The All-For-Nots

The All-For-Nots is a Web-based mockumentary series which follows the adventures of an "indie rock pop punk Americana" band touring the country in an old, beat-up van. Billed as "the band that will conquer the World Wide Web... unless they run out of gas," AFN runs into one humorous setback after another, but always finds a way to get back on the road.

One of the driving forces behind The All-For-Nots is former Disney chief executive and TV host Michael Eisner. Seeing a need for well-produced episodic content for the Internet, portable media devices and cell phones, Eisner started an investment firm and production studio to help bring new projects online. The company teamed up with AFN creators Thom Woodley and Kathleen Grace to bring the fake band to life. The show is produced by Grace, Woodley and Melissa Schneider, and written by Woodley, Matt Yeager and Andrew Wagner.

The fake band is made up of four musician characters from Brooklyn played by actors Kevin Johnston, Michael Moravek, Erica Harsch and Woodley, respectively. Each episode of the show features the problems of one character. For example, one show focuses on the loss of one character's job, while another concentrates on a character who questions his own integrity. The cast is rounded out by Marielle Heller, Vanessa Reseland and Brian Cheng, who plays the band's manager.

In the tradition of manufactured TV bands of the past, AFN produces real music which is released for sale to the public. In addition, the fake band also has performed live gigs outside of the show, further blurring the line between what's real and what's not.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
March 11, 2008
Comedy, Web Originals
Cast: Brian Cheng, Erica Harsch, Kevin Johnston, Vanessa Reseland
The All-For-Nots

The All-For-Nots Full Episode Guide

  • Say something with the the "f" word in it.

  • Caleb Casablanca would autograph that boob.

  • I've had my share of wins

  • She is one foxy lady.

  • I didn't wanna get turned into a zombie.

  • And I'm out of here!

  • Something's going on behind my back.

  • You're magically terrible

  • Stop her!

  • What more can she do?

  • Excuse me, you're standing on my you know what!

  • The panties are hitting the stage!

  • Talking sh-t all day.

  • When it comes to blows don't act surprised

  • What is this new world?

  • People will eat this stuff up.

  • He likes whatever hits him

  • Any of my bandmates could be called sexy

  • You want me to wrestle you?

  • He usually comes back with something new like a tattoo or a black eye.

  • We're gonna get high

  • Whatever she is, she's a punk...

  • Cute, isn't she?

  • Do you want her to come?

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