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Pramface is a British television series that focuses on teen pregnancy in a humorous but often truthful way. As two very different families come together after 18-year-old Laura Derbyshire discovers she is pregnant following a night of raucous fun, heavy drinking and bedroom antics with Jamie Prince at a friend's party. Jamie is just 16-years-old and a virgin, unbeknownst to Laura who is simply out to have a good time after ignoring her parents curfew and blowing off steam at the party.

Laura is considered a hard-working, attractive and smart girl with a lot going for her as she sets her sights on attending college. She is optimistic about getting her academic career started but quickly has a wrench thrown in her plans after he her night with Jamie, where most of the details remain sketchy, leaving her with child.

Jamie is just getting his feet wet in the social scene as he sets his sights on continuing his education when he meets drunken Laura after crashing the party. He fumbles around, looking for the right words but Laura has already imbibed quite a bit of booze and simply looking to get the 16-year-old Jamie in bed.

After Laura discovers she's pregnant, the show focuses on what her decision will be: to keep or not keep the baby. She takes her time making her decision, much to the dismay of her family, friends and Jamie. But after Jamie finds out about Laura, he is determined to everything he can to be there to offer his love and support, something Laura is not sure she wants from him or anyone at the moment.

The episodes, although dealing with some sensitive subject matter, are clever and bring humor to what could potentially be very serious subjects. Following a few trips to the doctor and some careful thinking, Laura decides to keep the baby making for an interesting show with engaging characters.

Pramface is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on February 23, 2012.

Where do I stream Pramface online? Pramface is available for streaming on BBC Three, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pramface on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on BBC Three
3 Seasons, 19 Episodes
February 23, 2012
Cast: Yasmin Paige, Angus Deayton, Anna Chancellor, Scarlett Alice Johnson
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Pramface Full Episode Guide

  • Laura decides to move on just as Jamie is having second thoughts about Isabel. Meanwhile, Mike wants Beth to go public with their relationship. Evelyn makes Sandra an offer she can't refuse, and Alan and Janet can't quite sign away their marriage.

  • Jamie's new girlfriend, Isabel, is getting clingy, and Jamie's feeling the pressure. Meanwhile, Laura gets a new roommate when Janet comes back to fight the divorce, and Mike saves Beth from humiliation when she tries to impress a hunky charity worker.

  • Laura confronts Jamie's new girlfriend, but discovers Isabel is no pushover. Meanwhile, Danielle is in a dilemma about dating her teacher, and Beth enlists Mike's help to rebuff a female admirer.

  • Laura pushes Jamie over the edge when she admits she doesn't want to move in with him. Meanwhile, Mike finds himself in trouble when he falls for a gangster's daughter, and Sandra takes on the caravan site snob.

  • Jamie and Laura are finally a couple, but Laura is already having cold feet. Meanwhile Beth and Mike are trying to deal with the aftermath of their night together. Sandra and Keith are facing eviction, and Alan and Janet are talking divorce.

  • Danielle convinces Laura to come to a university dance but the friends fall out when Danielle's new university BFF comes between them. Meanwhile, Mike is worried about Jamie's wellbeing and freaks out when he goes missing.

  • Jamie has a date, so Laura organizes one of her own to prove she's also moved on. Mike takes a Russian Kettlebell and steroid workout course with disastrous emotional side-effects. Meanwhile, Keith and Sandra are approached by a modeling agent for Emily.

  • Jamie invites Laura to his 18th birthday, hoping they can finally have a fun night out together.  Unfortunately for Jamie, Mike is organizing the party and has some surprises planned.  Meanwhile, Keith takes a new-age influenced "˜back to work' course.

  • Laura gets a work placement and insists that Jamie babysits. But an exam means he must leave Emily with first time child carers, Mike and Beth. Meanwhile, Keith finally manages to get a job but is surprised to find himself working in the sex industry.

  • A lonely Laura struggles to make friends with other moms. Beth finds herself attracted to a aristocratic boy she thinks she should hate.  Meanwhile, Alan employs Keith as his driver.

  • Jamie and Laura are struggling with Christening arrangements, bickering relatives, and each other; they can't even agree on a name for the baby.  Meanwhile, Mike goes on a spiritual journey as he tries to become a Godfather.