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Ted Nugent loves nature, just ask him. Follow the Motor City Madman as he worships Mother Nature in his series "Ted Nugent: Spirit of the Wild". In the show, Nugent carefully and with the articulation and grace of a poet explains his love of nature, his views on hunting and his dislike of certain laws he feels stomp on his rights as a hunter. Love him or hate him, Ted Nugent celebrates everything about his lifestyle while showing a true affection for the great outdoors and all its inhabitants in "Ted Nugent: Spirit of the Wild".

Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild is a series that is currently running and has 28 seasons (216 episodes). The series first aired on August 23, 2004.

Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Tuesdays at 08:30 pm on Outdoor Channel
28 Seasons, 216 Episodes
August 23, 2004
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Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild Full Episode Guide

  • Join Ted as he does the right thing. He takes a smaller buck with a bad leg.

  • Ted and Shemane host a hunt for a Hunter Nation hunt winner.

  • Ted does his patriotic duty and travels to Ringle, Wisconsin for the very first Hunt the Vote rally.

  • Ted takes an over mature buck at The 4M Ranch.

  • Ted and Shemane travel to Lone Wolf Whitetail Ranch for off the charts bucks.

  • Ted returns to the famous 777 Ranch for Whitetail with his Mathews Bow.

  • Shemane scores big time on a mature Aoudad Ram.

  • Ted targets a management buck on Spirit Wild Ranch and Shemane visits with the hunting Clients

  • Ted takes a classic Texas Hill Country 8 point with his Mathews bow.

  • A bad wind can't stop Ted. He sets down his bow and takes 2 nice bucks with a borrowed 7 Mag. kwhunting

  • Shemane hunts SpiritWild Ranch for Scimitar Oryx .

  • Ted hunts from one of his favorite places, his grandson Jack's treestand.

  • Ted takes his biggest buck to date with his Mathews Bow.

  • Ted loads up the Roxor with 3 trophies taken from the same treestand.

  • Join Ted for a bowhunting adventure at SpiritWild Ranch.

  • Ted scores on an early season velvet whitetail buck.

  • Ted takes 2 nice bucks at the amazing 4M Ranch.

  • Ted arrows two amazing Texas bucks at Ace High Ranch near China Spring.

  • Ted and Shemane share their most exciting whitetail deer hunts from past seasons.

  • Sasha and Toby travel to Sunrize Acres in Michigan to surprise Ted on his birthday.

  • Ted and Shemane return to Spirit Wild Ranch for a double on whitetail.

  • Ted returns to the 777 Ranch in Hondo, TX for a whitetail double with his Mathews.

  • Ted and Shemane return to Michigan just in time for peak rut.

  • Back home at SpiritWild Ranch, Ted does the backstrap boogie on an early morning whitetail.

  • Ted hunts the Nugent Family Farm in Michigan and makes an amazing 60 yard shot with his Mathews.

  • Ted hunts the famous 777 Ranch with owner, Jeff Rann.

  • Ted hunts squirrel and whitetail on his Michigan farm.

  • Ted's annual whitetail hunt with his daughter, Sasha.

  • Join Ted for one his largest bow bucks ever!

  • Ted takes his suppressed .308 to The 4M Ranch for a whitetail hunt Texas style.

  • Ted makes the perfect shot on an old Michigan whitetail buck while hunting his own land.

  • Ted takes a mature 12 point buck with his Mathews bow on his family farm in Michigan.

  • Ted travels to the wilds of Ontario in search of a mature black bear.

  • Ted hunts his sacred family farm in Michigan and scores on a 10 point. Shemane interviews hunters at Sunrize Acres.