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A family counselor with his own practice who struggles to understand his own fabulous yet flawed family, their quirks, and everyday nuances, is the basic premise of this show. Bill Engvall and his wife, played by Nancy Travis, have three children, Lauren, Trent and Bryan. Lauren, the oldest and only daughter, tends to be the leader of her younger siblings and is great at rallying them into scheming situations. In contrast, Trent is intelligent but hides it and seems to lack common sense, thereby allowing him to get out of trouble at times. Bryan, the youngest, is a walking encyclopedia of useless facts but has a charm that captures the scenes he is in. Dealing with driver's licenses, parking tickets and how much allowance to pay are the normal fare in an episode and leaves one smiling at each half hour conclusion.

3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
July 17, 2007
Cast: Bill Engvall
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The Bill Engvall Show Full Episode Guide

  • Bill and Susanne get in an argument over trash bins with their new neighbors. Elsewhere, Trent blames his failure of a driving test on losing his lucky red coin.

  • Trent has finally saved enough money to buy his first car only to find his father has different ideas and waylays the process. Bryan must figure out how to deal with a bully at school.

  • Lauren gets caught lying to her mother and is grounded for three weeks, only Bill has issues sticking to it. Paul decides to create an online profile and the boys help him enhance it.

  • Danny is using his newfound fortune to buy gifts for the Pearson family; only Bill is concerned that he is trying to buy their love too. Paul becomes involved in a local school's silent auction and ends up with a bruised ego.

  • Bill sets out to re-create memorable moments of their new love, after Susan shows a yearning for the spark of her dating days with Bill. Elsewhere, Lauren and Trent are asked to babysit Bryan, who both have dates for the movies.

  • After Susan and her friends go out for a girl's night, Bill becomes convinced that she talked about him. Bill becomes obsessed with knowing what she said, which creates more conflict between them. Bryan struggles to accept his first B on a science test and Lauren uses it to her advantage to tease her little brother.

  • The Pearson family are hit hard by the economic downturn, and Lauren's spring break trip may be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Trent learns that Paul has lost his baby pictures a few years ago.

  • When Bill prohibits Lauren from buying an expensive prom dress, a number of problems seem to arise around the home and causes Susan to relive a bad experience from her prom night. Meanwhile, Trent wants to make himself an online celebrity by creating a internet video.

  • Trent and Bryan are asked to take care of Paul's beloved pet iguana. Meanwhile, Lauren takes a job at a mall to earn money for an expensive designer purse, but the job includes a hard nosed boss.

  • Susan has a premonition that Bill is going to have an affair with a woman named Penelope, just before meeting a waitress with that name. Meanwhile, Lauren assists Trent in his effort to get his driver's license, and Susan feels Bill should get a physical.

  • Bill and Susan are concerned that booze will be served at a party in which their son Trent is invited to. Meanwhile, the Pearson's dog causes a dilemma when he chooses to live under cranky Mr. Faulkner's porch.

  • Bill's pride is injured when his son Trent defeats him in a basketball game. Meanwhile, Lauren bonds with Susan's friend causing her to try and connect with her daughter the same way. Meanwhile, Bryan tries to eliminate all the hazards within the household.

  • In the wake of her divorce, Susan's quirky friend AJ comes to the Pearson's for a visit. Bill and Susan discover that their lives are in a rut in comparison to AJ's crazy lifestyle. Maybe salsa lessons will help add a spark into their lives.

  • Bill takes full credit for building a derby car for brainy Bryan, despite his failure and Paul ultimately finishing the project. Meanwhile, Lauren's new friend makes her moves on Trent, who is unaware of her shady motives.

  • Bill is frustrated that the kids always go to Susan as the authoritative parent. Elsewhere, Bill is upset that the fruit keeps disappearing, and Paul is plagued by romantic woes.

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