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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (19,082)

The Lying Game is a television drama series that aired on ABC from 2011 to 2013. It tells the story of two identical twin sisters, Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer. Emma was brought up in foster care while Sutton was adopted by a wealthy family. One day, Sutton shows up at Emma's doorstep, asking her to switch places with her for a few days. Emma agrees, but when Sutton doesn't return, Emma realizes that something is wrong.

Emma discovers that Sutton has been missing for weeks, and decides to stay in her place to uncover what happened to her. However, this is no easy feat, as Sutton had a complicated life filled with secrets and lies. Emma finds herself caught up in a web of deceit, as she tries to discover who wanted Sutton gone and why.

As Emma tries to navigate Sutton's life, she is forced to interact with her friends and family, many of whom have secrets of their own. Among these characters are Sutton and Emma's birth mother, Rebecca Sewell, played by Charisma Carpenter, and their adoptive parents, Ted and Kristen Mercer, played by Andy Buckley and Helen Slater.

Sutton's best friends, Laurel and Char, played by Allie Gonino and Alice Greczyn, also become intertwined in Emma's investigation. Laurel is the quiet, intelligent sister, while Char is the free-spirited, rebellious one. Both girls have their secrets, and Emma must work to unravel them.

Blair Redford plays Ethan Whitehorse, a bad-boy love interest for both Emma and Sutton. Ethan has his own set of secrets and is often caught up in his brother's criminal activities.

As Emma dives deeper into Sutton's life, she discovers that there are many people who had motives for wanting her sister gone. Adrian Pasdar plays Alec Rybak, a wealthy businessman with a suspicious past who seems to be connected to Sutton's disappearance. Christian Alexander plays Thayer Rybak, Alec's son, who also has a history with Sutton.

Tyler Christopher plays the role of Dan Whitehorse, Ethan's older brother, and a suspected criminal whose dealings often have a ripple effect on the other characters.

Overall, The Lying Game is a thrilling, suspenseful show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end. With twists and turns at every corner, it's a show that will leave you guessing until the very end.

The Lying Game is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on August 15, 2011.

The Lying Game
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To Lie For
10. To Lie For
March 12, 2013
In the second season finale, the charity gala becomes serious when everyone honors the memory of a loved one. Dan gives Ethan an ultimatum with tragic consequences. Emma finally confronts Rebecca about her lost childhood. Ted tries to find a way to tell Kristin about his past.
The Grave Truth
9. The Grave Truth
March 5, 2013
Ethan's confession to Dan could destroy their relationship forever. Sutton receives a mysterious phone call.
Bride and Go Seek
8. Bride and Go Seek
February 26, 2013
It's Dan and Theresa's wedding day, but the celebrations are derailed. Ethan figures out who Emma is protecting and confronts her about shutting him out.
Regrets Only
7. Regrets Only
February 19, 2013
Emma tries to decipher new information as well as adapt to the changes in her relationships with Ethan and Thayer. After hearing Emma's suspicions about Rebecca, Sutton begins to doubt her mother.
Catch Her In The Lie
6. Catch Her In The Lie
February 12, 2013
The Flipside Formal provides Emma with the opportunity to try to catch Rebecca in a lie.
Much Ado About Everything
5. Much Ado About Everything
February 5, 2013
Emma and Thayer delve deeper into the twins' birth mother and Sutton's knowledge about her. Laurel begins to be suspicious of her sister and stirs things up when she starts asking questions.
A Kiss Before Lying
4. A Kiss Before Lying
January 29, 2013
As Emma gathers more details about the night Sutton's car went into the lake, she becomes suspicious of her sister's integrity. Ted invites his family to be his guests at an event in his honor and Rebecca orders Sutton to use the opportunity to further their plans for the Mercer family.
Advantage Sutton
3. Advantage Sutton
January 22, 2013
Sutton heeds Rebecca's advice and challenges Emma to a tennis match - winner gets to live as Sutton Mercer.
Cheat, Play, Love
2. Cheat, Play, Love
January 15, 2013
Sutton is determined to win back Ethan, and reveals her intentions to Emma. Rebecca and Alec make wedding plans.
The Revengers
1. The Revengers
January 8, 2013
The second season opens with Alec in jail for murder charges, but that doesn't prevent him from intimidating Emma. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Sutton clash with Emma and Laurel's; and Mads meets a new guy who is very mysterious.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 15, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (19,082)