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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons

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Ibiza: Spring Breakers of Europe
12. Ibiza: Spring Breakers of Europe
September 29, 2016
Viceland meets the Revelers, a group of DJs and club organizers who call Ibiza 'the dance party capital of the world'; a team of kids perform patriotic songs for Donald Trump.
Forever Young
11. Forever Young
September 27, 2016
Parishioners at a unique church in Hollywood, Florida believe immortality is attainable through advancements in science and technology.
Matthew Lekso's Life Lessons
8. Matthew Lekso's Life Lessons
September 21, 2016
Infomercial star Matthew Lesko gives tips on how to make money off the government; following professional eater Randy Santel on a month-long European tour; a Mexican boot craze.
The Real Better Call Saul
7. The Real Better Call Saul
September 20, 2016
The search for a real-life Saul Goodman discovers Howard Greenberg, an eccentric criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn; a British skater who suffered from mental illness.
Murder, Mayhem and Meditation
6. Murder, Mayhem and Meditation
September 16, 2016
Due to prison over-population, a maximum security facility in California tries to rehabilitate dangerous criminals before they're released.
Kingdom of the Little People
5. Kingdom of the Little People
September 15, 2016
A controversial theme park in China run by dwarves; "Sailor Moon'' fans come together to celebrate the breakthrough cartoon; a wildlife team saves sea lions.
Young Brides for Sale
4. Young Brides for Sale
September 14, 2016
Bulgaria's 18,000-person Kalaidzhi Roma clan gathers for a controversial bride market where young virgins are paraded in front of suitors for biding.
Cemetery Slum
3. Cemetery Slum
September 14, 2016
VICE travels to Manila to investigate conditions in a slum inside Navotas Cemetery; here men, women, and children live amid graves and excavated human bones.
Walking Heavy
2. Walking Heavy
September 7, 2016
Britain's most notorious reformed criminal is now a defense attorney; after sixteen years in prison he now represents gangsters in Spain.
Frozen Faith
1. Frozen Faith
September 1, 2016
An exploration into cryonics and the people who believe reanimation will become an alternative to death.

We don't have a summary for Vice Essentials yet.

  • Premiere Date
    February 29, 2016