoo in an intimate place as a joke, now the joke is on her.

  • Dirk and Ruckus help Rachel, a young woman who gave her ex-boyfriend the green light to pick out her tattoo. And unfortunately, the tattoo has "branded" Rachel with an obscene title that is far from the truth. They also meet Brittney, who after a bad day got a tattoo to express her anger at the world.

  • Jeremy's unique obsession motivated him to get a regrettable tramp stamp.

  • Dirk and Ruckus are called in to convince a Dad that the horrible tattoo portrait of his wife has got to go. The whole family hates it, even mom!

  • Dirk and Ruckus must convince a Dad that the horrible tattoo portrait of his wife needs to go.

  • Dirk and Ruckus get a call from a girlfriend who desperately wants her boyfriend's arm tattoo removed... especially since it's a portrait of his ex-girlfriend! Later, the guys come to the rescue of a former bikini bar waitress that made one impulsive decision and has the horrible tattoo to prove it.

  • Dirk and Ruckus come to the rescue of a new Mom that is convinced her bad tattoo is terrifying her newborn baby. Dirk has firsthand experience, being a Dad himself, so he gladly accepts the challenge to fix her ink. Dirk and Ruckus also meet Shaun, a guy with an eye for fashion, who happens to be wearing a terrible tattoo under his clothes.

  • A retired cop made his nickname permanent and now his girlfriend refuses to marry him unless the tattoo goes.

  • Vanessa got a tattoo out of spite and now it's getting in the way of her fitness model career. Dirk finds a way to turn her terrifying tattoo into a work of art.

  • Vanessa got a tattoo out of spite and now it's getting in the way of her hindering her fitness model career. Dirk finds a way to turn her terrifying tattoo into a work of art. Ruckus plays a prank on Dirk.

  • Two college buddies make a bet over a ridiculous tattoo showdown. Then, a woman hopes to fix a tattoo she got in haste following a nasty breakup.

  • A desperate husband pleads with his wife to get rid of an inappropriate tattoo.

  • Dirk and Ruckus meet up with a "player" that thought he had all the right moves. Unfortunately, Lavon played himself into a tattoo disaster when he tried to impress the ladies with his bad ink.

  • Welcome to the "Mistake Capitol of the World": Las Vegas, where tattoo legend Dirk Vermin, and his best friend, Ruckus, are on a mission to find bad tattoos and transform them into works of art.

  • A new relationship is threatened in the opener of this series, in which a Las Vegas tattoo artist and his best friend help people fix regrettable body art.

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