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  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons

Ultimate Rides is a thrilling and action-packed show that airs on the FYI channel. As the name suggests, the show revolves around some of the most extreme and unique vehicles out there. From extravagant cars and motorcycles to helicopters and boats, Ultimate Rides has it all.

One of the most notable aspects of Ultimate Rides is the attention paid to the build process of these vehicles. Viewers are treated to an in-depth look at the design and engineering behind each machine, as well as the painstaking work that goes into building them.

Throughout each episode, the show features a range of stunning visuals and heart-pumping action sequences. Cameras capture these incredible vehicles as they race down highways, soar through the skies, and navigate treacherous terrain.

In addition to showcasing the vehicles themselves, Ultimate Rides also introduces viewers to the people behind the builds. These talented designers and mechanics share their insights and experiences, providing an extra layer of depth to the show.

One notable episode of Ultimate Rides features the construction of a custom helicopter. Viewers are taken through the step-by-step process of building the chopper, from the initial design to the final touches. The episode also includes footage of the helicopter in action, as it zooms over the stunning mountainous landscapes of the western United States.

Another episode focuses on a one-of-a-kind car build. This particular vehicle is designed to look like a classic muscle car from the outside, but is actually fully electric and loaded with high-tech features. The episode takes viewers through the process of building the car, discussing the challenges of creating a fully electric muscle car. As with the helicopter episode, viewers get to see the finished product in action, as the car performs a series of impressive stunts.

Beyond the impressive vehicles themselves, Ultimate Rides also highlights the passion and creativity of the people who build them. Viewers get a firsthand look at the dedication and hard work that goes into each project, as well as the boundless imagination that fuels these incredible builds.

Overall, Ultimate Rides is a must-watch show for anyone who loves fast cars, daring stunts, and awe-inspiring technology. The show's expertly crafted visuals and engaging storytelling make for a thrilling viewing experience, and the vehicles themselves are sure to leave viewers awestruck. Whether you're a gearhead, an adrenaline junkie, or just a fan of great television, Ultimate Rides is definitely worth checking out.

Ultimate Rides is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on December 5, 2019.

Ultimate Rides
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Hardcore and Heavy Duty
20. Hardcore and Heavy Duty
January 6, 2022
Danny Koker reveals five hardcore rides that push the powers of engineering possibility.
Dream Drives
19. Dream Drives
December 30, 2021
Danny Koker reveals five incredible rides that most people can only ever dream of driving.
Bespoke Builds (#218)
18. Bespoke Builds (#218)
December 23, 2021
Danny Koker is going bespoke, delivering five made to measure machines that turn heads and put a smile on your face.
Crazy Fast
17. Crazy Fast
December 16, 2021
Danny Koker introduces five ridiculous rides that look crazy and move frighteningly fast.
Riding Low (#216)
16. Riding Low (#216)
December 9, 2021
Danny Koker is slamming things right down to the ground and showcasing five ultimate lowriders that are in a class of their own.
Mad Mods (#215)
15. Mad Mods (#215)
December 2, 2021
Danny Koker shows off five mad modifications that will blow your mind and make you question reality. Includes police officer Jeff Bloch's Trippy Tippy Hippy Van, a VW Camper van that drives on its side. And, a 1994 GMC Jimmy with a recovered 1997 Sea Ray Bow Rider, creating a street legal Boat Car.
Vintage Vehicles (#214)
14. Vintage Vehicles (#214)
November 25, 2021
Danny Koker steps back in time to unearth five vintage vehicles that ooze style and sophistication, while demanding respect. Includes: an original Ford Model T snowmobile; a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief; and a 1948 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane.
Handbuilt Heroes (#213)
13. Handbuilt Heroes (#213)
November 18, 2021
Danny Koker is showcasing the art of craft, checking out five rides that have been heroically handbuilt. Includes: a 1936 Chevy Sedan has undergone some serious beauty treatment. And in Leicester in the UK, Paul has transformed a London taxi into a monster of a truck.
Pure Power (#212)
12. Pure Power (#212)
November 11, 2021
Danny Koker spans the world for five rapid rides that are all packing some serious power under the hood. Includes: a 1960's VW Beetle in Germany that puts out an insane 1400hp and can hit over 170mph. In England, a Ford Fiesta has been transformed it into a dragster with a colossal 820hp from a front-wheel-drive hatchback, making it one of the fastest cars in the UK. A 1960's Daytona Charger in St. Louis has an unbelievable 2500 horses under the hood. And more!
Rad RVs (#211)
11. Rad RVs (#211)
November 4, 2021
Danny Koker shows off five totally unique ways to vacation on the move! Includes: a $2.5m, 1200 Sq. ft. "Mega RV," one of the biggest, and most luxurious RV's in the world. Then, someone had the crazy idea to cross a crop sprayer with a houseboat. The result is an RV that looks just as comfortable on land as it does in the water. And the Campula was once a hearse that has been converted into a camper, and sure gets some seriously odd looks when it pulls up at the campsite. Plus more.
Crazy Customs (#210)
10. Crazy Customs (#210)
October 14, 2021
Danny Koker uncovers five of the craziest custom builds imaginable. Includes, the Shark Boat Chevy--a crazy mash-up of a speed boat and a pickup truck! In Florida the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle is a totally bespoke build that looks like a supercar merged with a UFO. Meanwhile, in Arizona, John and his buddies have merged two cars from very different eras--the body of a '49 Ford sitting on top of the engine and running gear from a modern BMW.
Super SUVs (#209)
9. Super SUVs (#209)
October 7, 2021
Danny Koker proves that sometimes bigger is better as he checks out five incredible SUVs that have been built to impress. In North Carolina is a Ford Excursion that is one of the most decorated SUVs in America. In Idaho, a fresh take on the iconic 1970's Chevy Blazer. The trophy-collecting Infinity Tahoe in Miami, Florida, is a party on wheels and has taken in-car-entertainment to the extreme. In the UK, an iconic Series 2A Land Rover has been restored with no expense spared. In Oklahoma a pricey Caddy has been slammed to the ground.
V8s (#208)
8. V8s (#208)
September 30, 2021
Danny Koker checks out five awesome vehicles that all have one thing in common--the mighty V8 engine. In Colorado, a huge V8 with an incredible 1000hp has been squeezed into the body of a classic American muscle car. In California, car-builder Gene has created a modern mash-up of his favorite Corvettes from the 1950's. The next ride goes back in time to the first generation Corvette. In Jefferson, Maine, is a monster truck shaped like a lobster! Finally, in Helix, Oregon, hotrod-builder, Bill has fitted a sweet V8 into a classic Willys pickup truck.
Lost Legends (#207)
7. Lost Legends (#207)
September 23, 2021
Danny Koker locates five long lost legends that have been brought back to life and restored to perfection. Includes: a legendary ride that was once owned by The King! This one-of-a-kind Cadillac was bought and beautifully customized by none other than Elvis Presley. Across the Atlantic in Cirencester, England is a British classic that sat unloved for 30 years before its current owner found it. But after an incredible $270,000+ restoration bill, this Jaguar is now looking better than ever. In Michigan a 1970s barn find has taken the term "restoration" to a whole new level. This Plymouth Barracuda now not only looks like a modern muscle car, it's also been given a shocking power upgrade under the hood!
What The Hell Is That?
6. What The Hell Is That?
September 9, 2021
Danny Koker discovers five of the most crazy rides on the planet. Includes a real mash-up of a vehicle called 5 Ton Fred. It's big, yellow, and you haven't seen anything like it!
Pickups (#205)
5. Pickups (#205)
September 2, 2021
Danny Koker discovers five of the most radical pickup trucks around. Including a classic Chevy that's been fully restored and then taken to the next level.
All Terrain & Insane (#204)
4. All Terrain & Insane (#204)
August 26, 2021
Danny Koker checks out five crazy vehicles that are built to go where no other ride can!
All Shapes & Sizes
3. All Shapes & Sizes
August 19, 2021
Danny Koker questions whether size matters as he discovers five vehicles that come in all shapes and sizes.
Rad Restos (#202)
2. Rad Restos (#202)
August 12, 2021
Danny Koker gets down and dirty with five ultimate rust-buckets that have been beautifully restored to perfection.
Hotrods & Ratrods
1. Hotrods & Ratrods
August 12, 2021
Danny Koker checks out five custom hotrods and ratrods that are beyond bespoke.
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Ultimate Rides is available for streaming on the FYI website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ultimate Rides on demand at Philo, FYI and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    December 5, 2019