The Jim Henson Collection

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"The Jim Henson Collection" (2013) is a DVD that compiled episodes from various shows that the Henson Company had made. They include "Fraggle Rock," "Mother Goose Stories," and "The Hoobs." Not surprisingly, most of the characters were portrayed by puppets. As Jim Henson had died in 1990, most of the shows were made after his death and thus represent his legacy.

The Jim Henson Company
1 Season, 6 Episodes
June 17, 2013
Kids & Family
The Jim Henson Collection

The Jim Henson Collection Full Episode Guide

  • Groove is going through this collection of beautiful things but something is wrong. A dusty old metal thing is in there. It isn't beautiful at all. But perhaps there is a way of making it beautiful?

  • It's getting dark. Bozer asks Scooch to take some rubble to the junkyard and Carrie and Diggs decide to go along too. Diggs frightens the other two with made up tales of "˜Truckzilla' -an old machine that comes out at night looking for small trucks to crunch into a million pieces. Once at the junkyard surrounded by machine parts, they see the silhouette of a strangely shaped truck. All, including Diggs, are now convinced that Truckzilla really does exist. When Carrie backs into a ditch and gets stuck, Diggs is too scared to help her. Luckily Carl arrives and puts the floodlights on. Truckzilla turns out to be no more than a pile of old truck bits after all. / A site scattered with piles of materials inspires Diggs to suggest an obstacle race. Almost immediately he and Carrie are competing as to who will be the fastest, leaving Scooch wondering if he's up to the challenge -but Maxine tells him he doesn't just need speed, he needs "˜the stuff between his headlights' as well. Scooch takes heed, and soon finds that he's collecting the prize while Diggs and Carrie are waiting to be prised...from a bendy pipe!

  • Stinky and Jake welcome an Indian Elephant and a Human to the show. These animals often cooperate and work together in different ways.

  • The Queen is in her chamber. All she wants to eat is cheese supplied each day by Ellen's dairy. Why won't the Queen come out? / Little Bo Peep thinks she knows about sheep. She has only to take them to graze. But her sheep give her trouble-they're off on the double-and it becomes one of those days. / Children must be in bed by eight o'clock and so must Wee Willie Winkie. But why is he late one night and can his mother find him in time?

  • The priceless Zubble-Wump egg has been in Megan Mullally's family for as long as anyone can remember, so when the Grinch steals it, she sets off with Horton to get it back. The egg is on the verge of hatching, and no one may get to hear the Zubble-Wump's exquisite song unless Megan and the Grinch stop being so greedy.

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