Dante's Inferno

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Dante's Divine Comedy can rightly be called the greatest poem ever written, praised through the ages by a pantheon of writers and scholars. 20th century literary critic T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) famously wrote that "Shakespeare and Dante divide the world between them, there is no third."

1 Season, 8 Episodes
Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno Full Episode Guide

  • Dante and Virgil come to the very last circle of Hell, and encounter the impotence of evil in the frozen pit where the Father of Lies is trapped in ice.

  • In the ninth pouch, Virgil and Dante find the schismatics, who are punished by division in their bodies. In the final pouch, they meet the counterfeiters who are punished by disease.

  • As they continue around the Malebolge, Dante and Virgil journey past those who used their intellects to deceive: hypocrites, thieves, and evil counselors.

  • Dante and Virgil travel through the "pouches of evil" on the eighth circle of Hell where they meet various practitioners of fraud, including seducers, simonists, and grafters.

  • Virgil and Dante enter the first ring of the City of Dis, which includes the materialist heretics, who reveal to us the terrible constriction of the intellect entailed by sin.

  • Dante and Virgil, after meeting the virtuous pagans in Limbo, the rim of Hell, meet the adulterers, gluttons, avaricious, wrathful, and slothful.

  • Dante, bewildered in sin, meets Virgil, sent to him by Beatrice. Together, they enter the terrible gates of Hell.