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  • 1970
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.5  (142)

In 1970, Sony Pictures International premiered The Partridge Family, a musical sitcom that would captivate audiences for four seasons. The show followed the life and trials of the Partridge family, a musical family band consisting of mother Shirley Partridge (played by Shirley Jones) and her five children: Keith (David Cassidy), Laurie (Susan Dey), Danny (Danny Bonaduce), Chris (Brian Forster), and Tracy (Suzanne Crough).

The plot of each episode revolved around some musical performance the family had to put on or some problem with the family dynamic that needed to be resolved. The show was well-known for its catchy songs and sing-along tunes. In addition to the iconic theme song "Come On Get Happy," the show featured songs such as "I Think I Love You," which became a hit outside the show as well.

Shirley Jones played the matriarch of the Partridge family, a woman who had previously pursued a career in music but had to give it up when her husband died. She then decided to raise her children on her own, instilling in them a love of music that would bring the family together as a band. Jones brought her experience as a Broadway actress and singer to this role, lending additional depth and authenticity to her character.

David Cassidy, who played the eldest Partridge child Keith, quickly became the heartthrob of the show, attracting a significant teenage fanbase. Cassidy's character was the lead singer of the band, and his charisma and talent for music helped to elevate the show's musical performances to a new level.

Susan Dey played Laurie, the second eldest of the Partridge children, and was the only daughter in the family. Laurie's character served as a voice of reason and emotional support for her siblings, often played peacemaker when conflicts arose. Dey's acting experience was limited before the show, but she soon became a fan favorite for her relatable portrayal of a teenage girl trying to navigate the world with a famous family.

Danny Bonaduce played Danny, the wisecracking and mischievous younger brother of the Partridge family. Danny's character was often the source of comedic relief on the show, but he also had his share of emotional moments, particularly when dealing with the absence of a father figure in the family.

Brian Forster, who replaced Jeremy Gelbwaks in the role of Chris Partridge midway through the show, played the middle son of the family. Chris' character was quieter and more reserved than his siblings, but he had a passion for music that rivaled Keith's.

Suzanne Crough played the youngest Partridge child, Tracy. Tracy's character was the precocious and free-spirited member of the family, often getting into trouble with her antics. Crough's portrayal of Tracy was lauded for its naturalness and authenticity, capturing the spirit of childhood wonder and imagination.

The Partridge Family tackled important social issues of the time, including race relations, environmentalism, and teenage rebellion. The show was also notable for its progressive portrayal of a single mother raising a family, a theme that was somewhat unusual at the time.

The Partridge Family was a hit among viewers of all ages, but its impact on popular culture extended far beyond its initial run. The show's iconic theme song, in particular, has become one of the most recognizable tunes in TV history.

In conclusion, The Partridge Family was a beloved sitcom that captivated audiences for four seasons in the 1970s. With its catchy songs, relatable characters, and timely themes, the show has become a classic of American television.

The Partridge Family is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (74 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 1970.

The Partridge Family
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Me and My Shadow
25. Me and My Shadow
March 30, 1973
The Partridge Family attend a lecture by Mike Rezo, a famous mystery writer. After the lecture, they meet him, and the discussion leads to the fact that everyone but Rezo feels that his stories are more fantasy than true to life. Rezo believes that, using human nature and logic, anything is possible. In order to prove his point, Rezo offers the Partridges a deal they can't refuse. He will give them a two-hour head start and then begin looking for them; if he can't locate them within 24 hours, he will donate $25,000 to their favorite charity. The next morning the chase begins. No matter where they go, Rezo and his agent, Lazaar Hannibal, seem to turn up. The family pretends to leave their house and drive around for an hour before returning to the house -- thinking that's the last place he'd look. When they get out of the car Rezo is waiting. They try getting lost in a crowd, hiding in the apartment of a friend of Reuben's, even the local "lovers' lane," always to find Rezo waiting. Shir
Diary of a Mad Millionaire
24. Diary of a Mad Millionaire
March 23, 1973
Reuben books the Partridges in what they all believe to be a mountain resort called Rose Mansion. At the family's first performance, they realize that there is only one person seated in the audience, named Sidney Rose. A multimillionaire who has become a recluse for the sake of privacy, Sidney must bring all entertainment to his own estate. On the rare occasions that he does go out, he does so in disguise. The lonely man develops an affection for the Partridge family and tries to persuade them to stay at Rose Mansion for a few weeks, but they are unable to do this and so invite him to come to their house. Sidney says he is afraid of crowds that would attack him if he did this, thus politely refusing the invitation. A few days later, a policeman comes to the door, who turns out to be Sidney, planning to spend a few days with the family. Unfortunately, a news reporter comes in for an interview, and although Sidney is now disguised as a TV repairman, the reporter recognizes the millionair
The Selling of the Partridge
23. The Selling of the Partridge
March 16, 1973
Laurie is chosen to be campaign manager for Phyllis Goldberg, who is a candidate for the school presidency. Unfortunately, Phyllis, an intelligent but very timid girl, will have to compete for this chosen position with Keith, who is without a doubt the more popular of the two. Overly assured that he will win because of his personal charm and magnetism, Keith is rather surprised to learn from Danny, the official pollster, that although he is far ahead, his strongest support comes from the students to whom he spoke during music and woodshop. This is significant, for these students could not really hear his speech, and judged him solely on his popularity. Keith's lack of awareness of school problems becomes quite evident when Phyllis challenges him to a debate, after which Danny informs him that the school is equally divided between the two candidates. Keith seriously considers dropping out of the race because he is afraid of losing. Instead, he throws his support to the Goldberg camp by
The Partridge Connection
22. The Partridge Connection
March 9, 1973
The yo-yos in Mr. Phelps' store look great to Danny and his friend Punky Lazaar, but they've spent their money on ice cream. Punky figures where there's a will there's a way, and when Mr. Phelps isn't looking, he puts a yo-yo in his pocket. Danny is shocked, but when Punky calls him chicken, he, too, steals a yo-yo. Danny has a very guilty conscience and finally can bear no more and confesses to the family. Shirley goes with Danny to see Mr. Phelps and returns the yo-yo. After this, Danny is so relieved and proud of his act that he goes about preaching integrity to anyone and everyone. When Shirley sends Danny for some shampoo, he meets Punky. When Mr. Phelps sees Punky steal a bottle of perfume, he puts part of the blame on Danny who he believes acted as decoy for Punky. He writes their names on a card for his "records." Danny promptly turns himself over to the police and confesses everything he has ever done or thought of doing. Danny feels he is a disgrace to the family, a criminal.
Forgive Us Our Debits
21. Forgive Us Our Debits
March 2, 1973
All havoc breaks loose when Shirley bays a cuckoo clock for $29 at Bartlet's Department Store. It seems Bartlet's has recently installed a computer to handle all their accounts. When Shirley receives her computerized bill for the clock, it reads $290 instead of $29. She goes down to the store to straighten things out with Mr. Atwater. Atwater apologizes and instructs the computer operator, Tom, to program the 1984-Z to move the decimal point and correct the bill to read $29. (Tom is quite impressed with Laurie.) The decimal point is moved -- the wrong way! Shirley's bill is now $2,900. The computer has sent bad-risk notices to other companies, ruining the Partridge's credit rating. It has also had a collection agency pick up the check from the family's last engagement. Shirley again goes to Bartlet's; things are quite out of hand, While she's seeing the manager, Laurie leads a picket line outside the store. When they arrive home, the collection agency has repossessed all their furnitur
Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex...But Couldn't Pronounce
20. Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex...But Couldn't Pronounce
February 23, 1973
America's "heartthrob," Keith Partridge, is failing his sex education course at school. When the family hears about this they find it hard to stifle their laughter, until they realize that if he does fail, he won't graduate. He can make it up in summer school, but that would mean canceling the Partridge Family summer tour, their biggest yet. When Shirley tries to find out why Keith is failing, Keith tells her it must be because Mr. Grisbee, his teacher, doesn't like him. He feels his work is better than that of others in his class, but he gets lower grades. Shirley goes to the school to talk to Mr. Grisbee and learn if he really is being unfair to Keith, but Mr. Grisbee is in a rush and curtly dismisses her. Keith decides that he will get an 'A' on the final exam and make it impossible for Grisbee to fail him. He studies night and day, getting very little sleep. The day of the test he goes to school early to get in every minute of studying possible. He falls asleep under a tree and mis
Bedknobs and Drumsticks
19. Bedknobs and Drumsticks
February 9, 1973
Reuben arranges for the Partridge family to make a TV commercial for Erwin Tully, owner of a large take-out chicken outfit. Up until now, "Uncle Erwin" has been making all his own commercials, very corny ones complete with chicken costumes. His sales have dropped, and he feels he needs a new image. The family films the commercial; the setting is a picnic: all the kids are playing and enjoying Uncle Erwin's chicken. Everyone is very pleased with the ad, everyone but Erwin! He feels something is missing -- chicken suits! The Partridges are 100% against it, but are forced by contract to make another commercial. They try to make it as bad as possible, hoping Erwin won't like it and use the first one. He ends up loving it. Erwin is going to preview his new commercial at a convention for all his franchise owners. Shirley realizes everyone there will hate the ad. So, when the conventioneers assume the commercial is a joke and ask for the "real one," Shirley saves the day by having the first a
The Eleven-Year Itch
18. The Eleven-Year Itch
February 2, 1973
When an old friend and romantic interest of Shirley's, Richard Lawrence, comes to town, he brings his 11-year old daughter, Julie. Julie is a Partridge fan, and everyone teases Keith that Julie will be groveling at his feet during the visit. When the Lawrences arrive, however, it seems that Julie's affections are not lavished on Keith, but on Danny! Julie spends all her time following Danny, while Danny spends all his time trying to hide from her. When Shirley tries to tell Richard that Julie is a bit too aggressive and Danny is not ready for this, Richard reacts like a wounded father. Laurie and Keith ask Danny to be nice to Julie for just a few days, in order not to ruin Shirley and Richard's relationship. Danny reluctantly agrees, and when he tries it, he finds he really does like Julie. When he gives in to a sudden urge to kiss her, she reacts by giving him a black eye! This doesn't make any sense at all to Danny, so he goes to the "older folks" for an explanation. When Keith and L
I Left My Heart In Cincinnati
17. I Left My Heart In Cincinnati
January 27, 1973
The Partridge Family does a show at a large amusement park in Cincinnati, after which they spend the day as visitors in the park, enjoying all the rides. That is, everyone but Keith who is afraid of heights and gets sick on every ride, including the merry-go-round. When they are informed that a public relations man is coming to show them around, Keith bows out, feeling sick. When the PR "man" turns out to be very attractive, 30-year old Audrey Parsons, Keith makes a miraculous recovery. Keith then falls madly in love with Audrey, trying his best to impress her, but succeeding only in making a fool of himself. When Shirley tries to tell Keith that he is too young for Audrey, he won't listen. Danny decides to "help" Keith by making him realize that he hasn't got a chance, which he will do by making Audrey fall in love with him. When Keith tries to get a date with Audrey he finds she already has a date -- with Danny! The three of them spend the day going on rides. The day ends with Keith
Trial Of Partridge One
16. Trial Of Partridge One
January 19, 1973
At school, Cindy Brown, the principal's daughter, is in a rush and asks Laurie to drop an envelope into the math teacher's mailbox for her. Just as Laurie is depositing the envelope, the math teacher grabs her arm -- the envelope contains a stolen copy of the math test. Laurie refuses to tell her where she got the test from; she is sure Cindy will tell her herself. The school is divided -- half of the kids carry signs reading "Expel Laurie;" others have signs to "Free Laurie." Laurie is ordered to appear for trial before a student court. Keith and Danny play "Perry Mason," acting as Laurie's defense. Laurie has confided to her mother that Cindy is the culprit -- being the principal's daughter, she is under too much pressure to get good grades. Shirley waits, but finally, right before the trial, she goes to see Cindy's father. He realizes that Cindy is the guilty one and Shirley convinces him not to stop the trial, but to give Cindy a chance to confess on her own, which she does at the
For Whom the Bell Tolls...and Tolls...and Tolls
15. For Whom the Bell Tolls...and Tolls...and Tolls
January 12, 1973
The Partridge family discovers that during the night, someone has entered their house and burglarized their TV, radio, and stereo. As a gift, Reuben has a burglar alarm installed in the Partridge home. It has sensor pads in various places under the carpeting -- one step on a sensor and the house is filled with a heart-stopping, loud, clanging bell. While the Partridges are trying to adjust to the alarm and remember to turn it off when they are in the house, the neighbors are getting more furious each time it is set off accidentally. Petitions are being signed asking that the alarm be removed. When Shirley goes to the garage to shut off another "false alarm," she finds Morris Dinkler, an escaped con who holds the Partridge family and Reuben hostage. He purposely chose their house because of the alarm, knowing that new alarms are frequently set off by accident, and after a while, the police don't bother to come. Everyone assumes the bulge in Morris's pocket, which he refers to as "Big Be
Aspirin At Seven, Dinner At Eight
14. Aspirin At Seven, Dinner At Eight
January 5, 1973
By coincidence, Shirley meets a doctor whom she once dated named Bernie Applebaum. Trapped into accepting a date with him for the following evening, they go to a fine French restaurant. But Bernie allows her to eat only plain lamb chops, carrots, and buttermilk -- the rest is too high in cholesterol. The doctor is evidently very wrapped up in his vocation, for the following night, he takes Shirley to the hospital cafeteria for an after-concert dinner. Shirley finds herself in the embarrassing position of having to tell Bernie that she's really not interested in him without hurting his feelings. Her plans to do this are complicated when the doctor brings his mother to visit the Partridge household. However, the enthusiasm of the two members of the Applebaum family does not diminish even when the kids try to help out their mother by misbehaving. Later, Bernie approaches Shirley with what he feels will be terribly upsetting news -- that he can't marry her because he enjoys the swinging ba
For Sale By Owner
13. For Sale By Owner
December 29, 1972
The Partridge house just doesn't seem big enough -- they need more bathrooms and just more room in general! Reuben takes Shirley to look at a new, larger house. The Partridge house is home to her, so Shirley doesn't really want to move, but all the kids are very anxious too. They put their house up for sale, with Reuben acting as real estate agent. After a week without even one "looker," Reuben and Danny cook up a scheme for "open house" with the Partridge Family. The open house is like a carnival -- hundreds of people show up. As the family overhears various disparaging remarks about their home from the visitors, they begin to realize just how much the house means to them. Just as the kids tell Shirley that they don't want to move either, Reuben arrives with the news that he's sold the house. When the buyers, Mr. & Mrs. Sharp, come to look the house over, the kids sabotage the plumbing, the doors and the windows to make it seem like the house is falling apart. They confess that they d
Nag, Nag, Nag
12. Nag, Nag, Nag
December 8, 1972
Danny wins a raffle. First prize is an expensive Italian racecar, but Danny isn't that lucky: he wins second prize -- F. Scott Fitzgerald, a racehorse! Will Fowler has trained the horse since birth and tells the Partridges that he would like to continue working with F. Scott. Shirley is finally convinced to give racing a try. F. Scott will be entered in the race at the San Pueblo County Fair where the Partridge Family will be performing anyway. The horse is working out well and a young Latin jockey is hired to ride him in the race. A few days before the race, Will calls with the bad news that F. Scott has insomnia -- he hasn't slept in four days. If this continues, he will never make the race. Danny tries hypnotism, Keith tries singing the horse to sleep -- neither works, though. It is learned that F. Scott's groom, Homer Peck, usually sleeps in the barn and plays Glenn Miller songs on his tape recorder. About the same time that F. Scott had stopped sleeping, Homer's tape recorder had
Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge
11. Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge
November 24, 1972
After a show, the Partridge Family is approached by a talent scout who informs them that Keith would be perfect for a part in a new movie; he wants Keith to take a screen test. Reuben and Shirley coach Keith and the family all act out the characters in the script to help him learn his lines. He will play a baby-faced gangster. A week later, the whole family goes off to Hollywood for the test. A very nervous Keith manages the part well and is notified a few days later that he got the part. Keith is being treated like a great Hollywood star by everyone in town. The family has planned a surprise party for him the night before he leaves to make the movie. That afternoon Reuben tells Keith that World Pictures has decided against starring an "unknown," so he has lost the part. When Keith finally brings himself to tell Shirley the news, he is unknowingly walking into the surprise party. When everyone cries for a speech, Keith explains what has happened. The party is a good one despite the bad
Ain't Loveth Grand
10. Ain't Loveth Grand
November 17, 1972
Laurie meets a former neighbor at the local tennis courts. His name is Greg Houser and he's grown up to be quite a handsome fellow. Laurie eagerly agrees to see him that evening to talk over old times and to catch up on new times. When Greg arrives to take Laurie out, the entire family is surprised to see that Greg is wearing a clerical collar. Laurie feels very uncomfortable with Greg now that she knows his occupation. Greg puts her at ease, however. He does this so successfully that later in the evening Laurie tells Shirley she is in love with Greg. Talk of marriage is in the air. Shirley has told Laurie that she should take time to be sure of her feelings for Greg. Laurie promises to do this, but she is going through all the motions of being in love. Laurie's preoccupation with Greg causes her to leave out a few words in a note she leaves her mother. From the way the note reads, it appears that Laurie has eloped with Greg. Shirley rushes to the church and discovers that Laurie is me
Swiss Family Partridge
9. Swiss Family Partridge
November 10, 1972
After a few weeks on the road, the kids are overjoyed to hear that Shirley and Reuben have arranged for the family to spend a weekend in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. But as soon as they enter the cabin, which has no heat or electricity, the skies open and buckets of rain come pouring down. Fated to at least a few hours of being inside, the kids realize that there is no television with which they could more easily pass their time, and no sockets in which they can plug the electrical musical equipment. Boredom takes over, and when they hear over the transistor radio that the rain will continue for at least another five days, everyone, including Shirley and Reuben, begins to panic. In fact, they feel doomed to die. All the melodramatics prove unnecessary, however, and a forest ranger knocks on the door in the process of checking the area to see if anyone is in trouble. With his help the Partridges are able to leave, and once again they find themselves in the warmth and security of their
A Likely Candidate
8. A Likely Candidate
November 3, 1972
Keith is suddenly jolted out of his political apathy when Laurie takes him to a rally where Richard Lawrence, a candidate for Congressman, is speaking. Keith is so enthusiastic about the man that he decides to help Lawrence run his campaign. That night, Lawrence, who is handsome and charming besides being an excellent candidate, visits the Partridges to see if they will perform at a rally he is giving. All the kids notice that there is an immediate attraction between the politician and Shirley and, in fact, Richard invites their mother out to dinner that very night. Within a few days, there is obviously a budding romance going on between Shirley and Richard, now known as "Dick." But Keith feels insecure about this, afraid he is going to lose his mother. Shirley dispels her son's jealousy by explaining to him that there are some times when she feels very lonely and wants a man's companionship. Although Richard later loses the election, he flatters Shirley by saying that losing has its a
The Modfather
7. The Modfather
October 27, 1972
Grandma and Grandpa come to the Partridge house having rediscovered themselves, or so they think, through an experience with an encounter group. In an effort to share what they learned with Shirley and the kids, the grandparents provoke them all into expressing their hostility toward each other so that their pent-up feelings will be brought out into the open. When the kids start arguing bitterly, Shirley is forced to tactfully suggest to her parents that they are interfering with her family life, and they leave. A few days later, a tearful Grandma comes knocking on the Partridges' front door, explaining that she and Grandpa had been too honest with each other, for he had said that their marriage had no zip to it. Grandpa later arrives and they consider first getting a divorce and then living together as a means of revitalizing the marriage. Instead, they take Shirley's suggestion to pretend that they are divorced, and then go out with other people. Both Grandma, and Grandpa get fixed u
You're Only Young Twice
6. You're Only Young Twice
October 20, 1972
Shirley makes an appointment with Dr. Beecher, the school psychologist, who informs her that Danny's behavior in class is quite disruptive. In order to find out what is bothering him, Dr. Beecher suggests that Shirley be very permissive with her son and watch closely how he handles his freedom. At home, Danny quickly takes advantage of Shirley's mysterious change of attitude. He is permitted to stay up late to watch the talk shows on TV, stay home from school, and force Keith's and Laurie's friends to focus their attention on him. Shirley returns to Dr. Beecher in desperation, for the other kids feel very hostile toward Danny. The doctor realizes that Danny badly wants to identify with the "big kids" -- Laurie and Keith. To try to cure him of this, she suggests giving Danny all the responsibilities that go along with being an adult. It takes going on a double date with Keith to erase all thoughts of being grown-up from Danny's mind. While Keith and his date sit around talking and makin
A Penny for His Thoughts
5. A Penny for His Thoughts
October 13, 1972
In the middle of the night, a Hell's Angel-type biker named Snake zooms up on his motorcycle and rings the Partridges' doorbell. Irritated at being awakened, Shirley and the rest of the family feel obligated to listen to this friend of Laurie's tale of woe. He wants to commit suicide because after breaking all convention by proposing to his girlfriend Penny, she has the audacity to hang up on him. When Shirley realizes that Snake's proposal took place over the phone, she patiently explains to him that a marriage proposal, being the most important event in a girl's life, should not take place over a telephone. She suggests that he dress in a tie and jacket and go to propose in person. But Penny again refuses, for she feels that Snake is making fun of her by having donned such fancy clothes. Laurie goes to visit Penny and tells her that Snake will kill himself if she does not accept his proposal. Finally convinced that Snake truly loves her, Penny rushes to the Partridge house, where he
Each Dawn I Diet
4. Each Dawn I Diet
October 6, 1972
Because he wants to take Gloria Hickey to a swimming party, Danny suddenly becomes self-conscious about being overweight. At the end of his first week of dieting, not only has he not lost any weight, he has gained four pounds -- he could not resist the temptation of a few candy bars and tacos, just as "energy food." In order to shame Danny into continuing his effort, Reuben tells him that he is too young to have enough willpower to diet. But his plan backfires as Danny challenges him to a contest that involves Reuben's breaking the cigarette habit for as long as Danny diets. While Reuben is feeling withdrawal symptoms, Danny's fantasizing about chocolate cake. Shirley decides that both Danny and Reuben should turn to the other members of the family at any time for added incentive if they feel themselves giving in to temptation. This plan fails miserably because no one is getting any sleep, and Shirley's new tactic is to present Danny with a bowl of chocolates and Reuben with a pack of
Princess and the Partridge
3. Princess and the Partridge
September 29, 1972
Keith is having a hard time getting a date for the weekend until Reuben announces that a princess who is visiting the United States wants to spend a few days with him. After a diplomat warns Keith to take good care of the girl since he is acting as a representative of the United States, Keith meets Princess Genevieve, commonly known as Genny. She is beautiful and unaffected by her royalty, but unfortunately the two young people are allowed very little time together because they are constantly surrounded by security guards. The solution that Genny proposes is for Keith to kidnap her. This is achieved with relative ease, and afterwards they go to a drive-in movie. But Keith is so hung up about Genny's being "royalty" that he can't even put his arm around her. Finally, she advises him to pretend that she's just an ordinary girl. They kiss warmly until a white flash explodes in their faces. It is a photographer - and the next day, the picture of Genny in Keith's arms makes the front page o
'M' Is for the Many Things...
2. 'M' Is for the Many Things...
September 22, 1972
When Shirley is named "Mother of the Year," she decides to take the whole family, by bus, to the award dinner in Sacramento. Shirley decides to drive the scenic route so that the children can see the countryside. The scenic route proves to be a road to disaster. Besides awful roads and bad diner food, the group loses all their money. While still heading for Sacramento, the bus is stopped by Deputy Haynie for speeding. Shirley refuses to pay the ticket because she believes it was a speed trap. Haynie hauls the family off to see Judge McElwreath, a man who is as crooked as the deputy! The judge keeps adding fine upon fine when he learns that Shirley is the mother of the famous Partridge Family. But the Judge finally backs down and dismisses the case when he learns that Shirley is also the Mother of the Year. His decision is not based on admiration, but the fear that no woman in town will vote for him if he fines a woman who has received such an honor. The bedraggled family depart from th
This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market
1. This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market
September 15, 1972
As part of a school experiment, the guys are learning to cook and sew, while the girls study self-defense and shot. So at home, when Keith half-teasingly states that women are inferior, Laurie proposes a contest: she has to fix a flat tire and Keith must bake buttermilk pancakes. Keith's pancakes are a disaster. He suggests another contest where he must create a spinach souffle and Laurie must fix gapping spark plugs. Again, Laurie wins. The next day she announces the results to all the kids and the word gets around to Goose Walrath - the school killer. He viscously insults Keith about having lost to a girl, and is about to sock him in the jaw when Laurie grabs Goose's arm and flops him over her hip. Everyone is amazed, especially Laurie, and the only one more humiliated than Keith is Goose. At this point, Goose is seriously out to get Keith, who now travels home from school through the back alleys for protection. Finally he meets up with Goose at the city's Anniversary Festival, where
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