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Sports Night is a television show that follows a fictional sports show with the same title, Sports Night. Aaron Sorkin created this half hour comedy/drama program for ABC. The American Broadcast Channel ran Sports Night for two full seasons before wrapping the series up altogether.The show followed its characters' friendships, dark sides, and ethical dilemmas all whilst having to put on the best sports show that they could.

The cast includes Peter Klause and Josh Charles as the show's anchors, with Felicity Huffman acting as the show's executive producer. The show mainly takes place in one of two places, either the studio and studio offices or at Anthony's, a nearby sports bar.

The show's dialogue moves very quickly and involves many walk-and-talk situations--a walk and talk is just what it sounds like: the characters exchange dialogue whilst walking.

Sports Night has brought in many awards including best directing and writing Emmys and many more. Sports Night is a show about real situations both funny and sad, and how either way the show must go on.

Sports Night is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 1998.

Where do I stream Sports Night online? Sports Night is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sports Night on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on ABC
2 Seasons, 45 Episodes
September 22, 1998
Comedy, Sports
Cast: Josh Charles, Peter Krause, Felicity Huffman, Joshua Malina, Sabrina Lloyd
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Sports Night Full Episode Guide

  • A company named "Quo Vadimus" puts an 11th-hour stock bid on Continental Corp. Rebecca may be coming back into Dan's life. Dana discovers that the mystery man in the bar is actually the owner of Quo Vadimus. He purchases CSC and tells Dana that he will be keeping Sports Night on the air.

  • Dan has hired a publicist, but is a little apprehensive about some of the places he is asked to go. Natalie has a job interview with Saturday Night Live. Casey and Jeremy monitor CSC's stock online. Isaac's new grandson visits him. Continental Corp is put up for sale.

  • Reductions in Olympic coverage appear to be harbinger of future staff cutbacks at Sports Night. Jeremy plans a Jewish Sader at the studio and invites several of the non-Jewish staff to participate. The anchors are at odds after Dan's recent on-air embarrassment of Casey. The cool relations between Jeremy and Natalie begin to thaw.

  • Sports night continues to cover the professional football draft. Tensions are strained between Casey and Dan. Jeremy's new girlfriend is stopping by the studio and since he doesn't want Natalie to know that she's a adult film actress, he tells her that she's a choreo-animator.

  • The episode is told by Dan to his therapist. Sports Night is covering the tape-delayed broadcast of a track and field event in New Zealand. Jeremy emails an adult film actress that he met recently in a bar. Dana goes to church.

  • With the unpleasant breakup of Natalie and Jeremy, relationships in the studio are strained. The staff of Sports Night create teams and play the game "Celebrities". Jeremy meets a girl in a bar who turns out to be a porn star.

  • After experiencing some vision problems, Casey goes to an ophthalmologist. Since he had to have his eyes dilated, he has to wear dark glasses and can't see. Natalie and Jeremy break up. Sports Night is subpoenaed to turn over videotape of a riot that occurred on a nearby street. It's Sam Donovan's last day and Dana wants to get him a cake.

  • One hand washes the other as everyone's plans depend on favors from each other. Dana inherits a revolutionary war rifle and is less than thrilled about it. Natalie gets on the list to a hot nightclub, but Jeremy doesn't share her excitement. Casey has to work with a substitute anchor who's off-air girlfriend problems affect his on-air performance.

  • Dan wants to change his name to "Daniel". Sam Donovan is driving Dana crazy. Michael Jordan would like to announce his new line of cologne on Sports Night, but the staff is concerned that they won't have the opportunity to discuss sports with him. Casey goes to his son's class to give a presentation of sorts.

  • Sports Night provides special coverage of a boxing match. When the scheduled ring-side color commentator gets sick, they must recruit a man who is only marginally qualified for the job. Dan's father visits him at the studio, but their reunion isn't as warm as Dan would have liked. When the fight ends in a knockout after seven seconds, Dan and Casey have to fill for an hour and a half. Dana begins to regret her "dating plan" for Casey.

  • Dan is excited to learn that Isaac attended a specific historic baseball game in 1952, but Isaac is reluctant to talk about it. Casey bumps into Pixley and writes his phone number on her hand. Dana finds about about this and is concerned.

  • Per the rules of Dana's dating plan, Casey goes out on a date with a girl named "Pixley". The staff is trying to research news for tomorrows show, which is short by 42 minutes. Jeremy has been nominated for an award and is having problems writing a suitable acceptance speech.

  • Dana must deal with the recent news that her brother Kyle has been taking anabolic steroids and will be suspended from the team. The staff buys "Secret Santa" gifts for each other and discuss who should be "Athlete of the Year".

  • Dan continues to see Abby, hoping to get to the bottom of his escalating emotional problems. Casey interviews Shane McArnold - an old friend and professional baseball player who has signed with the New York Yankees. Dana is tickled pink when Shane makes a fool of himself and refuses Casey's request to edit the interview. Natalie is alarmed that the Vatican has denounced the existence of hell as an actual "place".

  • A rumor is spreading through the studio that the network has hired a ratings expert for the show. Casey makes plans for his first date with Dana. Dana attends a biker-themed bachelorette party and has an epiphany. Dan is invited to Hillary Clinton's fund-raising breakfast. Sam Donovan arrives.

  • Ninety days have passed since Gordon broke up with Dana, and Casey is trying to find the right time and method to approach her romantically. Dana is worried about Isaac's ability to work since returning from his stroke. Natalie and Jeremy argue over the possibly of her taking a job in Texas.

  • Casey is flush with pride over his son Charlie's recent accomplishments on the baseball field, but when Charlie comes to the studio to visit, he's obviously troubled by something. Gordon breaks off his engagement to Dana. Dana has purchased a new camera and wants to take a group photo of the staff of Sports Night. Isaac returns.

  • Dana is excited about purchasing a new state-of-the-art camera. Dan and Casey have no pants. Dana discovers Gordon's affair with Sally and confronts both of them. Jeremy can't give blood.

  • Dana is forgetting things as she struggles to hold the studio together in Isaac's absence. Although a cricket player in New Delhi has done something extraordinary, none of the Sports Night crew understands the rules of the game. Dan wants to win Rebecca back from Steve Sisco. Casey is still obsessing about the recent bomb threat.

  • A bomb scare requires evacuation of the building from where Sports Night is broadcast. While the rest of the crew gets back to work, Dan and Casey remain scared. Network executive J.J. is pressuring Dana about Isaac's incapacity due to his stroke. Jeremy tries to "temporarily" break up with Natalie, who refuses to accept it. Dan has stopped dating Rebecca, because she is in couples counseling with her estranged husband.

  • Dan has much to worry about. He is concerned that he must again co-host the show with substitute anchor Bobbie Bernstein, who is convinced that Dan slept with her and then never called. Dan also discovered Rebecca's ex-husband in her office on a Saturday. Casey is excited about Sports Night's extended coverage of college basketball playoffs. The crew plans a small "Welcome Back" party for Isaac who is late returning arriving from the airport. Dana and Casey's relationship is strained.

  • Jeremy has been away for a few days, due to the recent divorce of his parents. He returns, obsessed with an event regarding a fatal yachting incident. Dan wants to tape a baseball game and watch it later that night with Rebecca. They work out a few bumps in their relationship. Isaac is away on vacation.

  • It's a slow news day at Sports Night. Casey has left his favorite shirt behind after a romantic evening and Dan presses him for details. Natalie has invited Jeremy to her parents for Easter weekend. He is worried about this because he A) is Jewish and B) doesn't like eggnog. Dana is concerned because Gordon stood her up last night. Casey gives Gordon a stern warning.

  • Dan attempts to recruit co-workers to speak to Rebecca on his behalf. Gorden has invited Dana to go snorkeling. She's thrilled at the prospect, with the exception of her phobia of fish.

  • Dana and Gordon go on a double-date with Casey and a blind date, a friend of Gordon. Neither Casey nor Dana is thrilled at the prospect. In Dana's absence, Natalie will produce the show, but an 11th-hour trade makes the evening interesting. Dan is concerned with the substitute co-anchor - a woman who he once dated.

  • Dan decides that it's time that Casey starts dating again. Isaac wants to start "grooming" Dana to take over his job. Although he asks Dana to keep this confidential, word somehow gets out. Dan is concerned that Casey might date Sally. Dana teaches Casey how to flirt.

  • When Casey guest stars on "The View" and takes undue credit for his on-air wardrobe choices, he discovers that he knows very little about most of the staff that make up the show. Isaac does an editorial that puts him at odds with the corporation's president. The staff discusses potential Plays Of The Year.

  • Dan and Casey's plans to go to Atlantic City are curtailed when they have to cover the 2am show. Jeremy and Natalie have their first fight. Isaac is shrinking. While waiting for the later show to begin, several of the Sports Night staff have a poker game. Dana and Sally express creative differences regarding the content of the 2am show.

  • Sports Night covers a group climbing Mt. Everest. Dan has trouble deciding which charity should receive his contributions. Dana takes her niece to see The Lion King and is profoundly affected by it. A broken water main prevents food from being delivered to the studio.

  • Dana thaws a 24 lb frozen turkey in the light grid. Dan reminds Casey that they are celebrating an important date. Isaac frets about his daughter, who is about to give birth. The ghost of Thespis wreaks havoc on the show.

  • The episode is told primarily through the eyes of Jeremy, as he writes a letter to his sister Louise. Dan has writer's block and Natalie tries to help. Sports Night must report on a professional baseball player from the Depression era, an old friend of Isaac, who is in an automobile accident. Casey and Gordon point out each other's shortcomings. Dana puts on her boogie shoes.

  • A threatening email is affecting Natalie's work and causing Jeremy to lose sleep. Casey can't get past a blown fourth down call made by his alma mater's coach.

  • The entire studio is abuzz about an exclusive interview with a pro football athlete to be broadcast on Sports Night. Natalie's portion of the interview goes terribly wrong. Dan wants to grow a goatee.

  • A fly in the studio which only Casey can see is causing him to flinch. Dana's planned weekend getaway with Gordon causes Casey to hurt his ankle kicking a fire hydrant. CSC's "Business Affairs" department informs Dan that, due to copyright laws, he may no longer sing "Happy Birthday on the air. He searches for suitable alternatives that are in the public domain.

  • Jeremy gets "The Call", which doesn't go quite according to plan. Natalie hopes that a mandatory Black Tie event will bring Dana and Casey together. However Dana meets Gordon, which drives Casey crazy, who subsequently drives Dan crazy.

  • An aerobics instructor who is supposedly stalking Dan is more troubling to him than his published interview with Esquire Magazine, in which he shares his opinion regarding the legalization of marijuana, which puts him at odds with the top brass at Continental Cable. Meanwhile, Casey is troubled by the general perception that he is no longer "cool". Natalie develops "feelings" for Jeremy who creates his first sports highlights tape.

  • Casey, one of the "Sports Night" co-anchors, has an attitude problem when it comes to the show, both on and off screen. Dan, his best friend and co-anchor, tries to help him fix his attitude while J.J. and the other network executives tell him to straighten up or leave. Dana, an old friend of Casey's, tries to argue with executives on his behalf. Meanwhile, Dana hires Jeremy Goodwin, a new associate producer.

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