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Curiosities are everywhere in Busytown and so are Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Sally Cat, Hilda Hippo plus Pig Will and Pig Won Hurray for Huckle, Season 1 is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 2006.

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2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
December 31, 2006
Kids & Family
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Hurray for Huckle, Season 1 Full Episode Guide

  • A nameplate about to be put on a statue of Admiral Hornblast goes missing and Huckle, Sally and Lowly try to uncover what happened to it. // Pig Will and Pig Won't are playing spies. However Pig Won't suddenly finds himself out of the game when his Secret Spy Ring disappears!

  • When Busytown citizens are falling asleep in the middle of the day, Huckle and gang set out to find out why. // Someone has taken Huckle's car and left their car in its place!

  • A sighting of someone in a strange suit has Pig Will and Pig Won't convinced that there is a spaceman in Granny Goodpig's Apple Orchard. // Someone took all the red roses from Granny Goat's garden leaving Huckle and gang puzzled.

  • A series of strange incidents and a whoop whoop whoop sound has Pig Will and Pig Won't convinced a hungry bat is loose in Busytown! // The mysterious disappearance of Mayor Fox leaves Huckle and the gang on an important search.

  • Huckle and his friends receive mysterious party invitations. // Huckle and his pals discover a mysterious gigantic spoon.

  • Huckle, Sally and Lowly find a strange piece of metal with a big number 10 on it and set out to uncover what it is. // Huckle and pals set out to find the whistle blower who is causing a traffic jam.

  • When newspapers, then cardboard boxes, then plastic pails disappear from porches and sidewalks, Huckle, Sally and Lowly set out to figure out what the connection is. // Huckle, Lowly and Sally happen upon a huge tooth and can't imagine anyone in all of Busytown big enough to own it.

  • Hilda gets a sneezing attack whenever she comes near Sally leaving Huckle and the gang puzzled. // Huckle, Lowly and Sally find they have their mystery-solving hands full when things start disappearing, in the blink of an eye!

  • Huckle, Sally and Lowly comb Busytown, trying to find the one lock that fits an old key they've found. // Chocolate sauce on Lowly's car leaves Huckle and the gang puzzled.

  • The contents of a lost bag lead Huckle, Lowly and Sally to the Busytown Opera. // Cyclists getting flat tires somewhere in Busytown lead Huckle and the gang on a mystery.

  • When the pizza delivery is unusually late, Huckle and the gang set out to find out why. // 'Fairy dust' and strange sightings has Hilda Hippo convinced there are real live fairies in Busytown Woods!

  • The kids find some numbered papers blowing around the park. Huckle and the gang are determined to find out where they came from. // When all the milk in Huckle's Dad's store turns out to be sour, Huckle, Sally and Lowly set out to find out why.

  • A mysterious puddle full of stranded goldfish has Huckle and the gang puzzled. // A mysterious message on Sgt. Murphy's radio has Huckle and the gang baffled!

  • When a giant circle appears in the middle of a corn field, Pig Will and Pig Won't are convinced it's an alien landing site. // When flying potatoes are dropping from the sky in Busytown, Huckle and gang are determined to find out why.

  • Someone is painting red spots on all sorts of things in Busytown! Huckle and the gang set out to find the culprit! // A teeny weeny piano motivates Huckle, Sally and Lowly to try to figure out who would own such a small instrument.

  • Huckle and pals help Mayor Fox find the lost ceremonial key to Busytown. // When Busytown residents are baffled by mysterious door knocking, Huckle and gang discover who it is.

  • Photos left on a lost camera help Huckle and pals find its rightful owner. // A list Sally made mysteriously disappears right off the page.

  • Sally and Hilda's hopscotch game disappears, Huckle and gang are determined to find out how. // Mr. Gronkle's great great grandfather has hidden a priceless treasure somewhere and it's up to Huckle and the gang to find it.

  • A series of strange sightings has Lowly convinced there's a monster loose in Busytown Lake! // Huckle and his pals try to track down a bad driver.

  • Huckle and his pals help Baby Sadie find her lost dolly which had mysteriously gone missing. // Cars are disappearing from a particular parking space, Huckle and gang set out to find out why.

  • Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to discover why all their mini putt balls are disappearing. // When the gold coins Mr Fix It finds on the beach disappear, Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to find out where they went.

  • Huckle and gang are determined to find out why Sally's yellow t-shirt mysteriously turns green. // The kids discover pieces of a large metal hand, Huckle and gang are determined to find out to whom they belong.

  • The kids' awesome sandcastle gets trampled overnight; Huckle and gang are determined to find out how it happened. // Huckle, Sally and Lowly discover the impossible - a set of ski tracks that run on either side of a tall tree.

  • Huckle and gang search for the owner of a mysterious sketchbook. // Huckle and gang investigate a strange temperature drop which turns Busytown's summer to winter.

  • When coupons for free cookies fail to arrive in the mail, Huckle and the gang are determined to find out why. // A model boat is mysteriously broken and Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to discover how it happened.

  • Huckle and the gang investigate strange voices in Busytown Museum. // A smoke alarm keeps going off but there's no fire, Huckle and the gang are determined to find out why.

  • When Sally needs a specific book for a school report on trees, she finds it�۪s overdue at the Busytown Library and the Librarian can�۪t read who took the book out because of a mysterious green drip covering the name./The Busytown Bookshop is missing a new delivery of 'Molly Mystery' books. Huckle and his friends search unsuccessfully for the box marked with double 'M's.

  • Parking his famous apple car beside Granny Good-Pig�۪s Applesauce stand, Lowly joins Huckle and Sally in the orchard, picking apples for Granny to practice her fast as lighting peeling skills./When Mrs Murphy discovers mysterious drips on the newly washed clothes hanging on her line, Huckle, Lowly and Sally come to the rescue, determined to help Sergeant Murphy shed his stain covered uniforms by solving the Dirty Laundry Mystery.

  • Everyone's favourite pizzeria is closing due to a sudden lack of business. Huckle and his pals discover that everyone likes pizza, but their phone calls for home delivery are being misdirected to the home of the grumpiest guy in Busytown./When Pig Will and Pig Won�۪t find corn straw on their bedroom floor, they become convinced it�۪s Farmer Pig�۪s scarecrow who�۪s out to get them for calling it silly looking.

  • When the Raccoon family return home to find their entire house empty, Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to solve the Disappearing Home Mystery!/Huckle, and his pals strive to get to the bottom of why things made of metal are flipping and flying around Busytown.

  • When all the water in the gang�۪s swimming hole suddenly disappears overnight, Huckle declares he�۪s going to solve the Mystery of the Missing Swimming Hole by figuring out what happened to the water./Hearing a report of a giant snake lurking in Busytown Park, Huckle, Lowly and Sally rush to alert the Busytown Fire Department who spring into action only to find they can�۪t go anywhere until they find a missing hose.

  • One of the cherry trees in Patrick Pig's orchard has mysteriously dropped all its fruit. After doing some detective work, Huckle and his pals find out that Hilda gave the tree a good shake while retrieving her tangled kite./When Pig Will and Pig Won't claim there's a fire-breathing dragon marauding the streets of Busytown, Huckle and his friends want photographic evidence.

  • Huckle and his friends find a present with wrapping paper showing a baby theme. Needing more clues, but reluctant to open someone else's gift, Huckle gets it X-rayed to see what's inside./Caught in a water fight, Huckle and his pals accidentally smudge the address on a letter Postman Pig has to deliver, leaving him with no idea of who it�۪s supposed to go to

  • When Belinda Bear, a circus trapeze artist, loses her good luck tiara, it�۪s up to Huckle, Lowly and Sally to find it./Mr. Frumble has lost a prized butterfly stamp from his collection. Thinking that he may have accidentally mailed it away on a birthday card, Huckle and his team chase the envelope all the way to the post office...but the stamp isn't there

  • Topiary shrubs resembling Busytown citizens, mysteriously appear in the park. Huckle and the gang find some clues that lead them to the barbershop./Vincent Van Goat is Busytown�۪s most famous artist known for making statues out of various food items. When his latest food sculpture mysteriously disappears, Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to solve the Missing Museum Statue Mystery!

  • Someone put locks and chains on the teeter-totter, the lift bridge and sausage-truck. Huckle and his pals figure out the one thing they have in common is a very noisy squeak./On a windy day, the kids find an unfinished portrait. Using clues about the sea admiral in the picture, they try and track him down to ask where they can find the artist.

  • For some strange unknown reason, every loaf of bread in Busytown is hard as cement!/On the outskirts of Busytown, the center line on the road suddenly goes twisty. It confuses drivers, causing them to veer off the road.

  • When the mouse family discover someone, or something, has taken a big bite out of their cheese car, Huckle promises to figure out who is putting the bite on the mouse family./The kids witness someone rescuing Granny Goat from the train tracks. After the train passes, the hero is gone. Granny Goat didn't even get a chance to thank him.

  • When first home plate, then a bunch of other playground items start mysteriously disappearing, the kids are convinced it�۪s the work of some mysterious Playground Grabber./En route to Mr. Fix-It�۪s shop to have his broken portable video game repaired, Huckle, along with Lowly and Sally, is surprised when the clocks around them suddenly go crazy causing all kinds of confusion.

  • When no one can find where Junior monkey went, Huckle, Lowly and Sally are saddled with his baby sister while they try to solve the Missing Monkey Mystery./Pig Will and Pig Won't invite their friends to become members of their secret club.

  • It appears a litterbug is dumping garbage on Mulberry Road. Huckle decides to solve the mystery of who it is by looking for clues about the culprit in the discarded trash./Giant ���footprints�۪, squashed car tops and broken tree tops have the Pig Brothers convinced giant robots from outer space are the cause.

  • When the cake Huckle, Lowly and Sally plan on using in their Science Fair exhibit mysteriously disappears from a locked room, it begins to look like the culprit was invisible and could walk through walls./Sally's scooter vanishes. Knowing that the kickstand sometimes fails, Huckle concludes that it must have rolled down the sloped street.

  • Hilda invites her friends over for muffins, but someone keeps taking them, one by one. Huckle finds clues that reveal the culprit is getting in and out of the house without touching a door or the floor./When Huckle and Sally�۪s dad finds a stack of cans in his store toppled again and again each morning, Huckle determines to solve the Crashing Cans Mystery by figuring out who is toppling them and how.

  • Regardless of Hilda Hippo�۪s photo of a ghost in the mansion by the lighthouse, Huckle sets out to prove there are no such thing as ghosts by solving the Mystery of the Lighthouse Ghost./A sign directing customers to a sweet corn stand comes loose and swings upside down so the arrow points the opposite way.

  • When a lost parrot shows up at the park, Huckle and Lowly decide to find its owner./When the gang find strange footprints, Sally fears they were made by a monster. Huckle assures her they weren�۪t and announces he�۪s going to prove it by solving the Monster Mystery.

  • When Huckle, Lowly and Sally discover a missing wheel by the roadside, Huckle determines he will solve the Mystery of the Missing Wheel by figuring out what the wheel is missing from./Several Busytown characters are dismayed to discover blue paint stains on the back of their clothing. Huckle sets out to find the bench in need of a 'wet paint' sign.

  • A giant wooden apple on the fruit store sign falls off and no one knows where it went./When Mr Frumble's newly painted green Pickle Car mysteriously disappears, Huckle determines he will find it and solve the Mystery of the Pickle Car Puzzle.