The Gaming Show (In My Parents' Garage)

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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons

A trio of quirky young teens aspire to create a popular and inventive Youtube channel devoted to gaming that features game reviews, let's plays, interviews, and celebrity visits, all from a tricked out gaming garage.

The Gaming Show (In My Parents' Garage)
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25. Showdown
August 28, 2017
Jesse is setting up a huge one on one battle in the garage between two pro gamers, but he hasn't told Julia or Ian anything about it. As he sets up a livestream account and begins promoting it on the channel, the excitement builds. When the gamers, Nakat and Keitaro, show up in the garage, we get the feeling that our gang has hit the big time. With Jesse taking care of so many details in advance, they are left wondering what else there is to do. Ian takes them through a Rocky-style training montage, which we soon realize doesn't have much use in the real world of gaming. The battle begins with a first round of Super Smash Bros, the preferred game of both players. Following that, the second round features the two of them competing at FIFA 16, the latest version of one of the world's most popular titles. If there is a tie, they agree to break it with an unconventional game. The world watches as we find out who will win bragging rights.
Gaming Show In My Everywhere
24. Gaming Show In My Everywhere
August 28, 2017
Oh no! The garage has been taken over by mice. While Jesse's parents try to clear the rodents out of the area, Jesse, Julia and Ian are barred from going inside, so they decide to split up with handheld game consoles and try playing in the coolest spots they can think of. Jesse travels back to Japan, while Ian checks out a few spots in Niagara Falls and Julia heads to Fort York, where she learns about how tower defense worked in the real world compared to a video game. Back in Japan, Jesse is taking part in a one of a kind race, featuring many familiar characters. Once he's finished with that, he meets up with Julia and Ian at a Cineplex theatre for the ultimate gaming experience on the big screen. They're having so much fun, they almost forget about the garage entirely.
Arcade Machine
23. Arcade Machine
August 28, 2017
The trusty ol' arcade machine in the corner of the garage breaks down so Ian attempts to repair it. Unfortunately, this effort only makes it worse and they have to send it away for professional repair. But now the garage seems empty without the machine, so Jesse wants to replace it with something else. Ian and Julia are dead set against this option, the arcade machine is like a member of the family. Still Jesse insists, and goes for a look on his own. Jesse's effort to find another arcade machine is unsuccessful, so he tries a few unconventional options, again to the dismay of Ian and Julia. While the search continues, Ian travels to Florida to learn more about Deadwood and finds a few surprises about the inspiration behind the game. Back at the garage, frustration continues to build as they try to find an adequate replacement. Will the game ever come back or will they have to get used to living without it?
22. Japan-o-Ramic
August 28, 2017
Jesse's mother has cleaned up the garage without him knowing, and accidentally given away his prized collector's edition copy of Earthbound. When he calls the gaming shop she gave it to, Jesse finds out the game is now in Japan, so he travels overseas in search of it. While he's on his journey, Ian and Julia decide to play the game Journey, which leads them to having many philosophical revelations. Jesse's search takes him from game developers like Bandai Namco to the Tokyo Game Show, all the way to Shigesato Itoi, the creator of Earthbound, himself. Jesse finds out that getting the game back will be no easy task and vows to never let it get taken again.
Top Fun
21. Top Fun
August 28, 2017
Jesse and Ian play a flight simulator game where Jesse displays a reckless flying style. Ian is not impressed, but Jesse's need to fly this way comes from his father's failures playing 1942 when he was younger. Next, they take to the park to fly remote controlled planes. Jesse crashes his plane and loses his confidence. Julia talks him into going to uFly, a flight simulator company, where he builds his self-esteem back up. Jesse heads back to the garage ready to fly with more control, but another setback has him questioning himself. When Jesse's ready to come back, Ian is playing a game very familiar to Jesse and his whole family. Ian needs Jesse's help, but is Jesse capable of doing the job?
How Bizarro
20. How Bizarro
August 28, 2017
The Gaming Show hosts discover a video online made by a Bizarro copycat gaming channel. They trade videos back and forth until the Bizarro channel makes an autotune video making fun of our hosts. They fight for the right to a gaming show channel a multiplayer showdown.
Reach for the Tabletop
19. Reach for the Tabletop
August 28, 2017
The gang decide to make their own board game. Ian goes to Fan Expo to get some expert advice from board game designers. Meanwhile the prank war is heating up in the garage. Pranks and board games come together in a zany finale. Featuring Tom Vassel.
Gaming Show Olympics
18. Gaming Show Olympics
August 28, 2017
The gang decides to crown the gaming champion of the garage by hosting their very own Video Game Olympics. They play Runbow, Rocket League and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash before building a real life Rocket League with RC cars to determine a winner.
August 28, 2017
The hosts of the Gaming Show decide to build a robot for the garage. Julia gets help from a friend she meets at Maker's Festival and brings back a drone controlled by gaming A.I. which they install in the garage. Panic ensues once they realize the A.I. is trying to take over.
All Gamerz Day
16. All Gamerz Day
August 28, 2017
The hosts of the Gaming show want to do a holiday special, but for which holiday? They decide to make their own called 'All Gamer's Day'. Gaming stories, cooking and unboxings fill this Holiday special but will they find their All gamer's Day special guest in time? Featuring: The Tenors.
15. Sponsorship
August 28, 2017
A list of the Top 50 Gaming Shows in Their Family's Houses comes out and Gaming Show In My Parents' Garage is number 5. Jesse is pretty excited, but Julia and Ian feel like they could do even better if they got sponsors to help with higher quality videos. Jesse is dead set against bringing in sponsors, so when Ian and Julia do a commercial behind his back, he quits and strikes out on his own with a few different attempts to start a new channel. From real world Angry Birds in the park, to learning about Rare's 30th anniversary in London, to improving his interview skills at the Meltdown Podcast in LA, it all goes toward putting together his new channel, Gaming Show In My Parents' Backyard. With the team split up, neither channel is doing very well, and an untimely rain shower brings them all back together.
Rock & Roll
14. Rock & Roll
August 28, 2017
Jesse, Julia and Ian do a Rock Band Let's Play and upload it to the channel. Although they got high scores, commenters are not very impressed with their overall style, including their stilted movement and bad fashion choices. Luckily, they get an offer of help from rock star Andrew WK. He teaches them to not take the criticism personally, but that they should do what makes them happy. Julia goes to the Much Music Video Awards to see how other musicians feel about style and Jesse heads over to Dream Hack studios in Sweden to try to up his cool factor by improving his video game commentary. Once the research is done, they record another video where they don't even care about the score, they just want to have fun while they play.
13. Tournie
August 28, 2017
Jesse, Ian and Julia decide to host their very own gaming tournament in the garage. Before the tournament starts, Ian (or should I say El-Scorcho-Butto) quickly goes to see WWE Legend Bret Hart to help with his wrestling skills and his overall showmanship. When he returns the gang discovers that the open tournament invite they sent out to their subscribers got WAY more competitors out to the garage than they imagined. With everything already out of control, and the place completely packed, Jesse quickly heads to the Nintendo World Championships to learn how to properly host a professional gaming tournament and help the others fix the damage they started back home. After some trial and many errors the gaming show gang finally get the tournament in order.
Hall of Fame
12. Hall of Fame
August 28, 2017
After winning his third Super Bowl in-a-row playing EA's Madden Football, Ian decides to not only set up but induct himself into his own newly crafted Gaming Show Hall of Fame. After Julia informs Ian that a Video Game Hall of Fame already exists in Rochester, Ian goes there himself to try and get properly inducted. Once there however, Ian learns that the Video Game Hall of Fame is for games NOT gamers. Meanwhile, Jesse heads to Los Angeles to talk to Tony Hawk about Pro Skater 5 and hopefully, just hopefully, become part of Tony Hawk's skate team. Ian returns to the garage to find that Jesse and Julia have fully embraced the Gaming Show Hall of Fame in the garage and have inducted themselves into it for pretty much every minor accomplishment they deemed worthy. Eventually they realize their only bet at getting into the Hall is if they create their very own game. Clearly though, they'll need some time.
11. Demar
August 28, 2017
Jesse is hesitant to take advice from his friends, no matter how helpful it is. Ian and Julia use the companion cube from Portal 2 as a metaphor for getting help in real life. Eventually Jesse teleports out to talk to Raptor DeMar DeRozan to get tips on NBA2K15. When that pays off, he continues to go back to talk to DeMar, but it quickly goes from getting video game tips to borrowing stuff from DeMar's house, and we find that Jesse may be taking advantage of the relationship. Meanwhile, Julia heads off to get real life archery training to help with her real life minecrafting and after missing a key putt in Wii Golf Ian meets a real golf pro for a quick tutorial.
10. Shaqowe'en
August 28, 2017
Julia finally gets the garage to herself so she can do the truly spooky Halloween Let's Play of her dreams - that is, until she manages to scare herself. Meanwhile Jesse heads off to England to voice a role in Yooka-Layla and Ian is summoned to Shaq's mansion in Orlando after he insults Shaq-Fu on the channel. Shaquille O'neal guest stars.
Wagony Redux: Electric Boogaloo
9. Wagony Redux: Electric Boogaloo
August 28, 2017
The gang can't wait for the return of Wagony (Jesse's Uncle Flynt's station wagon) and a redux of Gaming Show in My Uncle's Car in My Parents' Garage. But when they discover Uncle Flynt has traded Wagony in for a two seater convertible, the kids are less than thrilled. Especially when Convertible-y proves to have a mind of it's own.
Garage Sale
8. Garage Sale
August 28, 2017
In anticipation of the return of Wagony in the garage (Jesse's Uncle Flynt's station wagon from season 1, episode 5), the gang decide to have a garage sale to make some space. Unfortunately they don't quite get the droves of customers they were hoping for...that is until they rope in the help of a special celebrity salesman. Drew Hutchison of the Toronto Blue Jays guest stars.
Pong The Movie!
7. Pong The Movie!
August 28, 2017
After a garage prank video goes viral, Ian has decided he needs to expand his horizons by becoming a true filmmaker. Inspired by his gaming background, he decides to center his opus on a game that has yet to be adapted to the silver screen: Pong. Creative differences arise, however, when he casts Julia and Jesse as the stars of his avant-garde masterpiece.
6. Extreme
August 28, 2017
In an effort to spice up the channel, the hosts decide to rebrand Gaming Show with a more extreme format, including adrenaline infused Let's Plays, a crash course in BMX biking and garage parkour. As it turns out, however, being totally turbo is totally exhausting.
Company Man
5. Company Man
August 28, 2017
A misunderstanding on a visit to the EA offices leads Ian to believe he's landed his dream job. While Julia and Jesse are happy for him, his newfound success sends them into the frenzy of a 5th of life crisis as they both attempt to fulfill all of their gaming goals on an accelerated timeline.
4. Crowdfunding
August 28, 2017
With the equipment in the garage falling apart, the gang decides to rip a page out of the indie game world's book and start a crowdfunding campaign. But as their offered perks get more and more out of control, they struggle to keep promises they quite literally don't have the power to do.
3. Glitch
August 28, 2017
A spill in the garage causes Jesse's teleportation abilities to go on the fritz and damages the consoles' save function. Jesse finds himself on a wild glitch-filled goosechase across Europe in his quest to find Klaus, the mysterious creator of Fe, while back in the garage Julia and Ian race time and exhaustion to complete Lego Jurassic World all in one sitting.
We have a Llama
2. We have a Llama
August 28, 2017
When the Gaming Show gang see a dip in their views, they decide it's time to spice things up with a new mascot for the garage. But what seemed like an awesome idea in theory, proves to be much more difficult in practice - bringing a live Alpaca into the garage.
Power Up1000
1. Power Up1000
August 28, 2017
When the hosts discover an ad for a mysterious product called the Power Up1000 that promises users the ability to achieve video game power ups in real life, they're certain this is the incredible boost their channel needs. Unfortunately some products really are too good to be true. Featuring Special Guest Weird Al Yankovic.

A trio of quirky young teens aspire to create a popular and inventive Youtube channel devoted to gaming that features game reviews, let's plays, interviews, and celebrity visits, all from a tricked out gaming garage. The Gaming Show (In My Parents' Garage) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2015.

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The Gaming Show (In My Parents' Garage) is available for streaming on the None website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Gaming Show (In My Parents' Garage) on demand at Amazon and Google Play.

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    January 1, 2015