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  • TV-14
  • 2008
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.9  (9,014)

The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo was a reality television show that originally aired from 1994 to 2001 on Fuel TV, a channel that focused on action sports and culture. The show followed two professional snowboarders, Danny Kass and Dingo, as they traveled around the world in search of the best snowboarding locations and experiences.

Each episode of the show had a different theme, such as finding the best powder snow, competing in a snowboarding competition, or exploring the local culture of a particular destination. Danny and Dingo were known for their high-energy personalities and antics, which often led to humorous situations and unexpected outcomes.

The show was unique in that it incorporated not only snowboarding footage, but also behind-the-scenes footage of the two hosts as they navigated their travels and encounters with local people. Viewers were able to see Danny and Dingo's interactions with each other, as well as with the people they met on their journeys.

The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo was popular among both snowboarding enthusiasts and casual viewers, due to its entertaining and lighthearted approach to reality television. The show was also notable for featuring cameos from other notable snowboarding professionals, such as Shaun White and Travis Rice.

Over the course of its seven-year run, The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo became a cult classic in the world of action sports television. The show inspired a generation of snowboarders to explore new locations and pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the sport.

Despite its popularity, the show was cancelled in 2001 due to low ratings. However, it continues to be remembered fondly by fans and is considered a landmark in the history of snowboarding media.

In conclusion, The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo was a groundbreaking reality television show that followed two professional snowboarders as they traveled the world in search of new snowboarding experiences. The show was known for its entertaining personalities, unique format, and ability to captivate audiences with its lighthearted approach to the sport. Although it only ran for seven years, it remains an important part of snowboarding culture and continues to inspire new generations of snowboarders to this day.

The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 2008.

The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo
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Deep Inside: The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo
14. Deep Inside: The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo
March 12, 2012
Danny and The Dingo recount their favorite adventures traveling and snowboarding with their friends, including behind-the-scenes moments from through the season. Some of their wildest topics include Dingo's dangerous desire to interact with wild animals
Gettin' El Gaucho
13. Gettin' El Gaucho
March 5, 2012
Danny, Dingo and the crew arrive in Argentina where they meet their local guide, Diego, who takes them to an authentic Argentine ranch to learn the "Gaucho" lifestyle. The boys participate in a "bone on bone" polo match, and later, they invent the new game, "skate polo," at a local skate park in Buenos Aires. Later that night the crew takes over a restaurant and prepares dishes inspired by their adventures snowboarding and traveling around the world.
Viva La Chile
12. Viva La Chile
February 27, 2012
The adventure continues further south, below the equator, and into the Andes Mountains of Chile. The gang meets up with a local shredder, just in time to make him late for his competition. At lunch Dingo is tired and a bit cranky, which makes it a great time for a "beer shower." The next day the boys continue shredding the Andes at beautiful Valle Nevado, and then head into Buenos Aires to celebrate Chile's independence at The Fonda.
Ladies Night
11. Ladies Night
February 20, 2012
Danny, The Dingo and crew board a boat to head into the ocean to go shark diving, but Dingo gets separated and finds himself surrounded! Back on land, the boys head into town to put their new salsa-dancing skills to the test at a local ladies night, and take advantage of one of Costa Rica's premiere surf spots. Later on, they head into the jungle for their last chance of catching a Costa Rican crocodile -- but can they conquer they prey before they're eaten alive?
Buffalo Pregnancy Test
10. Buffalo Pregnancy Test
February 13, 2012
The boys are up early on a Costa Rican farm to conduct a buffalo pregnancy test, and decompress afterwards with a relaxing pool spa. The gang learns of an upcoming "ladies' night" in town, and decide they need to prepare with some lessons in salsa dancing. To cap off the evening, the crew take their dance instructor into a crocodile-infested river with nothing but a headlamp -- and their wits.
Costa Rican Crabbin'
9. Costa Rican Crabbin'
February 6, 2012
Danny, Dingo and the gang arrive in Costa Rica in search of the indigenous "Crab People," the Ticos. The tribe lives on a remote island, deep in the Costa Rican swamps, and the boys must learn basic survival skills, including hunting and cooking. To make things even tougher, a tropical storm moves in, and threatens to maroon them in the wilderness.
Desert Safari
8. Desert Safari
January 30, 2012
The adventure starts with an early morning camel race. After getting lost on a long taxi ride to Abu Dhabi, the boys arrive only to find that the race is long over. Dingo puts his new negotiating skills to use and gets a local trainer to introduce him to his camel. A few camels break away from their trainers, creating an impromptu camel race which gives the boys a front row seat. The gang heads out on a desert safari in which they participate in local customs that includes belly dancing, desert falconry and some not-so-traditional fun on an eight-foot, inflatable ball.
Grenade Games Dubai
7. Grenade Games Dubai
January 23, 2012
Being in the middle of the desert doesn't stop the gang from snowboarding. Despite Dingos questionable promotion, a big crowd of locals turns out to compete in the first-ever Grenade Games Dubai -- an event unlike anything they'd ever seen.
Dish-Dash and Splash
6. Dish-Dash and Splash
January 16, 2012
The crew land in Dubai and set off to find a spot to cool down. Tom-Tom loses a bet at the fish spa and is forced to eat lamb brains later that night. Dingo wants to fit in with the locals but quickly realizes his negotiation skills are not up to par. Once in proper Sheik attire the boys hold an impromptu skate demo in Old Town Dubai, where they are invited onto an Iranian shipping boat.
Going Berserk
5. Going Berserk
January 3, 2012
After finally returning to shore, Dingo and the gang continue their cultural exchange by participating in traditional games, which include The Viking Limbo and ax-throwing. Meanwhile, Danny is in Portland shooting a Nike commercial, which has him awkwardly playing sports he knows nothing about. Dingo and the crew take the Vikings into the mountains to Spread the Shred and invent the Viking Slalom.
Viking Quest
4. Viking Quest
December 27, 2011
Danny and The Dingo reunite in Norway in time to celebrate Constitution Day. The gang marches in the national parade and the locals show them how to celebrate Norwegian style on a "Russ Bus." In exchange, Danny and The Dingo introduce the locals to a "beer shower." While skateboarding the following morning, Danny is notified that he needs to fly to Portland for a Nike commercial shoot. With Danny back in the States, the rest of the crew head to Gudvangen, Norway to become Vikings. The boys set out on a Viking ship only to realize they might have gone out too far and become concerned they won't make it back to shore.
Beardo's and Weirdo's
3. Beardo's and Weirdo's
December 20, 2011
Danny and The Dingo head to the Arctic Circle to snowboard with the Nike team. However, Dingo's mistake causes him and Tom-Tom to end up in Norway. Danny and the gang hits the mountain and participate in the first ever Silver Bullet competition. While experiencing the local cultural, Dingo and Tom-Tom discover that the World Beard and Moustache Championships is taking place nearby, so they decide to enter a crew member to compete.
Society of Comrades
2. Society of Comrades
December 13, 2011
The crew returns to their tipi to find that wild dogs had ransacked their possessions. The cultural exchange continues and the team is given their Indian name, The Ich Kunakatsiiks or Society of Comrades. The boys participate in a sweat lodge, which causes Eddie significant anxiety. Afterwards, the boys learn traditional Indian games, like run 'n' scream and black stick. That evening the Tribe gathers together for a pow-wow, where the Grenade Team participates in traditional costume.
Spread the Shred
1. Spread the Shred
December 6, 2011
The fifth season premiere opens with the Danny and the Dingo beginning their mission to "Spread the Shred" across the globe by living with the Blackfeet Indian tribe in Montana. Upon arriving they learn the culture of the Blackfeet and struggle to build their own tipi. The boys learn traditional arts and crafts by building drums and Dingo sews a parfletch (an Indian purse). Danny teaches a young tribe member how to shred the local mountain.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (9,014)