The Daichis - Earth's Defense Family

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Yesterday, dad suffered as a programmer in a dead-end job, mom worked to ... being married, sister struggled to balance her homework and keeping up the house and little brother used silly pranks and outrageous behavior to keep everyone laughing. Today, they are the Earth's front line of defense against extra terrestrial invasion! Can they find a way to keep their family together while defeating the aliens on time and under budget?

1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 9, 2001
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Science Fiction
Cast: Alistair Abell
The Daichis - Earth's Defense Family

The Daichis - Earth's Defense Family Full Episode Guide

  • Ellen is sick with a high fever and Dai has been tasked with fetching the nectar of the flowers that would cure her.

  • July 7th - Seiko’s birthday. A party is being planned and everyone promises to come home to celebrate. Dai, on his way home with his present, sees Seiko drunk. She tells her coworker she doesn’t know him, and Dai becomes shocked…

  • Even with Seiko trying to keep their debts down from the missions, they have amassed a huge debt and have begun to feel hopeless.

  • With more and more of the Daichi’s actions being reported on the news, they continue doing their best to hide their identity. In Shibuya, Hachiko, the faithful dog, is transformed into a robot version and begins to rampage across Shibuya.

  • A beam of light shoots through the sky and a giant heart has appeared at Tokyo Tower. Being reported on the news, it’s soon revealed that anyone that sees the heart will begin to be in a love state. The Daichis sortie to destroy the heart…

  • Mamoru submits a proposal for a techno pet, but a rival company has released a similar product called “Pokemaru”. Suspecting they are aliens he attempts to disassemble one. As people begin to tire of them”, they grow large and begin to invade the city.

  • Dai has overslept and rushes to school in the rain. On the way, he finds an abandoned cat. Reminded of “Weird”, he tries to lend a hand but the cat runs away. After school Dai sees the mysterious man from earlier and ends up in a factory.

  • Tired from last night’s training, Seiko insists they continue their training daily so their debt doesn’t grow. Nozomi wants to go to a concert but shows up anyway and waits for everyone else. Mamoru and Dai eventually arrive but Seiko has yet to…

  • The Daichis are sent into space to fight. Using the Mighty Robo, they proved successful. However, a bill has been sent to them for every item they have used thus far. Seiko suggests to begin training to learn how to fight without using expensive items.

  • Dai swallows a mysterious ball and his belly swells as if he was pregnant. After giving “birth”, a strange organism appeared. He names the organism “Weird” but the family wants him to get rid of his “child”.

  • After news reports of the battle, they are instructed to keep their mission a secret. Nozomi believes this is an unreasonable situation while Seiko believes this is one of Mamoru’s plans to keep them together.

  • In order to defeat the monster, the Daichi Family must fight together! However, Seiko is refusing and preparing to just leave everyone behind. Mamoru follows and attempts to persuade her to join the battle.

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