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Most of us have neighbors we like, don't like or don't understand but how well do we really know them? For instance, the TV series starts out with the Weaver family - Debbie and Marty as the parents and their three children. They bought a home in Hidden Hills, a New Jersey townhome community that is gated and has its own golf course. This area is so private that not one house has been on the market for 10 years - that is, until the Weavers bought it.

It doesn't take long in this series to see that the residents of Hidden Hills are not the average kind of neighbors you would expect. Everyone has pro-athlete names like Dick Butkis and Larry Bird. Another strange thing that this family finds out is that their neighbors only find nourishment by reading books. Later on, they find out that "all" of their neighbors are aliens from a planet known as Zabvron. Another very odd thing they find out is that the men bear children and when they cry an ugly green glob pours from their eyes.

Another strange thing they find out is that the Zabyronians have been on earth for about 10 years and disguised as humans. They are longing to go home and that the Weavers are the first human they have ever known.

With such a contrast in human verses the Zabyronians, it is an interesting and humorous way to explore aliens and humans but as the show reveals, they have some things in common with us - mainly parenthood, marriage and taking care of children. It was a strange but highly interesting TV program. It was a humorous show that intermixed alien life with human life and the results that came from it were funny and highly intriguing.

The Neighbors is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 2012.

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2 Seasons, 44 Episodes
September 26, 2012
Cast: Jami Gertz
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The Neighbors Full Episode Guide

  • When Larry discovers he's pregnant, he faces a major dilemma. Meanwhile, Reggie must decide if he wants to turn human, and two new visitors arrive in the neighborhood.

  • Larry's handsome brother, DJ Jazzy Jeff, claims he is visiting family, but in reality, he is secretly working with his father to bring everyone home to Zabvron.

  • Marty and Debbie love their new Friday night bowling league, but Debbie's skills are less than stellar and soon the other teammates want her off the team. Meanwhile, Larry's father issues a threat when word gets out the alien colony is getting too Americanized.

  • Debbie's estranged free-bird mother invites the Weavers to visit her at her timeshare in San Diego and meet her newly adopted 10-year-old son. Debbie agrees to the trip on one condition - that Larry & Jackie accompany her.

  • Feeling down, Marty plans a date night for him and Debbie, but it doesn't go as Debbie envisioned it. Meanwhile, Dick falls madly in love with the new babysitter.

  • Larry Bird is invited to his Indian co-workers wedding and gets caught up in figuring out the perfect gift. After researching Indian weddings, he decides to provide his friend a full blown Bollywood number.

  • The Weavers host an Oscar party to reconnect with old friends from their New Jersey hometown, and the Bird-Kersees decide to pitch in to make it over-the-top.

  • Larry gets jealous for the very first time after stopping by Jackie's work. Amber and Reggie make an important decision about their relationship.

  • Debbie is overwhelmed with her return to school and the inappropriate advances of a flirtatious professor. Meanwhile Marty is at home with Amber, offering support while she mourns her relationship with Reggie.

  • Marty and Debbie are anxious for their 25th High School Reunion, where Debbie will face her arch nemesis, the rich and beautiful Tina Giannulli, and Marty can't wait to meet up with his band.

  • After the Bird-Kersee's are mugged, fear settles in, so Debbie and Marty attempt to teach them how to protect themselves. As a result, Larry decides to build a Panic Room... in Marty and Debbie's bedroom.

  • When Debbie unintentionally ruins Larry's surprise Christmas gift for Dick, Larry decides to remedy the situation the only way he knows how. Meanwhile, Reggie and Amber both struggle with getting each other the perfect gift.

  • Things get chaotic when a water pipe bursts in the Weaver house and Mother Joyner and Father Kersee come to the rescue.

  • Marty and Debbie are anxious for an uneventful Thanksgiving, but their hopes are dashed when Marty's father arrives and reveals he and Marty's mother are getting a divorce.

  • After her Shark Tank experience, Debbie decides to attend Business School, but before she can apply she must pass a qualifying exam. Marty takes on more household responsibilities, while Dick becomes her tutor.

  • With the Weaver household preoccupied with football, Debbie focuses on Amber's relationship with Reggie. With Jackie's help, the mothers set up a secret romantic date for their oldest children. Meanwhile, Larry decides golf is a boring and decides to replace it with football.

  • Larry decides to combine his two favorite holidays - Halloween and Chanukah.

  • After an unsuccessful game night, Jackie has reservations about her friendship with Debbie. They decide to go get makeovers, with unexpected results.

  • Jackie and Debbie bond and exchange some of their most intimate secrets. But there's one secret Jackie will never tell.

  • Larry plots to pull the ultimate prank on the Weavers after they explain to him what April Fools' Day is. Meanwhile Reggie, with help from Jackie, tries to convince Amber that he doesn't have feelings for his Zabvronian soulmate (guest star Megan Park as Jane).

  • With summer coming to a close, Amber and Reggie reveal to their families they've been seeing each other. Jackie sets up a family conference so the families can decide if the couple can stay together.

  • During a trip to Atlantic City, Marty learns Larry has a hidden talent - he can count cards.

  • Debbie is thrilled when she is offered a chance to revitalize her purse business. But when Jackie intervenes, her negotiating skills surpass expectations and soon they're in way over their heads. Bethenny Frankel guest stars.

  • Despite the concerns of the Weavers, the Bird-Kersees decide to go to into the city to see a Broadway show. With his creative juices flowing, Larry decides to put on a musical of his own.

  • Feeling confident, the Bird-Kersees decide to cash in on Marty's offer to teach them how to drive. After all, they made it to Earth by piloting a spaceship.

  • The families decide to enjoy the great outdoors and go camping.

  • Max advances to the final round of the school spelling bee. When he finds himself going head to head with Dick Butkus, Larry and Reggie begin filming the bee in an effort to win an Oscar for Best Documentary.

  • Debbie and Jackie go to "Hell," a hip new club, in an effort to shed their mom identities temporarily.

  • Debbie's advice on love for Reggie Jackson backfires and complicates things further for Jackie and Larry.

  • The Weavers and Bird-Kersees contend for membership in a brand-new, exclusive country club and are faced with class and race issues.

  • The Weavers and Bird-Kersees chaperone the school dance and experience their own "high school" dramas.

  • When the entire Weaver family gets sick, the Bird-Kersees tread in the unknown territory of the common cold.

  • Larry Bird shares his expertise with Debbie while she navigates through PTA politics, specifically officious president Linda.

  • When the community's beloved gardener, Juan, unexpectedly dies, the aliens deal with death in their own way.

  • The Neighbors find the joy of Christmas while opening presents.

  • Debbie is determined to host a wonderful Thanksgiving at their new house so talks Marty into un-inviting his parents and invites Larry, Jackie, Reggie and Dick over instead. Marty ends up giving in to his parents and has them come too. Dick invites Jackie's estranged sisters and Thanksgiving Day ends up being anything but normal.

  • Debbie and Marty are educated on alien love.

  • Jackie tries to help Debbie with Abby's birthday party. Meanwhile Larry shadows Lenny at work for a day; and an infatuated Reggie Jackson tries to find the perfect gift for Amber (even if it isn't her birthday).

  • When the Weavers introduce Halloween to the aliens, they feel threatened. So they put up a barrier to stop trick or treaters from coming into the community.

  • Marty and Debbie try to prepare the Bird-Kersees for their kids' first day of human school, but their advice for little Dick Butkus has unforeseen consequences.

  • Marty and Debbie decide to make plans with their human friends after Larry and Jackie become too busy. When the Weavers try to un-invite the Bird-Kersees, Larry and Jackie decide to crash their activities anyway.

  • The Bird-Kersees finally let their kids try "human" school. The Weavers take them out shopping for new school clothes.

  • The series opens with Marty Weaver wanting the best for his wife, Debbie, and their three kids. He decides to move them to an upscale gated community in Hidden Hills, New Jersey, but is shocked to meet the new neighbors.... aliens from the planet Zabvron.

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