The Swiss Family Robinson

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Based on the writings by Swiss pastor Johann Wyss and on one of the most widely published books in history, "Swiss Family Robinson" follows the adventures of a family after being shipwrecked on a remote tropical island. The show chronicles their survival and adaptation in an unfamiliar environment using only indigenous resources.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
August 12, 1974
Cast: Chris Wiggins, Diana Leblanc
The Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson Full Episode Guide

  • Strange signals from a nearby island lead the Robinsons into an awesome world of terror. A staggering army of tiny ants devour everything in their path.

  • Franz rows to Shark Island against papa's wishes and discovers that while there was life, there was also a deadly plague.

  • Mother prepares an oyster stew for the family, but they're inedible. As she's tasting the meal while cooking, she consumes enough poison to collapse and fall into a coma.

  • An old bear roams out of the wilderness and makes his last stand in the Robinsons's compound.

  • Marie becomes separated from her family during a terrible storm and the little girl must fend for herself in the jungle.

  • A pirate who has been in hiding for 30 years on the Robinsons's island sets out to destroy them.

  • Ernest learns a lesson about dependence when his thoughtlessness almost brings disaster to the rest of the Robinsons.

  • Franz finds an old treasure map and gets a bad case of gold fever as he spends all his time tracking it down.

  • Mama and papa reluctantly let Ernest set sail to see if life exists on the surrounding islands.

  • The Robinson children decide to camp in the caves for a few days so that their parents can have some privacy in the treehouse.

  • Once again, Ernest encounters the mysterious young girl, the child of nature, who shares the family's island.

  • Marie brings a cougar kitten home, unaware that the mother stalks her every step and brings panic to the treehouse.

  • Franz tells his family how he managed to survive the first few days on the island when he thought he had been the only one who reached shore.

  • An anniversary gift for parents would present few problems for most young people. In the wilderness, however, Ernest, Franz and Marie face a difficult task that requires all the imagination that they can summon.

  • A new menace confronts the Robinsons when the ship's dog, which was washed ashore, now seems to be more foe than friend.

  • A meteorite lands close to the Robinsons's treehouse home and brings an alien substance that almost drives the family from their island.

  • When mama and papa are caught in a storm while fishing in a boat, the children must fend for themselves.

  • The family discovers an idol in an old tomb. Mysterious happenings cause them to wonder if it is coincidence.

  • Komo, a young African boy, is cast upon the Robinsons's island and believes his three-year search for his father is at last over.

  • At last it seems that the Robinsons will be able to leave their island after attracting the attention of a British warship on a mission to find pirates.

  • A rockslide traps papa and Franz in a cave with the tiger that they were tracking.

  • Illiterate and friends with a leopard, a young girl steps out of the jungle and meets the Robinsons.

  • A leopard that Franz befriends causes havoc with the family's livestock. To send it back into the jungle, Franz teaches it how to hunt.

  • The family rescues a nanny goat that is being tracked by a cat. They later share the joys and sorrows at the birth of her kid.

  • The children are given a couple of days off from their father's dull school sessions. While digging, they find clues to a treasure trove.

  • The only survivors from a shipwreck, the Robinsons wash ashore on a tropical island and reunite, only to find that Franz is missing.