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Psychologist and self-help author Barbara De Angelis explores interpersonal relationships in this half-hour daytime talk show. Her unique blend of humor, compassion, and professional expertise has previously been utilized on Oprah, Donahue, and Sally Jesse Raphael. On her own studio show, she confidently doles out relationship advice and sensitively tackles every issue.

The Barbara DeAngelis Show is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 1991.

Where do I stream The Barbara DeAngelis Show online? The Barbara DeAngelis Show is available for streaming on Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG), both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Barbara DeAngelis Show on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
1 Season, 45 Episodes
January 7, 1991
Cast: Barbara De Angelis, Michele Roth
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The Barbara DeAngelis Show Full Episode Guide

  • Words fly, conflicts arise, and information is withheld as daughters grow older and mothers remain forever worried. Barbara sits with two sets of mothers and daughters, examining their squabbles and trying to sift through their mother-daughter messes.

  • Three women, without the stamina that they once had, face the challenges of raising their grandchildren for up to twenty years, after already having been through the motions before with their own children. Barbara hears the frustration, commiserates, and offers tips to help these women simultaneously navigate parenthood and grand-parenthood.

  • Barbara invites dreamers to share the events that transpire in their minds while they're asleep. Offering interpretations of these dreams, Barbara digs into each individual's personal life in order to implement her insight most precisely.

  • Barbara sits for a roundtable discussions with three men who've cheated on their longtime wives. She hears their testimonies and gets the scoop on just what could've possessed them to break the trust in their marriages.

  • Three women join Barbara and share the details surrounding the discoveries of their men's infidelities. Barbara doles out her signature solutions in order to help Robin, Terri, and Cindy weigh whether they can ever trust their partners again.

  • Barbara invites newly-minted vets from the Persian Gulf to congregate and discuss how to best transition from the harsh separation of war to their everyday lives. As these heroes share their stories, their sense of camaraderie and willingness to strive for familial success inspires, while Barbara doles out tips to help them overcome any obstacles that may obstruct their paths to happiness.

  • Last week, they were on armed patrol in the Persian Gulf. This week, they're trying to live up to the incredible expectations of their children and loved ones who haven't seen them in months. Three married couples join Barbara in order to celebrate their recent reunions.

  • Victims of child abuse join Barbara in order to recount their stories and console those who've experienced similar trauma. Author Christina Crawford recounts that, while millions of fans adored legendary actress Joan Crawford, she didn't share the sentiment and was convinced that her mother might kill her.

  • Why is it that men and women can work together seamlessly, but can't seem to platonically play together without arousing suspicion or facing judgement from others? Barbara converses with three women who're absolutely opposed to their men spending time with female friends.

  • For some couples, as the years spent together grow, so do the sizes of their clothes. Barbara's joined by three women for a roundtable discussion about how weight gain or fluctuations have affected their marriages. Extramarital affairs, husbands who like their wives to be heavier than the women themselves consider ideal, and rollercoaster shifts in weight can rouse real resentment in a marriage.

  • Identical twins Kathy and Karen join Barbara in order to ensure that their unique connection won't be forever broken as they transition into adulthood. June, a mother of twin sons and an identical twin herself, worries that she may be bereaving her boys of their special bond.

  • Barbara answers questions from the audience and opens her phone lines in order to interact with the viewers at home. Love and parenting are two underlying themes in an episode that's all about addressing your most pressing questions.

  • Three special guests sit with Barbara to share their gut-wrenching stories of how they braved years of extreme physical abuse. Despite fearing for their and their children's lives, these women were able to escape their volatile predicaments, heal, and inspire others to do the same.

  • There are at least 18 million people struggling with alcoholism in the United States. Acclaimed actress Dee Wallace Stone joins Barbara and bravely discusses her own upbringing, having been raised with an alcoholic father. Although the pain from childhood trauma often endures through adulthood, Dee shares how she's learned to heal the emotional pain that originates from her dad's addiction.

  • Barbara invites couples who've been married for over fifty years to share their secrets. They still argue, and some have even separated, but they join Barbara on stage with unbreakable bonds that've endured the test of time. These marriage experts spread the wealth of romantic insight that they've acquired over the years.

  • Richard and Lisa have been in love for ten years and married for two, but Lisa's past sexual abuse threatens to unravel their otherwise solid marriage. Barbara listens to their brave testimonies and shares suggestions that can help couples overcome past traumas together.

  • Up to 55 percent of married women have affairs by age 40, with 73 percent limiting their affairs to just one outside partner. Many women only engage in infidelity in order to exact revenge on their already cheating husbands. Join Barbara's group discussion with four women who elucidate exactly why they've cheated.

  • Merchandise and pop culture can pressure young children into dressing and behaving like much older celebrities. Barbara holds a roundtable discussion with parents who are growing increasingly concerned that their children may be maturing too quickly.

  • Children are being exposed to sexually suggestive images at an increasingly earlier age, and some kids are even having sex by the time they turn ten. Barbara holds a discussion about kids and sex, answering inquiries and gathering varying opinions from a group of concerned mothers.

  • One in every three pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and as a woman passes 35, her chances of suffering a miscarriage increase up to 20 percent. Barbara offers a family's guide to surviving miscarriage, and two women share their stories of experiencing loss that's difficult to fully comprehend and people don't usually discuss.

  • Barbara speaks with a husband and wife whose marriage has been affected by their unmatched sexual appetites. She dishes valuable tips that should help couples buff out any major incompatibilities and achieve a mutually satisfactory sexual schedule.

  • Married couple Ed and Bonnie have been together for over three decades, but six years ago, Bonnie's worst nightmare came true when she learned that Ed had been having an affair. Barbara hears both sides of the story, helping the couple rebuild the level of trust that they shared when they were first married.

  • You may recognize these talented guests from their appearances on the hit daytime soap, "The Young and the Restless." Although you're likely already familiar with the intricate details of their characters' lives, join Melody Thomas Scott, Jess Walton, and Tracey Bregman as they open up to Barbara about their lives off-camera.

  • Can nudity wreak irreparable damage upon your children? Barbara discusses the topic of nudity with parents, and together they determine the degree to which their children should be exposed to it.

  • Barbara divulges how falling in love with who you want your man to be, rather than who he is today, hinders you from realizing your own potential. A woman shares how she attempted to push her boyfriend into finishing college by returning to school herself... even though she already had a degree!

  • In an audience poll, one out of every four women answered that their partners spend too much time with their friends, yet no men gave reciprocal answers. Barbara conducts a love makeover with married couple Anthony and Phyllis in order to help them spend more mutually desired time together.

  • Mark Fisher recently lost both of his parents, and he shares how he's been coping with such profound loss. Along with input from other orphaned adults, we hear from individuals who face the reality that they too could soon lose their own parents.

  • Planning our lives is a good way to retain order, especially when we're busy. However, some men accuse women of even planning when they want to get married, often when their partners aren't nearly ready. Women contrarily accuse men of running scared every time that they even hear the dreaded "M" word. Today, Barbara highlights the signs that indicate the right and wrong times to get married.

  • Who controls the money in your household? The checkbook can cause more conflict in a marriage than everything else combined... that's how powerful money is! Barbara asks audience members to share who controls the purse strings in their relationships, then reveals how those with less sway can retake charge.

  • Barbara proves that a phone call to an ex is rarely just a phone call. Gathering evidence from audience testimonies, Barbara warns that giving in to the curious voice in your head could lead you straight back into bed with your ex.

  • Following a breakup, lingering feelings of pain and anger can hinder the ability to solidify future committed relationships, no matter how much a person wishes to reciprocate their partner's affection. Barbara speaks with couple Deirdre and Steve, who've run into romantic roadblocks that stem from Steve's reluctance to show Deirdre just how much he truly cares.

  • If you have certain friends whose phone calls you dodge, or who fail to take advice that you've given over, and over, and over again, then you're probably tired of trying to rescue or fix them. Barbara speaks with members of the audience who share testimonies of dealing with friends who've begun to drive them nuts with their drastically excessive complaining.

  • After a breakup, lingering love often provokes unreasonable reactions from those who have trouble letting go. Barbara passes the mic to audience members who just can't seem to get over their old lovers. One man shares the story of how he kidnapped an ex who wouldn't take him back.

  • Barbara counts down her very own Top Ten List of wrong reasons to engage in sexual intercourse. She passes the mic to some special guests who share stories of instances in which they've exemplified badly, and frankly, hilariously motivated lovemaking.

  • After leaving their jobs in order to prioritize their children, many mothers are left feeling unfulfilled. Barbara offers strategies to help moms bolster their confidence and alleviate uncertainty or guilt that they may feel when they step away from the workforce.

  • During the war in the Persian Gulf, our attention was captured by the frightening images of destruction that were steadily broadcast through the airwaves of television. Barbara holds a special discussion that details how to deal with the complex emotions that an war rouses, and comforts parents with recommendations that should help them explain these harrowing happenings to their children.

  • Watching football can stir up marital unrest and even contribute to divorce. Barbara commiserates with audience members who share their despair surrounding sports, and dishes tips and tricks that'll help couples tackle any obstacles that game day abets.

  • Why do women still expect rings as an engagement gifts, but hardly ever reciprocate with rings for their men? Barbara gives her take on the tradition and passes the mic to women who share funny stories surrounding their own engagement rings.

  • Children of divorce may feel that their parents' divorces affect their own choices of partners, or even the course of their relationships, in some way. Barbara discusses why children of divorce run high risks of falling into the same traps that their parents did, and how they can learn from their parents' pain.

  • If you're a step-parent, you know that the challenges and sacrifices that come with raising children can amplify when the children aren't your own. Barbara shares solutions that'll help create harmony within a blended family.

  • Men and women think and communicate differently, and those differences can easily kindle animosity in a relationship. An woman in the audience compares talking to her husband to pulling teeth, and some of the male audience members vocally agree that they could give their significant others what they want if they weren't so adamant about changing their men.

  • Barbara offers advice to keep a relationship happy, both through challenging times and throughout the best of times when life outside of the relationship is otherwise moving smoothly. Married couple Michael and June Jackson join Barbara to share the new challenges that they've faced and adjustments that they've made since Michael has lost his job.

  • Are you too tired for love? Barbara De Angelis dissects the possible causes for infrequent intimacy, additionally offering suggestions that should help couples find the time for love again.