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  • 1998
  • 2 Seasons
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Sports Night was a much-talked-about ABC television show that aired from 1998 to 2000. Created by Aaron Sorkin, the show followed the lives of the staff members of a sports news show called 'Sports Night'. The show was produced by the fictional Continental Sports Channel, which is a popular sports cable network dedicated to reporting on every sports news story from across the country. The show aired twice a week, and each episode had a runtime of around 22 minutes.

The main characters of Sports Night were Casey McCall (Peter Krause) and Dan Rydell (Josh Charles), who were the lead anchors of the sports show. Both of them were highly competitive and passionate about their work, but their personal lives were a bit of a mess. Casey was the more serious one and could come across as aloof, whereas Dan was the loose cannon of the duo, prone to putting his foot in his mouth on occasion. Casey and Dan were supported by a team of highly skilled producers, who worked tirelessly to keep the show running smoothly.

The other main characters of Sports Night included Dana Whitaker (Felicity Huffman), who was the show's executive producer, and Issac Jaffe (Robert Guillaume) who was the managing editor of the network. Their job was to maintain the show's high-quality standards and keep the team focused on the task at hand. Other team members on the show included the social media director Jeremy Goodwin (Joshua Malina) and the associate producer Natalie Hurley (Sabrina Lloyd).

Sports Night was a highly innovative show for its time, as it explored the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a sports news show, pulling back the curtain on the world of sports journalism. The show blended comedy and drama effortlessly - with snappy fast-paced dialogue that quickly became a trademark of Aaron Sorkin's work, along with bittersweet and poignant moments that hit viewers right in the feels.

One of the main highlights of Sports Night was its incredible writing, which was witty, clever, and always managed to elicit emotion from viewers. The show touched on important themes like relationships, loyalty, integrity, and the importance of teamwork. It also explored how the world of sports journalism could be both gritty and glamorous, with its fair share of ethical dilemmas and moral quandaries. One of the main strengths of the show was how it portrayed its characters as real people, who had flaws and weaknesses just like the rest of us.

Another notable aspect of Sports Night was its exceptional cast, who genuinely brought the characters to life. Peter Krause and Josh Charles had fantastic chemistry, and their characters' back-and-forth banter provided plenty of laughs throughout the show. Felicity Huffman was equally impressive as Dana, a tough but vulnerable executive producer, who was always trying to balance her professional and personal life. Robert Guillaume was also incredible as Issac Jaffe, the wise and experienced voice of reason for the network.

Sports Night may have been ahead of its time when it originally aired, as it struggled to gain traction initially and was cancelled after two seasons. However, it has since gained a cult following, with many fans praising the show's sharp writing, relatable characters, and realistic portrayal of the world of sports journalism. It's a show that deserves to be remembered for its incredible storytelling, its talented cast, and its ability to make viewers both laugh and cry in equal measure.

Sports Night is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 1998.

Sports Night
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Quo Vadimus
22. Quo Vadimus
May 16, 2000
A company named "Quo Vadimus" puts an 11th-hour stock bid on Continental Corp. Rebecca may be coming back into Dan's life. Dana discovers that the mystery man in the bar is actually the owner of Quo Vadimus. He purchases CSC and tells Dana that he will be keeping Sports Night on the air.
La Forza Del Destino
21. La Forza Del Destino
May 9, 2000
The discussion among the staff is centered primarily around who is bidding to buy CSC, and the very real possibility that they may all be out of a job soon. Dan is shocked to discover that Kim is actually NOT his secretary. Dana meets a man at the bar who seems to know quite a bit about the current bidding situation with CSC.
Bells And A Siren
20. Bells And A Siren
April 4, 2000
Dan has hired a publicist, but is a little apprehensive about some of the places he is asked to go. Natalie has a job interview with Saturday Night Live. Casey and Jeremy monitor CSC's stock online. Isaac's new grandson visits him. Continental Corp is put up for sale.
April is the Cruelest Month
19. April is the Cruelest Month
March 28, 2000
Reductions in Olympic coverage appear to be harbinger of future staff cutbacks at Sports Night. Jeremy plans a Jewish Sader at the studio and invites several of the non-Jewish staff to participate. The anchors are at odds after Dan's recent on-air embarrassment of Casey. The cool relations between Jeremy and Natalie begin to thaw.
Draft Day: Part II - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian
18. Draft Day: Part II - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian
March 21, 2000
Sports night continues to cover the professional football draft. Tensions are strained between Casey and Dan. Jeremy's new girlfriend is stopping by the studio and since he doesn't want Natalie to know that she's a adult film actress, he tells her that she's a choreo-animator.
Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain at Indian Wells
17. Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain at Indian Wells
March 14, 2000
It's football draft day, and the staff is making predictions on who will be picked. Word starts to spread that Jeremy is dating a porn star. Dan has plans to go golfing with a notable pro golfer, but if it rains at Indian Wells, he'll have to remain in the studio for additional draft day coverage.
The Local Weather
16. The Local Weather
March 7, 2000
The episode is told by Dan to his therapist. Sports Night is covering the tape-delayed broadcast of a track and field event in New Zealand. Jeremy emails an adult film actress that he met recently in a bar. Dana goes to church.
15. Celebrities
February 29, 2000
With the unpleasant breakup of Natalie and Jeremy, relationships in the studio are strained. The staff of Sports Night create teams and play the game "Celebrities". Jeremy meets a girl in a bar who turns out to be a porn star.
And the Crowd Goes Wild
14. And the Crowd Goes Wild
February 8, 2000
After experiencing some vision problems, Casey goes to an ophthalmologist. Since he had to have his eyes dilated, he has to wear dark glasses and can't see. Natalie and Jeremy break up. Sports Night is subpoenaed to turn over videotape of a riot that occurred on a nearby street. It's Sam Donovan's last day and Dana wants to get him a cake.
Dana Get Your Gun
13. Dana Get Your Gun
February 1, 2000
One hand washes the other as everyone's plans depend on favors from each other. Dana inherits a revolutionary war rifle and is less than thrilled about it. Natalie gets on the list to a hot nightclub, but Jeremy doesn't share her excitement. Casey has to work with a substitute anchor who's off-air girlfriend problems affect his on-air performance.
The Sweet Smell of Air
12. The Sweet Smell of Air
January 25, 2000
Dan wants to change his name to "Daniel". Sam Donovan is driving Dana crazy. Michael Jordan would like to announce his new line of cologne on Sports Night, but the staff is concerned that they won't have the opportunity to discuss sports with him. Casey goes to his son's class to give a presentation of sorts.
The Cut Man Cometh
11. The Cut Man Cometh
January 18, 2000
Sports Night provides special coverage of a boxing match. When the scheduled ring-side color commentator gets sick, they must recruit a man who is only marginally qualified for the job. Dan's father visits him at the studio, but their reunion isn't as warm as Dan would have liked. When the fight ends in a knockout after seven seconds, Dan and Casey have to fill for an hour and a half. Dana begins to regret her "dating plan" for Casey.
The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant
10. The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant
January 11, 2000
Dan is excited to learn that Isaac attended a specific historic baseball game in 1952, but Isaac is reluctant to talk about it. Casey bumps into Pixley and writes his phone number on her hand. Dana finds about about this and is concerned.
A Girl Named Pixley
9. A Girl Named Pixley
December 28, 1999
Per the rules of Dana's dating plan, Casey goes out on a date with a girl named "Pixley". The staff is trying to research news for tomorrows show, which is short by 42 minutes. Jeremy has been nominated for an award and is having problems writing a suitable acceptance speech.
The Reunion
8. The Reunion
December 21, 1999
Dana must deal with the recent news that her brother Kyle has been taking anabolic steroids and will be suspended from the team. The staff buys "Secret Santa" gifts for each other and discuss who should be "Athlete of the Year".
Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks
7. Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks
December 14, 1999
Dana cannot contain her pride for her brother who got two sacks while playing in a Monday night football game. Jeremy is in charge of the irresponsible cousin of a network executive, and must learn to take a hard line with him. Sports Night investigates a drug scandal involving several pro athletes. Dan continues to struggle with emotional issues.
6. Shane
December 7, 1999
Dan continues to see Abby, hoping to get to the bottom of his escalating emotional problems. Casey interviews Shane McArnold - an old friend and professional baseball player who has signed with the New York Yankees. Dana is tickled pink when Shane makes a fool of himself and refuses Casey's request to edit the interview. Natalie is alarmed that the Vatican has denounced the existence of hell as an actual "place".
5. Kafelnikov
November 2, 1999
Jeremy convinces Dana that he is qualified to eliminate any potential Y2K problems from the computers as they approach the millennium. The "dress rehearsal" test of his changes doesn't go without some problems. Dan meets a woman at a bar who asks her to call him. However, since the woman is a psychologist, Dan is not exactly sure if her intent was romantic or professional.
Louise Revisited
4. Louise Revisited
October 26, 1999
An internet poll asks viewers who is cooler - Dan or Casey? Casey intends to win this poll by any means necessary, and recruits Jeremy to help. Relations between the staff and Sam Donovan begin to thaw. Dana goes on a date with Cab Calloway (no, not that Cab Calloway). Natalie is emailing Jeremy's sister.
Cliff Gardner
3. Cliff Gardner
October 19, 1999
The presence of Sam Donovan has everyone on edge. In spite of Casey's best efforts, Dana will not budge with regards to her "dating plan". Network executives meet with the Sports Night staff with suggestions. Sam Donovan tells the network executives about Cliff Gardner.
When Something Wicked This Way Comes
2. When Something Wicked This Way Comes
October 12, 1999
A rumor is spreading through the studio that the network has hired a ratings expert for the show. Casey makes plans for his first date with Dana. Dana attends a biker-themed bachelorette party and has an epiphany. Dan is invited to Hillary Clinton's fund-raising breakfast. Sam Donovan arrives.
Special Powers
1. Special Powers
October 5, 1999
Ninety days have passed since Gordon broke up with Dana, and Casey is trying to find the right time and method to approach her romantically. Dana is worried about Isaac's ability to work since returning from his stroke. Natalie and Jeremy argue over the possibly of her taking a job in Texas.
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    September 22, 1998
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