Old MacDonald's Sing-a-Long Farm, Volume 1

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  • 1994
  • 1 Season

Join Old MacDonald and his Barnyard buddies on his sing-a-long farm. With Joanna and Old Mac's help the barnyard animals learn new things everyday and explore exciting adventures.

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Happy Birthday All
29. Happy Birthday All
January 1, 1994
Old Mac finds out secretly that it's Poppycock's Birthday (He overhears Poppycock trying to write a Birthday card rhyme to himself). Poppycock is sad because it's his first birthday away from his city "buds". Old Mac keeps Poppy distracted while he (Mac) gets the gang busy putting together a surprise birthday party for Poppy. Lucinda is the only one not fully behind the fun... because she was out of town on her birthday and feels cheated by not having her own party, gifts, cakes, etc. She finally gets into the contagious mood of the intrigue and is able to enjoy a birthday that's not her own.
Different Strokes For Different Pigs
28. Different Strokes For Different Pigs
January 1, 1994
Lucinda is flaunting her early reading skills. Poppycock his time-telling prowess (reading Roman Numerals - hour glasses, clocks, and the sun's position.) Celeste is proficient in counting and basic arithmetic. But Alfred, who feels he can't do anything, is a whiz at traffic signs recognition and saves the others from a runaway hay trailer. They're all humbled and impressed by Alfred's prowess and bravery and all offer to tutor him on his slight deficiencies in the future.
Moo-tide Greetings
27. Moo-tide Greetings
January 1, 1994
All the Barnyard Buddies (and Joanna) are busily preparing their gifts for Old MacDonald. Poppycock has made a model of the farm out of seed; Joanna bought him a new plaid shirt; Alfred has made some brownies, and Lucinda has drawn a pretty picture. Celeste is moping about, because she doesn't feel able to make anything. The Barnyard Buddies convince her to come up with a pretty song for him. She sings her song and Old Mac tells her that her gift is one he can always carry with him.
A Bicycle Built For Moo
26. A Bicycle Built For Moo
January 1, 1994
When Celeste hears that her friend Flossie has moved up from tricycle to a bike with training wheels, Celeste wants to do it, too. But she's scared. Her friends and Old Mac help her until she attains her near-impossible goal. Then Celeste goes on to attain the truly impossible - removing the training wheels.
What's That On Your Rump, Alfred?
25. What's That On Your Rump, Alfred?
January 1, 1994
Alfred is upset when the girls tease him about his curly tail. Old Mac distracts the kids by keeping them busy with things they've been putting off. The trouble is, Old Mac is upset about having to wear his new reading glasses. The gang confesses to their own flaws. Celeste feels gawky and awkward, Lucinda feels bad about being too short, etc. They all feel better about facing their flaws. Once they realize that we all have perceived flaws, they are able to be less self-conscious about them.
Trading Places
24. Trading Places
January 1, 1994
Poppycock becomes upset when Old Mac and Joanna are too busy to do the animal activities on time, so Old Mac puts Poppycock in charge of the farm for a day. Initially delighted, Poppycock soon learns that being the boss is no picnic, and that sometimes it's better to be a kid.
The Cosmic Haystack
23. The Cosmic Haystack
January 1, 1994
When Old Mac and Joanna create a haystack filled with discards, the kids think that the haystack "magically" appeared. One by one the kids approach it, and it gives them treasures. Because the kids think it is magic, they cherish their gifts from it (a plastic milk carton, old spoons, cans, etc.) and turn these treasures into special items (a bird feeder, wind chimes, candle holders, etc.). They discover that much of what we discard can be reused in wonderful ways.
Enough Is Enough, Alfred
22. Enough Is Enough, Alfred
January 1, 1994
The kids are all excited about their caterpillar, which has spun a cocoon and will soon transform into a butterfly. But Alfred is distracting everyone with his escalating practical jokes. Before long, no one is enjoying his antics, but Alfred just doesn't get it. When a joke backfires, Alfred realizes that jokes are fun only as long as everyone has fun.
Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice
21. Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice
January 1, 1994
The Barnyard Buddies decide to make new curtains for the farmhouse and each one is responsible for something. Lucinda is upset because she can't sew a stitch, and feels inferior because girls are "supposed" to be able to sew. On the other hand, when Alfred finds out that Poppycock can sew, he's appalled. Boys don't do sissy "girl" stuff like that. Both Alfred and Lucinda learn the value of being themselves and developing their talents, wherever they may lie.
Night Magic
20. Night Magic
January 1, 1994
Everyone on the farm has overslept because Poppycock was up all night crowing, trying to bring on the dawn. He's afraid of the dark. The others admit that they, too are afraid of the dark. To help them through their fear, Old Mac and Joanna take the Barnyard Buddies on an all-night camping trip to introduce them to the magic of the nighttime.
Lemonade Wars
19. Lemonade Wars
January 1, 1994
After Celeste shares lemonade with a neighboring farmer, the Barnyard Buddies decide to go into business with a lemonade stand. Business is going great until the kids start to argue about jobs, and eventually go into competition. Realizing that they have hurt their friendship, the Barnyard Buddies decide to cooperate and have fun together again.
Seeing The Forest For The Trees
18. Seeing The Forest For The Trees
January 1, 1994
When Joanna gets some young saplings from a friend, the Barnyard Buddies have a tree planting contest to see who can plant the most. Lucinda gets so caught up in winning that she plants hers incorrectly, and they don't thrive. The Barnyard Buddies then learn to save the trees with some help from Old Mac and Joanna.
To Keep Or Not To Keep
17. To Keep Or Not To Keep
January 1, 1994
Celeste doesn't know whether to keep the kite she's found, or return it to its rightful owner. Because she wants it for her Benjamin Franklin part in the Patriotic Pageant, she keeps it, until Alfred, playing Honest Abe Lincoln, demands the kite back in the middle of the performance, putting the production in comical jeopardy.
Do You Hear What I Hear?
16. Do You Hear What I Hear?
January 1, 1994
A strange, unknown sound has everyone in the barnyard baffled. A search is initiated and Old Mac gives directions to each of the Barnyard Buddies and Joanna to aid the search, using all their senses. But Alfred is not paying attention. He goes his own way, does his own thing, and totally disrupts the search. Old Mac and the others help Alfred learn that listening to directions can make a job easier. In the end, it is Alfred who discovers what the sound is -- one of his snake-in-a-can jokes buried in a haystack.
Time Waits For No Pig
15. Time Waits For No Pig
January 1, 1994
While making a gift for Joanna's garden, the birdbath breaks. They must wait an hour for the glue to dry. Alfred has a hard time waiting, but learns something about time.
The Green-Eyed Monster
14. The Green-Eyed Monster
January 1, 1994
Alfred has a new, shiny ball and Lucinda wants it in the worst possible way. She tries everything to get it, including taking it away. Finally Alfred agrees to share, in exchange for the use of one of Lucinda's toys. She cheerfully gives him her collection of plastic six-pack holders, and tells him he can do anything he wants with it. She was just keeping them safe to protect bird life. Alfred is beside himself over the bad trade and a squabble ensues... until he figures out a great activity with them - making a plastic six-pack holder hammock for Old Mac. Lucinda is thrilled with Alfred's project, and all the kids join in.
A Pig In Need
13. A Pig In Need
January 1, 1994
Alfred needs help building his scooter, but the others are all too busy to lend him a hand. He's feeling lonely and upset, but he perseveres and, with Old Mac and Joanna's help, he finishes. When it's time to test the scooter, all the Barnyard Buddies get very chummy and want a turn. In fact, they're sorry they didn't contribute, and offer the accessaries they were making for Alfred's scooter. Alfred decides they're still his friends... but he gets to ride the scooter first.
Soup's On!
12. Soup's On!
January 1, 1994
Old Mac shows the Barnyard Buddies how exciting it is to create food from scratch. They make vegetable soup and learn about kitchen safety.
New Shoes On The Block
11. New Shoes On The Block
January 1, 1994
It is autumn. The kids prepare the barnyard for winter. Lucinda is not enjoying herself because she has outgrown her sneakers, and is unwilling to get new ones. But when she can't run and jump in the piled leaves with the others, she relents. She plants her old sneakers and Old Mac arranges a new sneaker tree that she discovers in the morning. Lucinda finds that even though some old things wither, like leaves, new ones can be just as good. Though she knows Old Mac is fooling, she appreciates the sentiment.
Postcards From The Ledge
10. Postcards From The Ledge
January 1, 1994
Poppycock has gone off on a short trip to the city to visit his Grandma and Celeste is upset. She thinks Poppycock left and will never come back. Celeste learns ways to cope with her missing friend and prepares for his homecoming.
Take Two Cornstalks And Call Me In The Morning
9. Take Two Cornstalks And Call Me In The Morning
January 1, 1994
The Barnyard Buddies are training for their Barnyard Olympics, and they're all in great shape until Alfred comes down with a runny snout. He's afraid to go to the doctor. The others help Alfred overcome his fear so that he can be well in time for the big event.
The Old Switch-a-Doodle Do
8. The Old Switch-a-Doodle Do
January 1, 1994
When Lucinda gets into an argument over the correct way to perform a task, Old Mac declares "Switch-a-Doodle Day" to solve the problem. Lucinda has a difficult time getting out of her individual "rut" and resists change. But once she gets it, she sees that change can be fun.
Moo-sic To My Ears
7. Moo-sic To My Ears
January 1, 1994
The Barnyard Buddies want to give Old Mac something special to say thank you for all he does for them. The problem is, they have no money for a gift. Through their ingenuity and with Joanna's help, they make musical instruments and surprise Old Mac with a show.
Say It, Don't Spray It
6. Say It, Don't Spray It
January 1, 1994
Poppycock, puffed up with his artistic abilities, starts drawing on everything - walls, rocks, trees, etc. The others show him how to express himself in a big way without harming the environment.
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Ball?
5. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Ball?
January 1, 1994
Poppycock has never played Barnyard Ball, and it's making him very uncomfortable. He's worried that he wont get it right, so he "accidentally" falls off the fence. But while he rests from his fall, he has a chance to watch and learn, realizing that trying something new can be fun. He surprises himself by making a catch that wins the game.
It Takes A Made Up Mind
4. It Takes A Made Up Mind
January 1, 1994
On shopping day, everyone tries to pressure Celeste into choosing a food that will benefit their own choice. Celeste makes up her own mind, selecting something that works for her... and everyone else.
Walk A Mile In My Moos
3. Walk A Mile In My Moos
January 1, 1994
In the process of getting ready for a picnic, Celeste gets a sliver in her hoof. She receives a lot of attention and sympathy for her ailment. Mysteriously, the others appear with injuries of their own until there is no one left to help with the picnic preparations. Old Mac and Joanna help the Barnyard Buddies see that everyone needs to give and get extra sympathy and help sometimes.
So Long - All Gone
2. So Long - All Gone
January 1, 1994
The animals are planning a trip to Grandma MacDonald's, but Celeste can't get ready because her feed bag has mysteriously disappeared. Poppycock learns not to take without asking, no matter how great the perceived need.
All's Fair In Fairs And Mud
1. All's Fair In Fairs And Mud
January 1, 1994
Everyone prepares for the Sunshine Valley Alfalfa Festival, practicing what they do best. Alfred becomes increasingly unhappy because he feels he has no special skills. The others help him find his talent - making others laugh.

Join Old MacDonald and his Barnyard buddies on his sing-a-long farm. With Joanna and Old Mac's help the barnyard animals learn new things everyday and explore exciting adventures. Old MacDonald's Sing-a-Long Farm, Volume 1 is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1994.

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    January 1, 1994