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Capturing all the fun, adventure and life lessons of the classic Mark Twain novel, the series follows the imaginative and mischievous boy, Tom Sawyer, and a colorful cast of characters living in the small river town of St. Petersburg, Missouri. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 1980.

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4 Seasons, 47 Episodes
July 1, 1980
Cast: Danny Cooksey, Nancy Cartwright, Natalie Gregory
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Full Episode Guide

  • The judge divides the gold between Tom and Huck. Mrs. Douglas is chosen as Huck's guardian, and he begins a new life under strict discipline. A new school year begins, and Huck attends with Tom. On day one, the two are in trouble with the new teacher.

  • A search party forms to find Tom and Becky. Indian Joe comes upon Tom and scares him, but does no harm. Pursued by the sheriff, Joe falls into a gorge and meets his end. Tom, to his surprise, feels sorry for Joe. Later, Tom and Huck find gold coins.

  • All the children go on a picnic except Sid, who has a cold, and Huck. Tom and Becky get lost while exploring a cave. Trying to find the way out, Tom sees Indian Joe coming in. Huck discovers Joe's friend, killed.

  • Tom and Huck have a grand time on the ranch. When the ranch hands decide to catch the white horse named Lightning, the boys go along. The horse is finally captured, but Tom feels they have injured Lightning's pride.

  • Tom and Huck reach Aunt Sally's ranch safely and hand over the papers. Tom introduces Huck as his brother Sid. While out riding, they spy a white horse.

  • Aunt Polly asks Tom to visit Aunt Sally in Arkansas and deliver important papers. Glad to go as Becky is also traveling to St. Louis, and the trip will keep him away from Indian Joe. To the surprise of Tom and Becky, Huck steals aboard the steamship.

  • Muff is arrested for the murder, just as Indian Joe planned. Tom and Huck sympathize with Muff and send in food and cigarettes, but keep their silence. Tom is plagued by nightmares.

  • On their way to a haunted house in the middle of the night, Tom and Huck witness a murder. Indian Joe kills Dr. Robinson, then lays the blame on Muff Potter. Tom and Huck exchange a promise to keep their secret, because they fear Indian Joe.

  • Tom attempts an early morning balloon flight with Huck. Arthur jumps on just as the balloon takes off, and they enjoy the view from the sky. Soon the army arrives and Arthur leaves the village, with a promise to return to Mary.

  • Arthur and Mary fall in love. He decides to fly the balloon with the children's help before the army comes to recover it. But the sheriff suspects he is a devil and intervenes. The children are disappointed, but Tom won't give up his dream of flight.

  • Arthur meets Mary at Dr. Mitchell's office, and she invites him to dinner. Tom is fascinated by his stories of balloon flight and is determined to have a ride.

  • Mary begins working for Dr. Mitchell, training to be a nurse. A balloon descends in the village, and the people panic, thinking it is a monster. Tom, who knows what it is, lends a hand to Arthur the pilot.

  • Morris, Jim's friend, runs away from his master. He wants to go north where slaves can be free. Tom makes a raft and helps him leave the village.

  • When Tom and Huck find a small gold lump in the river, the news spreads quickly and all the villagers rush to the river to search for gold. Even Aunt Polly tries to join them, but Mary calls a halt.

  • On the anniversary of Huck's mother's death, he wants to light a candle in her memory. Though he knows Aunt Polly won't allow it, Tom promises to bring Huck her silver candlestick. Then, with the help of Mary and Sid, he tricks his Aunt.

  • Tom discovers a dead body up the river - it appears to be Huck's father! After the funeral, Huck's father appears alive; come to take his son. Huck doesn't want to go, and hides.

  • Huck prepares a delicious meal for Lizette's next visit. Suddenly two of the troupers desert, and the group must leave, unable to continue the show. Lizette tells Tom she will be back someday to see Huck.

  • Lizette is treated severely in the tragedy. Huck, unaware that it's a drama, jumps onto the stage to save her. Tom stirs up the other children to help Huck and Lizette, and the play becomes a fiasco. Lizette rather likes Huck, and promises to visit.

  • Tom promises to take Huck to the play. To earn the money he works for his aunt, moving furniture to a friend's ranch quite a distance away. When a wheel comes off the cart, Tom is almost defeated - but manages to run home just in time for the play.