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When Tiffany Grant loses her boyfriend, job, & home all in one day, she moves in with her sister Emma and Emma's husband Bob to regroup and "find herself" with outrageous and hilarious comedic consequences!Please Tell Me I'm Adopted! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes). The series first aired on March 2, 2017.

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1 Season, 7 Episodes
March 2, 2017
Cast: Nicole Sobchack, Andie Karvelis
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Please Tell Me I'm Adopted! Full Episode Guide

  • Tiff becomes Lucifarian & brings her mentor Damien home. Bob & Emma feel like they're in the Omen, but Damien makes sense! The chicken Tiff thinks she'll sacrifice hops down the stairs. Will they find wisdom & wealth or will fried chicken be on the menu?

  • Tiffany decides to become Muslim and marry a Sheik she met online. Bob is ecstatic and Emma is mortified. Can Emma convince Tiffany to see reason or will Tiffany show Emma the light. Hurry and watch because Bob's already booking her ticket!

  • When Mrs Grant (Marion Ross) makes the girls play "Truth or Dare" and then eat 5 packs of hot dogs each to try and get the truth about why Tiffany doesn't have Obamacare things might just get a little bit messy... and we haven't even had cake yet...

  • Tiffany continues her search for enlightenment by bringing home a Venice Beach guru who claims he can teach her to be free and literally "walk through walls"! Do Tiffany and the patio door both survive the episode?

  • When Scientology proves too expensive for Tiffany, Tom Cruz suggests she go vegan to "cleanse" her thetan. Tiffany gives it her best shot, but between only having wine, a stinky durian, & a big juicy burger in the room, her will is comedicly tested!

  • Bob & Emma are having a typical happy day until Emma's sister Tiffany calls saying she just lost her boyfriend, job, & home & needs to move in. Tiffany proclaims she's going to regroup & find herself. She comes with a lot of baggage & a pink flamingo too!