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When a broadcast network decides to premiere a high-profile drama in January, that generally doesn't bode well for the long-term prospects of the show. That was certainly the case with The Cape, which premiered on NBC with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011. Within a month, NBC had cut the series order from 13 to 10 episodes, and by March the network announced the finale would only be seen online.

The Cape centered on the exploits of Vince Faraday, a honest detective working the streets of the fictional Palm City, California. Faraday witnesses the death of the city's new police chief, who is murdered by a mysterious super villain known as "Chess." He gets a job with ARK, a private security firm that is trying to win a contract to provide private police and fire services for the city. Little does Faraday know that ARK owner Peter Fleming isn't just a billionaire - he is also Chess. Faraday is framed for murder and he appears to die in a chase that ends up with a massive explosion that is covered on live television.

Taking refuge in a traveling carnival, Faraday recovers and learns various skills from the carnival performers. He decides to become The Cape, a masked avenger seeking to bring down Fleming and protect the people of Palm City as best he can. His family believes he is dead and he decides that remaining dead in the eyes of everyone is the best way to ensure their survival.

Since the production of the series was cut short, there isn't a real resolution to the story. The final story arc finds Faraday exposing the corruption of ARK, but not before the carnival is attacked and several people helping out Faraday are killed. In the end, Faraday is still on the run, and his family still believes he is dead. So while there is some closure to the story, the finale is ultimately frustrating to fans.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
January 9, 2011
Cast: David Lyons, Keith David, Summer Glau, James Frain
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The Cape Full Episode Guide

  • The Cape's worlds collide as Dana defends Marty after Fleming sets him up to the take the fall for corruption in Palm City.

  • To protect his gang's territory, Scales makes a controversial pact with Fleming with plans to bring a dangerous villain, Razer, to the city. The Cape uses this plan to his advantage when he assumes Razer's identity.

  • The Cape, Max, and Rollo are forced to rely on Dana's legal connections to help them discover The Lich's location.

  • Orphan Conrad Chandler, the heir of one of Palm City's founders, seeks revenge on the public and control of the city that refused to acknowledge his inheritance.

  • Wounded and exhausted, the Cape takes time off to recover.

  • Tracey Jarrod, masquerading as Dice, comes to Palm City seeking revenge on Chess. Meanwhile, Chess and the ARK Corporation plan to reveal a special device, inspired by Jarrod and stolen from her father. The Cape is forced to help his archenemy upon realizing that to take Chess down he has to keep him alive. Rollo, Ruvi, Raia, and Max help Vince master new skills as he fights to accept how his choices affect his wife and son.

  • When The Cape inform Dominic Raoul--aka Scales--that Peter Fleming has been extorting money from him, Scales heads to a costume party on a train to confront Fleming.

  • When Gregor Molotov , an old friend of Max Malini, comes to town in search of who is in possession of the cape, Vince must fight to save the people who took him in. Meanwhile, Dana is back to work in the public defender's office, where she encounters Palm City's corruption first hand. Peter Fleming and Marty Voyt continue their tireless pursuit to find out Orwell's true identity.

  • The Cape must stop Chess and his hired killer Cain from murdering a politician.

  • Watch the show preview now.

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The Cape is Still Mysterious in its Purpose - Episode 3 Recap

Last night I finally got to watch more than five minutes of the new NBC series 'The Cape'. It was probably a good thing I was hunkered down in bed, experiencing a snowstorm or else I would have gotten something else.

Originally, the previews for The Cape made it look like a man was training to be a superhero in the modern day.

After watching more than five minutes (I’ll admit I missed the first ten), I’m not so sure it is set in the present day.

Elliot Gould and Mena Suvari to guest star in The Cape

On the January 9th the television network NBC is set to launch its drama series, The Cape, which will kick off with a two hour episode. The television network has now confirmed that two big name stars have already confirmed that they will be guest starring in some of the episodes of the drama.

The drama has been created by Thomas Wheeler, and he has expressed his delight at the strength of the show and its ability to attract popular guest stars.