Watch TV Shows on Kinonation

Kinonation is a VOD service that allows the distribution of titles and trailers all over the world. This service does the work for you, and it takes the worry and headache out of the preparation and marketing. The basic service is free, thanks to cloud technology. All you do is upload, then the consumer orders, pays for and watches their choice of the many titles. The pay goes to this service and they keep twenty percent. The owner can withdraw their eighty percent at any time. This is how the basic revenue sharing option works. There is also a low one-time service fee option available.

Roger Jackson, Robyn Klein and Klaus Badelt are the founders of the company which is located in Santa Monica, CA. Kinonation's services are ideal for producers and filmmakers alike. It can also be of benefit to those that already have clients and are looking to promote their titles for them. Digital Service Providers also will find the services of Kinonation dependable and helpful. This company delivers top quality viewing. There is no contract so you are able to cancel at any time. You also may work with other distributors at the same time as using this service.