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  • 2010
  • 13 Seasons
  • 0.0  (9)

Wardens, a captivating reality TV show on The Outdoor Channel follows the everyday lives of three conservation officers in Michigan, James Herron, Dan Moran, and Mark DePew. The show premiered in 2010 and ran for two seasons, with a total of 20 episodes. The heart of the show is devoted to the wardens' determined efforts to ensure that the natural resources of Michigan, including animals and plants, are protected from harm. The three wardens work tirelessly to enforce hunting, fishing, boating and other wildlife regulations. They respond to emergencies in the wilderness, providing medical care to those injured while enjoying the great outdoors, and even rescue distressed animals. Their job involves a good deal of excitement, risk, and even danger, all of which the show portrays well.

James Herron is a passionate conservation officer who brings a great deal of energy and a unique perspective to the show. He is always on the move, and his excitement is evident as he patrols the state's rivers, lakes, and forests, ensuring that people are following the regulations. His compassion is also evident, as he is often involved in rescuing injured animals and providing first aid to those who are lost in the wilderness.

Dan Moran is another of the show's fascinating wardens. Dan's calm and composed personality sets him apart from his colleagues, and he is a great asset in tense situations. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding Michigan’s wildlife and its ecosystems, and he strives to educate people on how to enjoy the great outdoors in a way that benefits the environment. Dan’s unique approach and his dedication to conservation make him an invaluable asset to the show.

Mark DePew is an experienced conservation officer, and his skills are put to the test on several occasions on the show. He is known for his no-nonsense approach towards enforcing the rules and regulations, and his willingness to put himself in harm's way to protect animals and the environment. Mark’s extensive knowledge of the state's wildlife and his dedication to conservation make him one of the stars of the show.

The Wardens is a show that provides a fascinating look at the world of conservation officers, with all of its twists and turns. The Outdoor Channel has done an excellent job of documenting the lives of these three wardens, appealing to nature enthusiasts, and armchair adventurers alike. The show is cleverly edited, with a mix of serious content and lighter moments, making it an engaging show that's both educational and entertaining.

The show is shot in high-definition, and the camera work is excellent, showcasing the beauty of Michigan and its wilderness. The viewer gets a firsthand look at the challenges faced by wardens in their day to day work while highlighting the beauty of Michigan's natural resources. The show also provides valuable insights into animal behavior and the importance of preserving nature.

In conclusion, Wardens on The Outdoor Channel is a captivating show featuring three fascinating conservation officers who risk their lives to protect the natural resources of Michigan. The show is well-made and informative, and provides a good insight into the day-to-day activities of these important law enforcement officers. The relationship between the wardens is also notable, as it shows the viewers the bond that develops between people who share a dangerous and high-stakes profession. Overall, it's the perfect show for anyone interested in wildlife, conservation, and protecting the environment.

Wardens is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (193 episodes). The series first aired on December 27, 2010.

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Busy Deer Season
13. Busy Deer Season
April 20, 2024
A Michigan Officer finds a lot of deer hunters during the firearm deer season
Memorial Day Weekend Citations
12. Memorial Day Weekend Citations
April 13, 2024
Two Michigan Conservation Officers encounter a flurry of ORV activity during the holiday weekend.
UP Ice Fishing
11. UP Ice Fishing
April 6, 2024
Game wardens in Michigan's Upper Peninsula check on anglers targeting fish through the ice.
Northen Lower Elk and Deer
10. Northen Lower Elk and Deer
March 30, 2024
D-3 Officers check on hunters in the northern Lower Peninsula
The Broken Horn Case
9. The Broken Horn Case
March 23, 2024
D-8 Officers encounter a hunter with a broken off set of antlers and attempt to decipher the truth from what he says during interviews.
Violator Road
8. Violator Road
March 16, 2024
A Michigan Conservation Officer in Macomb County encounters multiple hunters breaking the law on the same road.
Walleye and Waterfowl
7. Walleye and Waterfowl
March 9, 2024
Officers on the west side of southern Michigan check on waterfowl hunters and wardens on the east side check on overnight walleye anglers.
Put Some Thought Into It
6. Put Some Thought Into It
March 2, 2024
Officers in D-3 and D-5 check on users of off-road vehicles during the Memorial Day weekend.
Archery and Firearm Deer and 200th OTG
5. Archery and Firearm Deer and 200th OTG
February 24, 2024
A minor hunts without a license during archery season and a look at planting native wildflowers to benefit a wide array of wildlife.
Southeast Michigan Summer Water
4. Southeast Michigan Summer Water
February 17, 2024
D-9 officers aim to make sure August boaters and tubers are safe during two different summer parties and a look at a class for yoga on paddleboards.
Highway Deer and Director's Turkey
3. Highway Deer and Director's Turkey
February 10, 2024
Officers in the northern Lower Peninsula check on hunters during a highway patrol and the Acting Director of the DNR hunts for turkeys.
October Openers
2. October Openers
February 3, 2024
Michigan Conservation Officers in southern Michigan check on archery deer hunters and waterfowl hunters.
Firearm Season Whitetails & BOW
1. Firearm Season Whitetails & BOW
January 27, 2024
Michigan Conservation Officers in the SE part of the state check on a trespassing hunting party during deer season. kwadventure kwhunting kwfishing
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Wardens is available for streaming on the The Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wardens on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV, Pluto TV and Peacock.
  • Premiere Date
    December 27, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    0.0  (9)