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In this drama, a woman has her world turned upside down when her politician husband ends up in prison after a corruption scandal. Things really get interesting, though, when he gets out of prison and becomes governor, forcing her to balance her career as an attorney with a tricky political role.

The Good Wife is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (158 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 2009.

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7 Seasons, 158 Episodes
September 22, 2009
Cast: Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, Christine Baranski, Archie Panjabi
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The Good Wife Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, the show comes to a dramatic conclusion.

  • As Peter's trial opens, Alicia labors hard to keep her husband from going back to jail. Also, Diane and Lucca move quickly to expand the law firm, but come up against serious opposition from David Lee.

  • Alicia’s night goes from bad to worse when she throws a party to celebrate Howard and Jackie’s upcoming wedding. Also, Eli asks Jason to investigate Peter in preparation for his trial,

  • Alicia and Lucca visit Toronto to represent NSA Agent Jeff Delinger who was held by customs officers while trying to re-enter the United States. Also, Diane becomes worried when her husband, Kurt McVeigh, decides to retire and sell his business to Holly Westfall, a rival business owner, and Peter considers an uncertain future when he faces possible imprisonment.

  • Alicia and Diane defend the privacy rights of a therapist whose neighbor, represented by attorney Caitlyn D'Arcy (Anna Camp), flies a drone over his home office. Also, Assistant US Attorney Connor Fox attempts to use Eli's daughter Marissa, as leverage in the case against Peter while the power struggle at Lockhart, Agos & Lee reaches a boiling point.

  • Diane, Cary and Lucca defend the grieving father of a shooting victim (Blair Underwood) in a defamation suit over a billboard he put up describing a gun store owner as a murderer. Also, a romantic rendezvous between Alicia and Jason is interrupted when Alicia learns that Grace is being accused of plagiarizing her college entrance essay,

  • As the grand jury against Peter Florrick is assembled, with U.S. Attorney Connor Fox (Matthew Morrison) leading the proceedings, Alicia, Eli and Peter's lawyer, Mike Tascioni (Will Patton), attempt to discover what charges are being leveled against him. Also, Alicia and Jason attempt to spend a quiet weekend together but are interrupted by her meddling family.

  • Alicia joins a secret panel of attorneys advising the federal government on a controversial case. Also, Eli hires Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) to uncover why the FBI is targeting Peter.

  • Alicia has trouble adjusting when she returns to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee with Lucca. Their first case, involving a secret new computer tablet, causes a rift within the firm,

  • Alicia argues against Judge Schakowsky when she learns that a former bond court client was wrongfully imprisoned. Also, Diane assists the student editor of a college newspaper when the school threatens to fire her for writing a politically charged article.

  • Alicia and Cary collaborate to defend a client from their past who is in the middle of a multi-million dollar lawsuit concerning the rights to his new music. In addition, Alicia's neighbors don't like her running a law firm from her apartment and want her evicted.

  • Tension rises when the whole Florrick family is shoved into Peter's campaign bus with Eli and Ruth traveling to the Iowa Caucuses. While there, Peter tries a risky political action to earn votes for his presidential bid.

  • Alicia and Lucca defend a well-known surgeon who is implicated with planning a crime. Also, Ruth plots to take Jason out of Alicia's life by attempting to convince Courtney Paige to hire him for business elsewhere.

  • Alicia and Lucca team up with Louis Canning to defend a Web site suspected of racial profiling. Also, Eli and Ruth are concerned about Alicia's relationship with Jason and it's repercussions on Peter's presidential campaign.

  • Diane faces turmoil when she must contend a bitter case involving pro-choice and pro-life supporters so that she can keep an important client. Also, Alicia and Lucca, frantic for new business, attempt to steal clients from Louis Canning.

  • Alicia and Lucca take part in a case with an automotive boss backed by Lockhart, Agos and Lee, and a worker backed by Louis Canning, who was in a terrible car wreck while test-driving and automobile moving in "driverless" mode. In addition, when Ruth and Eli go after Courtney Boalt for campaign contributions, Peter gets back together with Alicia to show a unified family appearance.

  • Jason resorts to aggressive methods when he helps Alicia and Lucca with a student loan investigation. Howard Lyman claims discrimination against age at Lockhart, Agos and Lee. declaring Cary the main offender. Eli causes family drama for the Florricks during Peter's presidential campaign

  • Alicia and Lucca unite on a complex case engaging a designer drug dealer. Also, Eli convinces Alicia and Veronica to participate in a mother-daughter cooking show to help Peter's campaign, but it doesn't work out how they want.

  • When Alicia represents a complex museum vandalism case that involves photographs a mother took of her son, she contemplats recruiting investigator Jason Crouse to help with the case.

  • Peter eyes a run for president with Alicia's approval, Finn and Alicia help a client who may be illegally detained, Bishop's people try to locate Kalinda, and Diane, Cary and David's actions make Louis Canning their permanent enemy.

  • Alicia is contacted by a former client who has charged with a murder dating back to a 2009 case.

  • Alicia must put in her resignation as Sate's Attorney in the midst of a voter fraud scandal. R.D. asks Diane and Cary to take on a test case.

  • Diane learns she unwittingly submitted false evidence in Cary's case.

  • Alicia is attacked with questions about her leaked emails during a television interview.

  • The partners of Florrick/Agos/Lockhart find themselves at odds when they voice different opinions regarding the company's future.

  • Alicia's political future is uncertain when Peter conducts an interview that may potentially impact voter turnout. Diane spends a weekend with Kurt and his hunting friends and gains a new client for the firm.

  • Alicia prepares for an interview that could change the race for state's attorney.

  • A television producer is accused of basing an unflattering character on Colin Sweeney's life.

  • Alicia and Frank Prady square off in a crucial debate in the race for State's Attorney as Peter and the city of Chicago gets ready for a potential riot.

  • Cary hires a prison consultant to prepare him for incarceration.

  • A joke between mother and daughter lands Alicia in trouble as her campaign for State's Attorney is in full stride.

  • Alicia works through a crisis of conscience after she's encouraged to go negative in her campaign for State's Attorney.

  • Alicia gets involved in a college rape case that puts her against Louis Canning.

  • While preparing his case against Cary, Finn finds a potentially devastating piece of evidence which could seriously affects Alicia and Peter.

  • Alicia and Elsbeth move their focus from their legal battle to the economic espionage charge their clients both receive from the government. Diane works towards relocating Florrick/Agos/Lockhart to the Lockhart/Gardner/Canning office which leads to confrontation with her former partners David Lee and Louis Canning.

  • Dean and Alicia decide to represent a former chief executive, who is suing the company that fired her.

  • A well-known campaign manager is going to help Alicia explore what it would be like running for state attorney.

  • Alicia and Dean are in unfamiliar territory when a client's case ends up in Christian Arbitration.

  • Alicia tries to stop one of the firm's largest client from leaving.

  • In the sixth season premiere, Eli tries to talk Alicia into launching a campaign to run for State Attorney, but she refuses to run.

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