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Turbo FAST follows the life of a little snail with big dreams and a shot of nitro. Turbo believes he is destined to be something more than your ordinary garden snail, and he has the racing stripes to prove it! Join Turbo and his buddies, both human and snail, as he sets off on a lifetime full of adventures. He leaves behind the garden gate for the big city.

Not happy with his ordinary life, Turbo finds himself inside of a sports car engine, where he not only survives, but emerges with an extraordinary gift of speed. With his painted shell, he races into the hearts of everyone he meets. More than just a tale for little ones, Turbo FAST is a family presentation. Turbo's adventures make young and old alike root for this little guy's dreams to all come true.

3 Seasons, 52 Episodes
December 24, 2013
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Reid Scott, Eric Bauza, Mike Bell, John Eric Bentley
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Turbo FAST Full Episode Guide

  • Smoove Move sneaks off to have fun alone in the clubhouse, but ends up trapped under a speaker; The crew battle to win a radio-controlled plane.

  • A series of mini-stories about the FAST crew begins when Turbo does his laundry; The crew must deactivate a stink bomb before it's too late.

  • Burn wins a free vacation for two and everyone vies to be her travel buddy; Hardcase joins and dominates a junior racing league formed by Deuce.

  • With the perfect poodle moth, Whiplash can't help but re-enter the world of competitive moth showing; Chet is named "Handsomest Snail Alive."

  • Duped by devious picnic ants, the FAST crew must help some wronged grasshoppers; Turbo finds himself targeted by a slanderous Internet troll.

  • White Shadow and Turbo become best friends, making Skidmark determined to lure Shadow back; The FAST crew fills in for the injured snail bobsled team.

  • When Whiplash is knocked unconscious, the others unravel the Mystery of the Sleeping Snail; The crew gets a reality show, and tensions come into focus.

  • Whiplash interrogates each FAST crew member as suspects in a heinous crime; Whiplash loses his memory and the crew tricks him into a gentler identity.

  • Desperate to attend, Turbo accidentally invites two dates to an exclusive couples-only game night; White Shadow tries to keep a winning streak alive.

  • When the gang gets stranded on a candy-filled island, White Shadow must save his friends; Burn goes to extreme lengths to break her losing streak.

  • Shellsworth and Skid compete to finish a railroad to Lake Balboa; On the road with their trucker snail dad Darryl, Turbo and Chet protect the cargo.

  • Turbo brings down a songbird, but learns to coexist with the creature; Chet gets the sheriff fired, then must battle a gang of outlaw crickets.

  • The FAST crew's peaceful vacation retreat is ruined by some hard-partying toilet frogs; The crew becomes obsessed with a Fantasy Racing League.

  • Skidmark and White Shadow try to stop spring from coming by keeping a groundhog in his hole; Smoove loses the power behind his effortless cool.

  • Whiplash takes on the toughest creature around in a MMA-style fight; When the FAST crew is abducted, Skidmark and his conspiracy club get on the case.

  • Mel Shellman gets fired and crashes with the FAST crew, but he's so annoying they try to get him rehired; An old flame shows up, making Chet jealous.

  • White Shadow is mistaken for a celebrity snail and kidnapped; Tito gets a foosball table which quickly becomes a soccer battle ground.

  • Skid unleashes an evil robot on Turbotown and has to get rid of the monster himself; Turbo falls for and betroths a head-eating mantis princess.

  • Whiplash tries to scare Deuce and Edvard straight, but the plan backfires; After Turbo saves his life, Buster Move waits on Turbo's every need.

  • A prank leads to "crow pox" for the FAST snails, who make a treacherous climb to find a cure; Burn and her hippie sister try to end their rivalry.

  • A mix-up puts the FAST crew on a rocket bound for outer space; The crew must work together to avoid space madness, debris ...and a fiery re-entry.

  • Chet, Skidmark and Smoove Move bring swamp toad Marty on an adventure; The snails fumble taking care of a lost human child left at the taco stand.

  • When a bad magic trick makes Chet disappear, Turbo and Burn work together to find him; A superhero hornet arrives in Turbotown and stirs up trouble.

  • Chet can't get him on a cereal box, so Turbo makes Ace Gecko his sports agent; Smoove Move competes in a ski race to prove his worth -- all for love.

  • Burn is forced to coach a lousy tetherball team -- and gets inspired by an old rival; White Shadow's karate skills are tested by a ninja stinkbug.

  • Fed up with the rowdy FAST crew, Chet challenges them to go without racing; Skid and Shadow must defend the clubhouse alone against Clip and Clap.

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