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In this historical drama, two kingdoms collide, resulting in major changes in their ruling dynasties. To get revenge of those who caused the downfall of her kingdom, one princess goes into hiding in order to plan her uprising.

1 Season, 54 Episodes
November 11, 2016
Action & Adventure, Family, Romance
Cast: Yan Tang, Jin Luo, Hsin Ai Lee, Vanness Wu
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The Princess Weiyoung Full Episode Guide

  • With Prince of Gaoyang apparently insane, Xin Er agrees to go ahead with the wedding ceremony. Chang Le grants Chang Ru's wish to return to the palace.

  • Prince of Nan-An forces Xin Er to help him ascend the throne by threatening those she loves.

  • Xin Er and Prince of Gaoyang plan to use Chiyun Nan to lure out Prince of Nan-An, who is, as always, one step ahead.

  • Chang Le decides to side with Prince of Nan-An against her husband. The manor investigation continues, but turns dangerous as its secrets are discovered.

  • Chang Ru's plan to expose Xin Er and Prince of Gaoyang's relationship backfires. An attack on an official's household may be related to Crown Prince's case.

  • Min De resorts to drastic measures to stop Commander Jiao hurting Xin Er, but also earns Prince of Nan-An's anger.

  • The emperor and Rouran envoy agree to foster a relationship between their countries. Xin Er receives a promotion.

  • Xin Er finally learns the truth about Prince of Gaoyang. Chang Le seizes an opportunity to take down Chang Ru.

  • Min De promises Princess Di he will take her away before she is forced to marry. Chang Ru sabotages An Le and Prince of Nan-An's marriage chances.

  • Princess Di and Xin Er are excited when Min De returns, but less so when they learn what his country wants of the emperor.

  • The emperor punishes Prince of Dongping when his corruption is exposed, creating opportunities to get ahead for the other princes. Xin Er investigates Bai Zhi's murder.

  • Xin Er proves her innocence, but becomes distraught over more violence.

  • Xin Er is given three days to clear herself of an attempted murder charge that will force Prince of Nan-An to act earlier than is wise.

  • Prince of Nan-An tries to convince the emperor to go to war again. Prince of Gaoyang discovers who is behind his mother's murder.

  • Xin Er is forced to watch as Prince of Gaoyang and Chang Le are married.

  • Prince of Nan-An is furious that Chang Ru went behind his back. Desperate to save Xin Er from execution, Prince of Gaoyang agrees to a drastic plan.

  • Xin Er's identity is revealed and she pleades her innocence to the emperor. Prince of Gaoyang continues to investigate.

  • Xin Er is arrested and charged with the murder of Crown Princess Consort, causing Prince of Gaoyang to lose faith in her.

  • The emperor praises Prince of Nan-An for his victories in the war, even though it was Prince of Gaoyang who risked his life. Xin Er voices her suspicions about Prince of Nan-An.

  • Xin Er and Chang Le fight over the ability to nurse Prince of Gaoyang back to health.

  • The situation in Hua Tai becomes more desperate when news arrives that the reinforcements were ambushed. Prince of Gaoyang and Prince of Nan-An embark on a daring mission.

  • The marital peace treaty convoy runs into some unexpected trouble on the way to Liu Song. Prince of Gaoyang rushes help defend his land.

  • Crown Princess Consort faints and uses the opportunity to ask Prince of Gaoyang to promise to stay away from Xin Er, but Prince of Gaoyang publicly professes his love for her.

  • Prince of Gaoyang wants to marry Xin Er, but his mother and grandfather stand in the way. Princess Di learns Min De's true identity and swears to protect his secret.

  • On the way back from the hunt, Xin Er and Prince of Gaoyang disappear while being pursued by assassins and are assumed to be dead.

  • The winner of the hunt is announced and granted a wish from the emperor. Prince of Dongping and Chang Le move to get rid of their rivals.

  • On a royal hunt with high stakes, Chang Le blames Xin Er for her banishment and involves Crown Princess Consort.

  • Chiyun Nan returns to help Madam Li and Chang Le. Xin Er finds out more information about the fake rebellion from Ming.

  • After the attempt on her life, Madam Li summons her mother for help. Chang Le is having trouble adjusting to life in the country.

  • Princess Di is distraught over news that Min De was attacked. Prince of Dongping has big plans for the silver mine.

  • Xin Er avenges Madam Zhou and Min De by framing Rou and Chang Le for poisoning Xiao Ran.

  • A stranger claims to know Min De's true identity. Chang Ru's successful performance at the royal banquet causes Chang Le to lash out.

  • Three admirers try to gain Xin Er's favor. Chang Ru hopes her invitation to a royal banquet will increase her popularity.

  • Xin Er is forced to alienate Prince of Gaoyang when he suspects the Li family is lying to him.

  • Princess Di invites herself on a trip with Min De. Princes of Gaoyang and Na-An attempt to spend quality time with Xin Er.

  • As the investigation into Xin Er's identity begins, no one is quite sure what or whom to believe.

  • After Zi Yan dies from her injuries, Xin Er sets out to avenge her by exposing Min Feng's character publicly.

  • Min Feng, Chang Le, and Zi Yan are punished for trying to frame Xin Er. Prince of Gaoyang gives up on maintaining a friendship with Xin Er.

  • Chang Le continues to maintain that the disaster relief plan was hers. Madam Li is furious with Chang Ru and declares that she will suffer family punishment.

  • Chang Le rushes to Qingfeng Abbey to try to find out what Xin Er is up to. She finds out that Xin Er is writing a disaster relief plan and takes credit for it.

  • Xin Er becomes nervous when a scout brings back a portrait of the Northern Liang princess. Prince of Gaoyang tries to get closer to Xin Er.

  • Crown Princess Consort holds a banquet and Xin Er is horrified to discover that her friend belongs to the family of her enemy.

  • Xin Er returns and everyone seems grateful to see her again. Mother and Chang Le try to trick Xin Er into saying something they can use to prove she is an imposter.

  • Xin Er recuperates away from the manor with Jun. Min De's investigation of the Taoist master gets him into trouble.

  • Seventh Concubine is the victim of a murder attempt. A series of unlucky events causes Xin Er to be declared a jinx.

  • Xin Er makes a strong impression on the Li family members by refusing to be bullied. Min Feng returns to the manor.

  • The king of former Liang returns from years of being a hostage only to be used to gain power by the Li family, forcing the royal family to flee for their lives.

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