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Web soup is a weekly show that displays and discusses online viral videos hosted by Chris Hardwick. Its considered a spin off to E! Entertainments popular television show, "the soup." Web soup is composed of a half hour long skits. They display the best and worst fails on the internet, for all of it's viewers to laugh or be awed. It's hosted on G4 in the United States. Hardwick cracks jokes and gives the best commentary throughout the whole show. He separates the show into segments, naming them with kooky titles such as, "Things you can't un-see" and "The Daily Upload."

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on G4
3 Seasons, 43 Episodes
December 29, 2009
Science & Technology
Cast: Brad Stevens, Chris Hardwick
Web Soup

Web Soup Full Episode Guide

  • Web Soup says goodbye to Season 3 with a song, a sweet montage and a slew of sassy kicks to the stick. Thanks for watching, kids! Watch those gonads.

  • From Keyboard Cat to Nyan Cat, from Rage Comics to Three Wolf Moon, everything you liked or used to like on the Internet came directly from the mind and body of Fred Willard, so send him money.

  • First there was TAZE Original, TAZE Ultra and then Maximum TAZE Energy Drink and now there's TAZE Energy Suppository Grenade! Pull the pin and shove it in!

  • After a crazy street dweller outlines an awesome space movie starring Big Brother Thunder and his crew, we had to create a preview of that epic masterpiece. Bonus: Steve Agee as the space-villain Master Blaster.

  • Nobody calls Roller Blade Guy a chicken. Time and time again he'll prove you wrong by causing massive trauma to his genitals and cranium. Hold your breath while you watch this fail.

  • Geoff and Tizzer report from E3 to show us their new home improvement series, "Bro'd House," where they help transform boring rooms into awesome man caves.

  • We meet Mel, maker of all things animal noise, and then see what happens when she leaves the window open for nature and all its horny, horny creatures to hear.

  • The worst part about jumping into a cactus at 45 miles an hour is when you don't stick to it like human Velcro.

  • The director's cut of Big Al's Pizza's shoddy commercial could have really elevated the piece. What with the man-eating bird of prey and awesome "Troll 2" reference.

  • You've heard his haunting buzz at soccer games across the globe. Now you can vibe to all his greatest hits in one album! His name is Vuvu, Master of the Vuvuzela.

  • A man orders fast food with an Elmo voice and hilarity ensues. But what, pray tell, would happen if Elmo ordered fast food with a man's voice? We investigate.

  • If there can be a monkey waitress in a mask, then surely an office gorilla wouldn't be an issue, right? What do you think, Feces Gary?

  • Sheriff Russell Wendelowski, host of G4's "Buzz Killers," stops by Web Soup to explain the dangers and history of storch, a popular drug that looks a lot like Big League Chew.

  • Don't run from your feelings, Danny--even when those feelings are intense pain from a brutal nutshot. But this boy's suffering has inspired an important independent film, "Danny, Don't Run."

  • What makes a seal scream like a dude? We rolled up our sleeves and got to the bottom of the matter. Beware: the results are quite disturbing.

  • Web Soup demonstrates most advanced feline weaponry in modern warfare.

  • If you like your nutshot videos wholesale, you could do a whole lot worse than taking a spin around Monzola's Nutshot Warehouse, where volume is king.

  • A wedding DJ gets a little handy with an assistant's ta-tas as he drums out the solo to 'In the Air Tonight' on her chest in this clip from Web Soup.

  • This stupid dude traps his nuts with a mousetrap while on fire and the other unintelligent teen straps a heavy rock to his nuts. Why must they abuse their nuts?

  • This dirty dolphin can't resist the temptation of jumping right in a lovely hole. Oh dolphins, you are certainly nature's clowns.

  • This beautiful gamer girl sure does have a sweet back and Chris's older brother, Ronny Hardwick, sadly has a back.

  • In this edition of "Skate or Almost Die," we see this radically skater pull off his new trick called, The Daniel Fogal. You start off by falling off your skateboard landing at a certain angle to dislocate your shoulder.

  • Alison Brie comes down to Web Soup to play, "Alison Brie Laughs At Dead People!" I wonder whose dead body she will laugh at next.

  • From the creators of the Watermelon series, Web Soup's Chris Hardwick introduces the only melon based adult video, "Melonballin." for your viewing pleasure.

  • Meet Horse, the man who has abused his nutshell in so many ways that our own Codi Fischer had to investigate.

  • A totally fake doctor helps Chris Hardwick determine just what sort of medical damage can be done as a result of trauma to the groin area in this clip from 'Web Soup.'

  • You can't unsee Mr. Pregnant tasting himself, so here's the cutest baby otter you'll ever see.

  • Web Soup's Chris Hardwick presents a rollerblader who rides the rail a little too long, but don't worry his face was stop by a sign.

Web Soup News

Chris Hardwick Developing Nerdist TV Show for BBC America, Hosting 'Ministry of Laughs'

Those familiar with nerd culture know who Chris Hardwick is. He's the guy who hosts "Web Soup" and makes appearances on "Attack of the Show" on the G4 channel, he's one half of the musical comedy group Hard n' Phirm, and he's the guy who has the top-rated comedy podcast on iTunes, "The Nerdist Podcast." Those not familiar with nerd culture know who Hardwick is, too.

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