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  • 2010
  • 5 Seasons

Justin Martin, a seasoned outdoorsman and hunting expert, brings viewers on a thrilling journey through various hunting seasons with his show, The Season with Justin Martin. This exciting hunting show takes viewers on a variety of expeditions in pursuit of trophy animals and offers advice on how to hunt successfully.

The show is broadcast on The Outdoor Channel, a network dedicated to providing quality programming geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. The Season with Justin Martin is a staple on the channel and has gained popularity among hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

The show's focus is on hunting during different seasons of the year. Justin and his team showcase hunting adventures that take place in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Viewers get an in-depth view of how the weather and other factors can affect hunting seasons during these different times of the year.

The show's host, Justin Martin, is not only an experienced hunter but is also known for his fun and easy-going personality. He is knowledgeable about the sport and engages his audience with interesting hunting facts and tips. Justin also often invites guests, celebrity hunters, and fellow outdoor enthusiasts to join him on his hunting expeditions.

The Season with Justin Martin provides viewers with valuable insights into hunting tactics and strategies. The show offers tips and tricks for hunting different animals and teaches viewers about different hunting gear and equipment. Viewers receive valuable advice on how to select the best guns, ammunition, scent control, and other gear necessary for a successful hunting expedition.

The show's production value is top-notch, featuring beautiful scenic locations and amazing wildlife footage. The crew captures stunning visuals of the animals that are hunted during the show. Along with the beautiful scenery, the show puts an emphasis on presenting hunting as a responsible and respectful sport that is important for wildlife management.

Justin and his team take the viewers on various hunting adventures, including bowhunting, gun hunting, and air rifle hunting. The show has focused on hunting animals such as whitetail deer, black bears, turkey, elk, and moose.

The Season with Justin Martin offers more than just hunting adventures. The show also features conservation efforts and focuses on improving the future of hunting. Justin and his team often discuss the importance of conservation and highlight organizations that work to protect wildlife and habitats.

One of the standout factors of The Season with Justin Martin is the education and entertainment it provides. The show offers education and advice while still being entertaining and engaging for viewers. Whether the viewer is an experienced hunter or a beginner, they will appreciate the insights, knowledge, and tips offered by Justin and his team.

Overall, The Season with Justin Martin is an exciting, educational, and entertaining hunting show that's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The show provides viewers with valuable insights, techniques, and tips to help them become better hunters. With stunning visuals and an enthusiastic host, The Season with Justin Martin is a must-watch for anyone interested in hunting and the great outdoors.

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Alabama Deer
5. Alabama Deer
August 31, 2014
Summary not available
Texas Duck/Deer 2
4. Texas Duck/Deer 2
August 24, 2014
Before heading back to Alabama, Justin hunts Axis Deer and one more round of ducks.
Texas Duck/Deer 1
3. Texas Duck/Deer 1
August 17, 2014
Justin heads out to Corpus Christi Texas to bag some ducks with his old friend Geoff Austin.
Kansas Deer & Hog
2. Kansas Deer & Hog
August 10, 2014
Justin ventures into the Kansas snow attempting to stalk his prey. Then back at home, he links up with Benjamin for Florida hog hunting in the swamp.
Kansas Deer 3
1. Kansas Deer 3
August 3, 2014
Justin returns to Kansas and the action is heating up but the winter weather takes a turn for the worse.
  • Premiere Date
    July 3, 2010