Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Season 1, Vol. 2

Watch Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Season 1, Vol. 2

  • TV-Y7
  • 1993
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (53)

Sonic outsmarts Coconuts, then stumbles into a Convention of Bounty Hunter Robots where Robotnik puts a price on his head. After Sonic defeats all the Robot Bounty Hunters, Robotnik creates Scratch and Grounder to be his S.S.S.S.S. Squad.

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Hero of the Year
68. Hero of the Year
December 3, 1993
Wes Weasley has sold out to Robotnik, and lures Tails, Sonic and all of their friends to a yacht under the guise of a "Hero of the Year" ceremony to thank Sonic.
The Robots' Robot
67. The Robots' Robot
December 2, 1993
Scratch and Grounder build their own robot, a naive over-grown kid called "Robot."
Tails' Tail
66. Tails' Tail
December 1, 1993
When Sonic vanishes mysteriously, Tails enlists the help of a bi-plane pilot named William Le' Duc, and Professor Von Schlemmer.
Fast and Easy
65. Fast and Easy
November 30, 1993
Lazy con-man Bo Beagle has the Choas Emerald ring stuck on his finger, and Robotnik wants it for one of his evil schemes: to use the emerald to sink the continent of LABYRINTH into the sea.
63. Robo-Ninjas
November 29, 1993
Robotnik captures a flute-playing Ninja crane called Kwai Chang Crane, and taps his martial arts knowledge with electrodes attached to his head, then transfers it to Scratch and Grounder.
The Little Merhog
61. The Little Merhog
November 26, 1993
When an undersea world is threatened by Captain Memo and his lobster sub, Sonic spreads a rumor that Memo plans to attack Robotnik next.
60. Robotnikland
November 25, 1993
Robotnik takes over a local amusement park called "Mobiusland" and changes the name to "Robotnikland,:
Tails' Tale
59. Tails' Tale
December 31, 1992
When Sonic vanishes mysteriously, Tails enlists the help of a bi-plane pilot named William Le' Duc, and Professor Von Schlemmer.
Sonic Is Running
58. Sonic Is Running
November 23, 1993
Momma Robotnik forces her son to run for President of Mobius with Wes Weasley as his campaign manager. When Sonic hears of this, he runs too -- and bedevils Robotnik every step of the high speed campaign.
Sno Problem
57. Sno Problem
November 22, 1993
Robotnik installs a new "obedience microchip" in Scratch and Grounder and orders them to drill for a rare mineral in a tropical mountain.
Sonic's Song
56. Sonic's Song
November 19, 1993
Outraged by a new hit song written about Sonic, Robotnik outlaws music on Mobius then takes pop star, Catty Carlisle captive.
Honey, I Shrunk The Hedgehog
54. Honey, I Shrunk The Hedgehog
November 18, 1993
Robotnik shrinks Sonic and Tails with a shrink ray and puts them into his terrarium. Sonic and Tails escape on the back of a gecko, reverse the shrink ray to restore themselves to normal, then use it to shrink Scratch.
The Mobius 5000
53. The Mobius 5000
November 17, 1993
Robotnik lures Sonic into a round-the-planet vehicle race called the Mobius 5000 by threatening to foreclose on a loan to an orphanage.
Road Hog
52. Road Hog
November 16, 1993
Sonic loses his memory when Robotnik uses a hypnotic flower pollen on him, and tells him he's just an "ordinary" guy. With Tails trying to remind him who he is, Sonic joins a Hog Biker gang and hits the open road.
Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted
51. Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted
November 15, 1993
Throbbin Screech brings a TV crew to interview Robotnik for "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted". Robotnik rampages through the Mobius countryside proving how sick and twisted he is, and Sonic is kept busy doing rescues.
Full-Tilt Tails
50. Full-Tilt Tails
November 12, 1993
Robotnik invents a contraption that makes Scratch and Grounder twice as fast as Sonic.
Baby-Stitter Jitters
49. Baby-Stitter Jitters
November 11, 1993
When Sonic rescues a village from a flash flood, he's left with the job of babysitting three baby Groundhogs -- who turn out to be wilder than Larry, Moe and Curly.
48. MacHopper
November 10, 1993
Robotnik captures a Kangaroo named MacHopper, and uses his "brain-wipe-reprogramming-computer" to transform him into a resourceful demolitions expert (Ala MacGiver).
Spaceman Sonic
46. Spaceman Sonic
November 9, 1993
When S and G rocket to outerspace to mine a radioactive mineral from asteroids, Sonic and Tails stow away.
Mass Transit Trouble
45. Mass Transit Trouble
November 8, 1993
Robotnik decides to cripple Mobius' three major transit systems: Rail, Air, and Sea in order to fully gain control of the planet. Sonic has to circumnavigate the planet in order to save the day.
Super Robotnik
44. Super Robotnik
November 5, 1993
Coconuts inadvertantly creates a "super power" formula, when his janitor bucket spills in the lab. Robotnik falls into it and becomes "Super Robotnik," then challenges Sonic to a fight.
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops
43. The Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops
November 4, 1993
Sonic turns detective to solve the mystery of his missing Red Sneakers--and just in time to get them back and stop Dr. Robotnik's latest attack on a peaceful Mobius village.
Sonically Ever After
42. Sonically Ever After
November 3, 1993
Scratch and Grounder fiddle with Robotnik's Warpinating Warpifier and send Sonic and Tails into the world of a Mobius Fairy Tales book.
Sonic Breakout
41. Sonic Breakout
November 2, 1993
In order to free Sketch Lampoon (a satirical comic book artist) from Robotnik's new high security prison, Sonic allows himself to be captured, then makes a high speed rescue and escape.
Untouchable Sonic
40. Untouchable Sonic
November 1, 1993
Sonic comes to the rescue of a town that is being held ransom by a crime syndicate.
Prehistoric Sonic
39. Prehistoric Sonic
October 29, 1993
Number four in the four part series. Robotnik learns that the most powerful gemstone -- able to create life itself -- is located in Prehistoric Times. So off he goes again, followed by Sonic and Tails.
Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
38. Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
October 28, 1993
Part three in the four part series. Robotnik timetravels back to Mobigypt, makes himself a pharoah, and enslaves everbody in an effort to find the gemstone of immortality.
Hedgehog of the
37. Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table
October 27, 1993
Part two in the four part series. Robotnik goes back to medieval times, and enlists the help of Merlink the Magician to get his magical gemstone. But first he must defeat Sonic (in blue armor) in a jousting tourney.
The Magic Hassle
35. The Magic Hassle
October 25, 1993
When Wes Weasley returns to the Fortress, Coconuts tricks Robotnik into signing an IOU so he can buy thousands of Mobiums worth of magic tricks to use on Sonic.
Robotnik Jr.
34. Robotnik Jr.
October 22, 1993
Robotnik plans to block out the sun and extinguish all life and nature on the planet Mobius. Then he creates a robot son and tries to train him in the ways of wickedness.
Momma Robotnik Returns
32. Momma Robotnik Returns
December 31, 1992
Momma escapes again from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre People, disowns Robotnik for failing to capture Sonic, then with the help of an obscure Mobius law, adopts Sonic!
Sonic Gets Thrashed
31. Sonic Gets Thrashed
October 19, 1993
Sonic joins up with a group of Dr. Robotnik's rejects who have been banished to the dump and helps them understand that their shortcomings were really their strengths.
The Coachnik
30. The Coachnik
October 18, 1993
Robotnik constructs a P.T. robot in an attempt to increase Scratch, Grounder, and later, Coconuts' fitness; Sonic tries to use Robotnik's equipment against the Robots.
The Last Resort
29. The Last Resort
October 15, 1993
Robotnik pretends to retire, and lures Sonic and Tails into a phony vacation resort, laden with booby-traps set by Scratch and Grounder.
Sonic the Matchmaker
27. Sonic the Matchmaker
October 13, 1993
Sonic plays Cyrano to bring Robotnik Jr. and Breezie together. The problem is, Breezie's crazy about Sonic.
Musta Been A Beautiful Baby
26. Musta Been A Beautiful Baby
October 12, 1993
Robotnik invents a Brain Evolution Achievement Negatizer, or B.E.A.N., in order to make all of Mobius stupid. But instead of turning Sonic and Tails into dummies, the BEAN device turns them into three year old babies!
Tails In Charge
25. Tails In Charge
October 11, 1993
Sonic leaves Tails in charge of protecting a squirrel village food supply, when he zips off to stop a dam from breaking.
24. Zoobotnik
October 8, 1993
A female space hunter named Katella, who is capturing animals all over Mobius for a Zoo, teams up with Robotnik and captures Sonic.
Magnificent Sonic
23. Magnificent Sonic
October 7, 1993
When outlaws chase a sheriff out of a western town, Sonic takes over. But the outlaws are robots built by Robotnik. And when they capture a pretty possum of a saloon girl, Sonic meets Robotnik for a showdown.
Sonic Search and Smash Squad
22. Sonic Search and Smash Squad
October 6, 1993
Dr. Robotnik has created two new Badniks whose full job is to eradicate Sonic; Coconuts, Dr. R's Monkey robot, tries to capture Sonic before the other Badniks.
Too Tall Tails
21. Too Tall Tails
October 5, 1993
Tails gets a megadose of Robotniks growth gas and grows quickly to monstrous proportions, eating everything in sight and accidentally terrorizing the countryside.
Trail of the Missing Tails
20. Trail of the Missing Tails
October 1, 1993
Warpnik escapes from the Zone of Confusion and seeks revenge.
Robotnik's Rival
19. Robotnik's Rival
September 30, 1993
Brandon Quark, an evil half-man, half-duck genius challenges, then teams up with Robotnik to capture Sonic. But Sonic knows their weakness, and pits the Badnik geniuses against one another, and sets himself free.
Blank-Headed Eagle
18. Blank-Headed Eagle
December 31, 1992
After an accident, Scratch thinks he's an eagle and on the side of Sonic. In order to impress his his new lady love, Scratch assists Sonic in an excursion into Robotnik's Fortress.
Sloww Going
17. Sloww Going
September 28, 1993
Dr. Robotnik invented a ray gun that's supposed to slow Sonic down for good; a family of sloths comes under attack from Scratch and Grounder, who use them to lure Sonic into the path of the Doc's ray.
Momma Robotnik's Birthday
16. Momma Robotnik's Birthday
September 27, 1993
Robotnik's momma escapes from the home for mothers of villains and demands her birthday present! When she endangers Sonic and Tails, and they manage to have her taken back to the home, even Robotnik is glad to see her go.
The Robotnik Express
15. The Robotnik Express
September 24, 1993
Big Griz, leader of a group of biker-bear rebels, mistakes Scratch and Grounder for Sonic and Tails, and teams up with S and G to attack the real Sonic and Tails.
Best Hedgehog
13. Best Hedgehog
December 31, 1992
Sonic rescues Lucas, a rival of Robotnik's, from Robotnik's dungeons. But Robotnik will do anything to keep Lucas from finding his lost love, Lucinda, including proposing to her himself.
Birth of a Salesman
12. Birth of a Salesman
December 31, 1992
A fast talking, travelling salesman named Wes Weasley sells Robotnik various hedgehog-catching gadgets, including the Darkenator, the Super-duper Gravity Stopper, and the De-Atomizer.
High-Stakes Sonic
11. High-Stakes Sonic
September 20, 1993
Robotnik is in need of workers to build a huge monument of himself for Robotnik Day; he opens up the new Casino Night Zone to get gamblers to lose everything and have to work for him.
Grounder the Genius
10. Grounder the Genius
September 17, 1993
Robotnik's design for a Super-Genius chip is stolen by Hacker the Mole; Grounder ousts Robotnik and succeeds in capturing Sonic.
Subterranean Sonic
9. Subterranean Sonic
September 16, 1993
Sonic and Tails head into a network of abandoned mine shafts to escape Scratch and Grounder.
Lovesick Sonic
8. Lovesick Sonic
September 15, 1993
Sonic saves a hedgehog girl, Breezie, from Scratch and Grounder, and falls for her; Breezie is truly a robot created by Robotnik to exterminate Sonic.
Trail of the Missing Tails
7. Trail of the Missing Tails
December 31, 1992
When Tails gets trapped in the "Warp of Confusion" (an Escher-like world of another dimension) by Robotnik's cousin, Dr. Warpnik, Sonic comes to the rescue and traps Robotnik and his badniks in the warp.
Over The Hill Hero
6. Over The Hill Hero
September 13, 1993
An elderly, out of shape, overweight superhero keeps trying to help Sonic battle Dr. Robotnik, and keeps getting him in more jepordy.
5. Pseudo-Sonic
September 10, 1993
Mobius is suffering a crime spree and all the evidence points to Sonic as the culprit. But the real thief is a lab rat wearing a high-tech vehicle suit who was sent by Robotnik to discredit our hero.
Submerged Sonic
4. Submerged Sonic
September 9, 1993
When Robotnik invades Labyrinth, an underwater city, and kidnaps Princess Bubbles, a seahorse-dude named Surff seeks Sonic's help. It seems Surff and the Princess are in love, but the royal family deems Surff "unworthy."
Lovesick Sonic
3. Lovesick Sonic
December 31, 1992
Sonic saves a damsel in distress, and falls in love with her, not knowing she's a robot built by Robotnik. But when she has a chance to trap him, she helps him escape, realizing she has fallen for him.
Tails' New Home
2. Tails' New Home
September 7, 1993
Tails wants to join a family, so he finds a billboard about a family looking for their missing son.
Best Hedgehog
1. Best Hedgehog
September 6, 1993
Sonic and Tails learn the story of Lucas and Lucinda.

Sonic outsmarts Coconuts, then stumbles into a Convention of Bounty Hunter Robots where Robotnik puts a price on his head. After Sonic defeats all the Robot Bounty Hunters, Robotnik creates Scratch and Grounder to be his S.S.S.S.S. Squad. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Season 1, Vol. 2 is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 1993.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 6, 1993
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (53)