Undercover Boss Season 10 Episode 3
Undercover Boss
Season 10

Ep 3. Dippin' Dots

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  • January 22, 2020
  • 43 min
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The show Undercover Boss: The Series is back with its tenth season and the third episode titled "Dippin' Dots". The show is an eye-opening exploration of various big corporations where their top management goes undercover to discover the issues faced by their employees. In each episode, the high-level executives leave their offices and go to the field disguised as entry-level employees, trying to blend in and understand the company's operations and business model.

In this episode of Undercover Boss, we see Scott Fischer, the CEO and President of the popular Dippin' Dots ice cream brand, disguise himself as a new employee to understand how their unique dots are made, sold and distributed across the country. Dippin' Dots is known for its signature ice cream dots that are made with a unique process of liquid nitrogen, and the company has over 170 kiosks and franchises in different locations.

Fischer starts his journey as Jeff, a trainee who joins the headquarters team. He goes through the orientation process and training and meets his mentors who will teach him first-hand how to make and sell the ice cream dots. The episode is a rollercoaster ride that reveals the joys and struggles of the employees who work hard to keep the brand alive.

During his time as Jeff, Fischer sees some critical issues in the daily operations. He discovers that the employees who work on making and packaging the product have to work in freezing temperatures with inadequate safety gear, which leads to various health issues such as colds, numb fingers, and even asthma. He also sees how hard it is for the sales associates to meet their targets and make sales while dealing with unhappy customers because of the high prices of the product or unavailability at some locations.

Fischer develops a heartfelt connection with some of his mentors throughout his journey, and they open up about their life struggles and how important this job is for them. He learns about the sacrifices they have made to keep the company running smoothly and their dedication to making the best product possible.

The episode showcases how Fischer realizes the importance of the hardworking employees who help run the brand, and he vows to make changes to better their working conditions. He emerges from his disguise to meet the team and share his experiences and show his appreciation for everyone's hard work.

In the final part of the episode, we see how Fischer implements some significant changes to the company policy such as improving safety for ice cream makers, providing better training for sales teams, and creating new opportunities for personal growth. The employees are overjoyed to see their hard work being recognized and appreciated by the top management, and they feel motivated to work harder to achieve their goals.

Overall, Undercover Boss: The Series season 10 episode 3 of Dippin' Dots provides an insightful and emotional journey of an executive trying to understand the daily struggles of their employees. The episode portrays how the CEO's personal involvement in the day-to-day functioning of the company can lead to progress and growth for everyone.

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    January 22, 2020
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