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This Country is a sitcom series which takes the mockumentary format. It explores the lives of young people in modern rural Britain, focusing on cousins Kerry and Lee. The series pokes fun at the everyday lives of everyday people, pointing out the absurdity of some of the things we all love.

Monday 10:00 AM et/pt on BBC Three
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
February 8, 2017
Cast: Daisy May Cooper, Charlie Cooper, Paul Chahidi, Ivy Woodcock

This Country Full Episode Guide

  • Family loyalty is vital in rural communities and Kerry's life-long ambition has been to work with her father, Martin. She is overjoyed, therefore, when he asks her to help him store some wares in a lock-up garage.A job at the local bowls club gives Kurtan a new sense of purpose, but when Kerry entangles Kurtan in her new venture, things start to unravel and the Mucklowe family loyalties are put to the test.

  • It's the most important day of the year for Kerry: the annual steam fair. And as a bonus, this year it falls on her birthday and Kurtan has organised her a surprise present.However, the present involves some walking and so the cousins embark on a cross-country trek. This affords them the time to share some local village myths with the crew, such as the legend of the "Fox Twins."

  • Rural life can feel slow-paced to people from the city. When the vicar's son Jacob returns from living in Bristol, can Kurtan help him re-adjust to village life?Meanwhile, Kerry continues to try and give back to the local community by visiting an elderly neighbour, Florence, for "tea talk." Florence's cat, Tudor, has recently passed away and Kerry does her best to fill that emotional void.

  • It's the first Saturday of the month and Kurtan tries to make a pilgrimage to Swindon to buy the new clothes of the season. However, engineering works on the bus route and a lack of alternative transport options disrupt his plans. Meanwhile, Kerry helps the vicar run the local football practice.

  • Kerry starts to receive some threatening letters that cause her to feel unsettled within the village. Thankfully Kerry's neighbour, 'Big' Mandy Harris, is on hand to help and advise.Meanwhile, Kurtan takes a labouring job with Kerry's father, Martin, and learns some invaluable life lessons.

  • The 'brain drain' is a problem for rural communities. In the final episode Kerry and Kurtan explore the possibility of moving away from their village.Kurtan receives the exciting news that he could go to college to study for a GNVQ - and Kerry is devastated.

  • Relationships remain at the heart of rural life. This Country probes the fallout when Kerry's father, Martin, is accused of being a Peeping Tom.Meanwhile, Kurtan romantically pursues a girl who has just moved into the village, but finds he has a rival for her affections in his friend Slugs.

  • This Country investigates how justice is viewed by Kerry and Kurtan, as they await the release from prison of their uncle, Steve 'Nugget' Nuggins who they believe was wrongfully imprisoned for "having a laugh".

  • When Kerry's neighbour, Mandy Harris, starts a tattoo business Kerry is delighted to be one of her first customers. Meanwhile, Kurtan fixates on trying to track down a long-lost school friend.

  • The team visit a scarecrow festival, an event that both unites and divides the community.

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