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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.5  (7,657)

This Country is a critically acclaimed mockumentary series that aired on BBC Three between 2017 and 2020. The show follows the daily lives of cousins Kerry and Lee "Kurtan" Mucklowe, who reside in the rural Cotswold region. Written by and starring real-life siblings Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper, the show brilliantly blends comedy with heart-wrenching drama.

Kerry and Kurtan's mundane, monotonous existence is captured in a series of interviews with the documentary crew. Their routine is presented as a parody of rural life, with the show satirizing the stereotypes about small towns and villages. The series also tackles issues like poverty, lack of opportunities, mental health, and loneliness.

Kerry and Kurtan have a strong bond, which is evident in their everyday banter and good-natured ribbing. However, they are also vulnerable and damaged individuals who have had a tough upbringing. Kerry's mother had abandoned her, and Kurtan's father had left their family when he was younger. This has left them both with emotional scars that the show explores in depth.

The supporting cast includes Paul Chahidi as the quirky vicar "Reverend Seaton," who spends his time conducting bizarre church services and trying to connect with the youths. Trevor Cooper plays Kerry's father "Martin," who has spent time in jail and is trying to make amends with his daughter. Meanwhile, Ivan Gonzalez is Kerry's Spanish boyfriend "Amadeus"; who is still learning the English language and culture.

The show's humor is rooted in small-town antics and character quirks. Whether it's Kerry's obsession with celebrity culture or Kurtan's love of slam poetry and the FIFA video games, there is always something funny going on. The show also uses music and original songs to great effect, adding to its charm and quirkiness.

However, what sets This Country apart from other comedies is its ability to shift gears and handle dramatic themes with great sensitivity. The show deals with serious issues like depression, suicide, and unemployment; inspiring empathy and compassion for the characters involved. Kerry and Kurtan's struggles are all the more poignant because we know these are real-life struggles for many people living in rural areas.

The series finale of This Country aired in May 2020, leaving behind a legacy of brilliant writing, acting, and social commentary. The show was a hit with viewers and critics alike, winning numerous awards including the BAFTA for Best Scripted Comedy in 2018.

In conclusion, This Country is a must-see series for anyone who loves a good laugh and a great story. With its unique blend of comedy and drama, and its honest depiction of rural life, this show is a masterpiece of modern television. If you haven't seen it already, do yourself a favor and check it out. You won't be disappointed.

This Country
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Family Loyalties
6. Family Loyalties
April 2, 2018
Family loyalty is vital in rural communities and Kerry's life-long ambition has been to work with her father, Martin. She is overjoyed, therefore, when he asks her to help him store some wares in a lock-up garage.A job at the local bowls club gives Kurtan a new sense of purpose, but when Kerry entangles Kurtan in her new venture, things start to unravel and the Mucklowe family loyalties are put to the test.
Steam Fair
5. Steam Fair
March 26, 2018
It's the most important day of the year for Kerry: the annual steam fair. And as a bonus, this year it falls on her birthday and Kurtan has organised her a surprise present.However, the present involves some walking and so the cousins embark on a cross-country trek. This affords them the time to share some local village myths with the crew, such as the legend of the "Fox Twins."
The Vicar's Son
4. The Vicar's Son
March 19, 2018
Rural life can feel slow-paced to people from the city. When the vicar's son Jacob returns from living in Bristol, can Kurtan help him re-adjust to village life?Meanwhile, Kerry continues to try and give back to the local community by visiting an elderly neighbour, Florence, for "tea talk." Florence's cat, Tudor, has recently passed away and Kerry does her best to fill that emotional void.
Minor Injuries
3. Minor Injuries
March 12, 2018
It's the first Saturday of the month and Kurtan tries to make a pilgrimage to Swindon to buy the new clothes of the season. However, engineering works on the bus route and a lack of alternative transport options disrupt his plans. Meanwhile, Kerry helps the vicar run the local football practice.
Threatening Letters
2. Threatening Letters
March 5, 2018
Kerry starts to receive some threatening letters that cause her to feel unsettled within the village. Thankfully Kerry's neighbour, 'Big' Mandy Harris, is on hand to help and advise.Meanwhile, Kurtan takes a labouring job with Kerry's father, Martin, and learns some invaluable life lessons.
Random Acts of Kindness
1. Random Acts of Kindness
February 26, 2018
Kerry has turned over a new leaf and is trying to give back to her community. Meanwhile, Kerry's cousin Kurtan is coming to terms with his decision not to go to Swindon College and is struggling to get back in to the swing of village life.
  • Premiere Date
    February 8, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (7,657)