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The Persuaders is a British television show starring Hollywood acting legends Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. Produced by Sir Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment production company the show was at the time the most expensive British TV show ever produced mainly because of the international locations, famous guest stars and the expensive props, such as fast cars. Running for a single 24 episode season in 1971 The Persuaders was broadcast on British network ITV and U.S. network ABC. Largely because of its failure to gain a large audience in the U.S. the show was cancelled despite strong critical reviews and being seen as an influence on filmmakers to the present day.

The Persuaders stars Tony Curtis as New York businessman Danny Wilde and Roger Moore as Lord Brett Sinclair who are enlisted by a mysterious French judge to fight crime. Upon meeting in the French Riviera the two men do not like each other and become involved in a brawl, which results in their arrest and sentencing by Judge Felton. The judge offers the millionaire playboys the chance to avoid jail if they help him solve a crime; following this first mystery the two men begrudgingly become friends and continue to travel the world stumbling on various mysteries.

The differences between the upbringings and lives of the two men is the source of comic relief throughout the show. As both characters have been trained by the U.S. and U.K. military respectively they are equipped with the skills to fight crime and become involved in various action sequences. As both men are multi-millionaires the series moves to various locations around the world, including Sweden, France and Spain.

The Persuaders is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 1971.

The Persuaders is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Persuaders on demand atAmazon online.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
September 17, 1971
Action & Adventure
Cast: Tony Curtis, Roger Moore, Laurence Naismith
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The Persuaders Full Episode Guide

  • An exchange of spies goes awry when one of them, Felix, makes a break for it, evading both sides involved in the bargain. He seeks out his old school friend Brett Sinclair who is soon dragged into Felix's world of espionage. Danny, meanwhile, is persuaded to help the C.I.A. search for Felix which means he'll be pitted against Brett - something he inevitably relishes! Kate O'Mara and Joss Ackland co-star in this fast-paced caper.

  • What a morning after! Brett wakes up after a heavy night and finds he's married! He can barely recall previous events but Danny is certain he's been conned into wedlock. When Brett offers to buy himself out the marriage, his bride counters she is willing to have it annulled - free of charge. Danny and Brett must find out exactly what's happening...

  • Whilst holidaying in Scotland, Danny and Brett stumble across the corpse of a man killed when his small light aircraft crashed. They also find some papers he was carrying which contain details of a secret formula. It transpires the formula - whatever it may be - is highly sought after and soon Danny and Brett become the targets of people determined to seize it. This episode co-stars Nicola Paget and Peter Sallis.

  • Danny and Brett are spending time in the seaside resort of Brighton but even here the mismatched duo becomes enmeshed in trouble! Danny visits a casino and inadvertently utters a number of passwords which convince the manager that he is in fact a criminal colleague due to collect a large sum of money. A number of games are therefore for rigged so the American wins big. But when it's discovered who Danny really is, the order comes through that he must lose... his life!

  • Lois Maxwell, best known for playing Miss Moneypenny in over a dozen Bond movies, co-stars in this episode set in the world of motor racing. Brett is due to take part in an imminent race but clearly someone doesn't want him to win. When an attempt on his life fails a henchman is sent to beat him up. Danny and Brett must find out who is behind the actions - and stop them!

  • A case of mistaken identity leads a group of crooks to believe that Danny is a criminal mastermind who has traveled to England to help commit a colossal robbery. Brett and Judge Fulton are soon caught up in the deadly situation as Danny tries to bluff the villains, foil the robbery, get the girl and stay out of prison!

  • A Russian Grand Duchess seeks the help of Danny and Brett. It appears she must prove she is the rightful owner of some family jewels she stores in a bank in Switzerland. What should be a routine legal matter becomes more dangerous when an expert asked to clarify the jewellery's provenance is murdered... The episode co-stars Arnold Ridley and is directed by Roy Ward Baker.

  • More mystery than usual in this eerie episode directed by Roy Ward Baker (A Night to Remember). Lord Brett Sinclair is behaving in a bizarre fashion and even physically attacks Danny. Is it the real Brett or a double? And who is the mysterious Miss Lindsay who seems to be behind the whole thing? Bernard Lee, best known as the character of M in the Bond movies, appears as in this episode. When Roger Moore took the role of 007 he was re-united with Lee who played his boss in his first four Bond films.

  • Danny is standing near a beautiful woman in an airport when a shot rings out and she is injured. Was the bullet intended for her or Danny? It's the start of an adventure which involves murder and gold - millions of dollars worth of gold... Susan George (Straw Dogs) guest stars in this 24 carat episode!

  • When her wealthy parents died, Jenny Lindley inherited their estate but then a man claiming to be her long-lost brother appears. A court decides he is in fact Mark Lindley and therefore he inherits the riches which were briefly Jenny's. Judge Fulton questions whether the court was correct and sends Danny and Brett to investigate. Inevitably it leads to danger, action & a race against time!

  • Joan Collins and Jean Marsh star in this sizzling episode in which Judge Fulton once again calls on the services of Danny and Brett. This time he's asking them to get crime lord Frank Rocco from Rome to the US where he'll give evidence that will put a number of fellow hoods behind bars. But getting Rocco to America is going to be a dangerous mission although luckily there's glamour for the boys in the form of the enigmatic Sidonie...

  • A wealthy, beautiful woman is targeted by crime bosses who intend to steal her riches. Their novel ploy entails hiring a conman to seduce her and thus gain access to her money. When Danny and Brett hear of the scheme they resolve to foil the plan by seducing her themselves! Guest stars include Thorley Walters and Roger Delgado.

  • Geoffrey Keen (The Spy Who Loved Me) co-stars in this episode directed by Leslie Norman (X: The Unknown) and written by Brian Clemens (creator of The Professionals). It concerns mistaken identity with a difference as Danny Wilde must pass himself off as a member of the English aristocracy - Lord Brett Sinclair!

  • Denholm Elliott (Raiders of the Lost Ark) co-stars in this amusing episode which has a touch of the Ealing comedies about it as Roger Moore appears in his normal role of Brett Sinclair, plus a number of Brett's relations who have been marked for murder! Clearly someone is looking to end the Sinclair dynasty - but why, and who?

  • Zorakin is an immensely wealthy man with a very beautiful daughter, Lisa. Danny meets her in a hotel in Spain and co-incidentally, she is kidnapped shortly after. Although he tried to prevent the abduction, Danny is suspected by Zorakin of being behind the kidnapping. Luckily, Brett is on hand to help out, because they have to find Lisa whilst keeping Danny safe from Zorakin's plans for revenge

  • There's no Nazi like an old Nazi, as Danny and Brett discover when they become embroiled in a plot which has its origins in WWII. Le Comte Marceau is an ex-Nazi who is desperate to keep his past a secret. He'll go to extreme lengths to keep his crimes hidden and when Danny unwittingly becomes involves in his schemes he hires a killer to 'take care' of the troublesome American. This fast-moving episode co-stars Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who) and Derren Nesbitt (Where Eagles Dare).

  • Danny and Brett decide to relax on a camping holiday but their rest and relaxation is shattered when Danny encounters a parachutist who falls from the sky and clips an attach? case to his wrist. The linking chain can't be broken nor the case itself opened. The inconvenience turns to danger when it emerges that certain people will kill for this case... This episode was directed by Peter Hunt, best known for helming On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

  • Judge Fulton discovers there's a traitor in the heart of the British intelligence services and determines that the best people to root out the mole would therefore be outsiders. Enter Danny and Brett who are plunged into the dangerous, double-dealing world of sinister spies and exotic temptresses... Movie legend Terry-Thomas plays Archie Sinclair-Beauchamp bringing a touch of humour to this dramatic episode.

  • Greensleeves is one of Brett's old family estates - an old mansion thought to be disused and forgotten. But Brett discovers someone has repaired the house and has contacted a theatrical agent looking for an actor who looks like him. And so Brett ends up 'impersonating' himself, and Danny plays his butler... All very strange, but as they seek to find out what's happening they uncover some more sinister secrets...

  • When the dead body of Julie Blake is found floating in the blue sea off the Cote d'Azure, Judge Fulton enlists the help of Danny and Brett to bring her killer to justice. They're helped by Julie's old friend, the beautiful Pekoe (played by Annette Andre - The Champions) and soon find themselves caught up in a plot concerning a millionaire with a deadly score to settle.

  • Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair are two wealthy playboys who enjoy living the good life. But their intelligence and resources are frittered away on louche living. A mysterious judge named Fulton brings them together, intent that they should join forces and fight crime. Despite the comic clash of egos Danny and Brett are able to collaborate and begin their partnership by tracking down a crime boss the world believes to be dead...