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A group of strangers come together in the Australian town of Alice Springs to see a solar eclipse, only to find themselves entangled in a murder mystery. The Alice is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on July 31, 2005.

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1 Season, 22 Episodes
July 31, 2005
Drama, Romance
Cast: Erik Thomson, Jessica Napier, Caitlin McDougall, Brett Stiller
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The Alice Full Episode Guide

  • An insurance agent arrives in Alice Springs looking for someone's next of kin, and Helen thinks he has an uncanny resemblance to Patrick.

  • Jess's guilt about sleeping with Toby the night before her engagement to Darren resurfaces. Jack is an unwilling participant in a love triangle when he finds himself reunited with a feuding couple.

  • Simon continues to jeopardize Jack's career and relationships, so Jack gets his revenge in a "friendly" game of football.

  • Jack is shocked when an old band mate arrives in town and tells him the band has replaced him with a younger lead singer.

  • When nude sketches of Helen are stolen during a burglary, she fears that her secret will be exposed. Natalie pretends she is dating Matt to make Will jealous, and the two boys find themselves competing to capture a rogue cane toad that has been causing havoc in Alice Springs.

  • Jack and Michael travel five hours to Purgatory Hill to find Lara, a regular caller to the Love Roo radio show who they think is in some kind of trouble.

  • On the anniversary of Patrick's death, his younger brother arrives in Alice Springs to seek out Helen, as he has something that he needs to resolve with her.

  • Simon Westlake from The Bull Bar challenges Jack to a camel race, with Jack hoping to play father of the bride and use the $10,000 winner's purse to pay for Jess's wedding.

  • Helen plucks up the courage to answer an ad for an artist's model.

  • Romance may be in the air again when Helen and Jack spend a perfect day together. Jess has an important decision to make.

  • Helen invites Jack to dinner, which sends him into a tailspin when he thinks it means something more.

  • Matt is in for a shock when he meets a patient who has been diagnosed with water snakes in the belly. A surprise present from Jack has unexpected consequences for Helen.

  • Michael and Toby must call off a climb and entertain the tourists when a terrible wind rips through the town.

  • A celebrity psychic visits Alice Springs, and Helen seeks his advice when she fears that her late husband has come back to haunt her.

  • Ellie's life is put in danger after she and Matt leave for a romantic weekend.

  • Helen agrees to play netball with Jess, and in doing so reveals a different side of herself. Natalie returns home with a secret.

  • Hugh is preparing a surprise for Ellie for their wedding anniversary, but after he has discovered Ellie and Matt's relationship, he is the one in shock.

  • When Hugh discovers that Ellie is having a relationship with Matt, all hell breaks loose. Jess finds that accepting Jack into her life is a struggle.

  • When Toby and Michael compete for the affections of a backpacker who holds a dark secret, their friendship is put to the test.

  • Jack has to face the prospect that he could lose Jess forever. Matt meets a couple of bush mechanics on a pilgrimage into the desert.

  • Helen is trying to leave Alice Springs, but when she misses her flight, Jack has 24 hours to try and change her mind. After Hugh and Ellie break up, Matt intervenes to help Hugh. Michael tries to run away from his past.

  • Helen returns to The Alice to face the coroner's inquest into the death of her husband Connor at Rainbow Valley.