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Freaky Stories is a series of animated shorts relaying the most notorious urban myths, inexplicable occurrences and eerie happenings. Freaky Stories, Season 3 is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on October 26, 1996.

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3 Seasons, 48 Episodes
October 26, 1996
Kids & Family
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Freaky Stories, Season 3 Full Episode Guide

  • A Christmas tale for the young (and strong) of heart.../A game of "cat-and-mouse". But which is whom?/A tale of fear, revenge and a really good soundtrack./Police Detective Hunter hounds the lodger.

  • Buffalo Bob buys it baggin' the bad guys./Guess who's comin' for dinner?/Sharla shares the sitting chores - WITH THE STRANGER UPSTAIRS!!!/Nature outwits academia, naturally.

  • A twisted tale of revenge. Will that be poppy or sesame?/Grampa gets sweet revenge on Banker Baxter./A haunting tale. Or is it a tale of a haunting?/Five wishes, four consequences and a mistake

  • Mouth-breather Bruno gets bushwacked by the big monkey./Naughty new-kid isn't as bad as he seems. He's worse./Doofus Duane gets great grades. What's his secret?/Heather learns to sail.

  • Mandy plans a trick at Charlene's party. But the Joke's on her!/Tammy takes a tumble to win back her beau./Jailbird Jake makes the great escape./Looks like Deke's been decked by techie.

  • Brother B sez the words that set him free.../He made his parents proud. Or, did his parents make him proudly?/Nancy's brother doesn't believe she has an invisible friend... until its too late

  • Serves you right!/Shades of Windsor McCay! Late nite sweets cause sour dreams./Betty 'the B' outwitting Gloria 'the G', didn't count on Snippy 'the D'./Willy the Worm gets a call from Jel

  • Toupee trouble causes mayhem, mirth and mange./Little Tiffany finds fish in the most unlikely of places./Flatulent fun with 'Bean Boy', Billy Baxter!/Wimpy numbers whiz Wally Willis.

  • "Tables turned on twisted twins./X-Files humour in a jugular vein./ Amateur magician reveals one secret too many./Dweeby Daryl impresses bodacious Britney."

  • Pesky pirates pull prank on unsuspecting partner./Crunchy centred candies cause curiosity./Harmful hitchhiker hits the highway./Lazy learner lies in letter.

  • Bottled brain finds bad body./Sly slackers pull sham at school./Fancy filly falls for foul fellow whose foe is her father./Brilliant boy saves bus from bridge.

  • Curious kid and canine companion uncover conspiracy./Snooping spouse smooches with psycho./Flatulence finds the family fortune./Sweaty spectators swim in sewage.

  • Disguising Dean as a dummy to deliver dismay./Ball players battle birdie by-product./Arrogant athlete aims for approval./Old ogre opts for immortality.

  • Prestigious pastries produce ample profit./Menacing Mummy makes moist mache./Clairvoyant consumes nostalgic crab cakes./Crazy Kangaroo keeps Jeeps keys.

  • An addiction goes airborne./Pimple-popping prepubescent parches like a prune./Hoarky hack harvests humongous hairball./Crew cringes cause rotting rat reeks.

  • Lunch mooch munches yummy maggots./Slippery Sam skips from the slammer to serve a second sentence./VP plunges in poop at a pool party./Dweeb discovers the dangers of dining in the dark.

  • Fearful fellow with a phobia fights for freedom with a phone./Two sets of tricky teen twins in a twisted tale./Bad bat bite becomes a big bother./Meddling maid manages her mangy mane.

  • Crusty cop gets crushed by a cannon./Conceited Captain coerced to change his course./Feisty fido fights thief and redefines finger food./Testy tourists torture benevolent bellboy.

  • Cabby confronts circus creature./Big rig boy basks in the buff./Melancholy maintenance man reunites with reptile, Rocky./Selfish scout harasses senior citizens.

  • Incompetent innkeeper's inhabitance infested with irate rats./Terrified teen's toes the target of tongue tickling./Prying pupils panic over a package of puppy poop./Sinister sibling finds himself covered in syrup and ants.