The Lone Ranger: Kemo Sabe Collection

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Although there have been many childhood heroes of days gone by, one hero remains steadfast: The Lone Ranger. Despite the 66 years since its 1949 broadcast, The Lone Ranger: Kemo Sabe Collection - 1949 is no less loved today as it was when first aired. The western themed adventures of The Lone Ranger and his trusty sidekick, Tonto, are as captivating for today's youth as they were for the children of that bygone era. However, the difference today is that these adventures are beloved by both young and old alike, adding a bonus of allowing generations to bridge a wide gap.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
July 20, 1950
Action & Adventure, Classic, Drama
Cast: Jay Silverheels, Clayton Moore
The Lone Ranger: Kemo Sabe Collection

The Lone Ranger: Kemo Sabe Collection Full Episode Guide

  • When Tonto witnesses the shooting of the bank president by his own son, Tonto's life is put into danger.

  • A housekeeper plots to kill her employer's grandson and take his ranch for herself.

  • After Apache Chief Gray Horse is killed, his son Red Cloud blames The Lone Ranger for leading his father into a trap.

  • Tonto is framed for murder and it is up to his trusted friend to set the record straight.

  • The Lone Ranger and Tonto join forces with the US Army to prevent an uprising.

  • The Lone Ranger and his faithful companion Tonto are called upon by the Governor to help a man falsely accused of murder.

  • A plan to stop a bank robbery and free a young hostage backfires when outlaw, Buck Fargo, sees through Tonto's disguise.