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In this animated series, Dracula's young daughter is tasked with running the family hotel business while her father is away. Her friends are there to help her, but her scheming aunt is on hand, too, making things more difficult. The series is based on the film franchise and airs on the Disney Channel.

Disney Channel
2 Seasons, 32 Episodes
June 25, 2017
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy, Family, Supernatural
Cast: Bryn McAuley, Evany Rosen, Gage Munroe, Joseph Motiki
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Hotel Transylvania: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • Mavis' friends from her old Ghoul Guide troop come to the hotel for a visit. Frankenstein is casting for his new movie at Hotel Transylvania.

  • Cornelius Shivers is writing a book about Hotel Transylvania. Mavis and the gang are put on trial.

  • Mavis talks herself into throwing a fake funeral for Uncle Gene. Mavis uses a cursed code to accidentally unleash a video game on the hotel.

  • Mavis tries to do the impossible and make Quasimodo nice. Wendy tries out for a spot on the Hotel's aerial security team.

  • The Sandman puts the hotel under a spell; Mavis and Uncle Gene go on one last road trip.

  • Mavis wants Krampus to resolve a past mistake so everyone can enjoy Creepmas.

  • Cousin Klaus comes to Mavis looking for help with a terrible secret. Dr. Gillman is discovered to be a fraud.

  • Hank and Zombie Sir Isaac Newton inadvertantly swap brains. Medusa comes to stay at Hotel Transylvania again.

  • Dracula gets an endorsment deal and he names the prototype after Mavis. Hank discovers his thumb comes from a famed, Dracula ancestor.

  • Mavis throws a birthday party for Diane, but loses the guest of honor. Hotel Transylvania becomes infested with garlic!

  • Mavis is turning 115.

  • Mavis' friends visit. Frankenstein casts a movie.

  • Pedro uses an amulet to be first in line at the buffet; Pedro and Hank get new roommates because they haven't been getting along.

  • A book about Hotel Transylvania. The kids are framed!

  • Mavis travels back in time to stop Kitty Cartwright.

  • Mavis throws a funeral. Mavis unleashes a video game.

  • Mavis tries to make Quasimodo be nice; Wendy applies for a spot on the hotel's aerial security team.

  • Mavis navigates life without her dad, Dracula, around and discovers one of the few common human and monster truths: being a teenager bites.

  • Dracula gets an endorsement. Hank's thumb has a past.

  • Mavis and her friends learn the true meaning of Halloween.

  • Aunt Lydia is inadvertantly turned into a teenager. Pedro's Mom comes to the Hotel to visit.

  • Mavis accidentally destroys Pedro's mummy wraps. Mavis is driven mad thinking she's morphing into her cousin, Klaus.

  • Aunt Lydia's favorite author is coming to the hotel, but the kids cleaned the room so fast they accidentally got rid of the real ghost writer.

  • Pedro desperately tries to throw a curse. Mavis loses a casket with Aunt Lydia resting inside.

  • Hank has to pretend to be his dad as he films his new action flick. Mavis and Wendy set up Aunt Lydia and Bob Blob on a date.

  • Mavis wins employee of the month and the right to share breakfast with Aunt Lydia. Wendy becomes indebted to Dr. Gillman after he saves her ponytail.

  • Mavis tries to prove she can care for a living creature. The kids try to watch the last episode of their favorite show.

  • Mavis accidentally turns Wendy from small to big. Mavis’ teen crush visits the hotel.

  • The kids get trapped in a human house. Mavis’ cousin shows up and challenges her to a game of phlegm ball.

  • Mavis mistakes bed bugs for truth bugs and chaos ensues. Mavis accidentally on purpose invites Lydia’s high school rival to the hotel.

  • The kids celebrate a hundred-year-old holiday. Mavis literally gives Hank the gift of basketball.

  • Mavis accidentally lures an unwelcomed guest into the hotel.Mavis finds her childhood toy in the attic.

Hotel Transylvania: The Series Video Clips & Extras

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