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Tigtone is the saga of a quest-addicted hero who slashes his way across a satirical fantasy universe with melodramatic ferocity, always obeying the letter of the law but never its spirit. Tigtone is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on January 14, 2019.

Where do I stream Tigtone online? Tigtone is available for streaming on Adult Swim, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tigtone on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Adult Swim online.

Adult Swim
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
January 14, 2019
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Fantasy
Cast: Debi Derryberry, Blake Anderson, Trace Beaulieu
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Tigtone Full Episode Guide

  • To defeat an evil book, Tigtone must teach history a lesson and Helpy.

  • Everything is at or on a stake, and this time we mean it.

  • Tigtone must defend honor, manliness, and being alive.

  • The saga of a quest-addicted hero with a disregard for collateral damage.

  • Tigtone competes in a deadly contest, but a mysterious foe has other plans for him: DEATH.

  • An exotic quest on an island of mutants is just the relaxing getaway Tigtone needed.

  • In order to escape an endless maze, Tigtone must find the way out!

  • The Zuzzlekin and Fuzzlefolk are in adorable peril, but can Tigtone get his sword back?

  • Tigtone and Helpy face a seven-headed beast, as the title implies--which is true!

  • Tigtone and Helpy stumble onto an island inhabited by dwellings who have a little surprise up their sleeves. A night of dancing and delicious food turns into a horror show as Tigtone slaughters the entire village which draws the ire of a huge beast that threatens to destroy all who stand in it's way. Tigtone slaughters the beast and convinces Helpy to eat the brains.

  • The ballad of Tigtone and the homicidal sword, sung by the homicidal sword.

  • A fiendish murder plot lures Tigtone into the netherworld.

  • Tigtone meets Beconka, the only adventurer to rival his skills.

  • Tigtone suffers through the worst kind of quest: an escort quest.

  • Wizard Hunt is Tigtone's favorite holiday, but this year he too is hunted.

  • Tigtone must collect the essences of four elements to unlock a door.

  • A catastrophic disaster strikes the kingdom when all the wine is stolen.

  • Lord Festus tasks Tigtone with saving his ugly kingdom from ravaging beauty.

  • Tigtone quests alone, just the way he likes it, until a fellowship is forced upon him.