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What Not to Wear is a very popular television show dedicated to changing the fashion of random people around the country. In this show's specials, Clinton and Stacey change the wardrobes of couples. Originally, the spouse thinks they are changing their better half's wardrobe, but actually they get a new wardrobe as well.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
December 1, 2006
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What Not to Wear, Specials Full Episode Guide

  • Stacy and Clinton look back on the amazing stories of helping women who had lost a great deal of weight and were unable to dress themselves properly to accommodate this huge change.

  • Stacy and Clinton look back on their most difficult contributors and revel in the beautiful women they helped them become in spite of themselves!

  • Stacy and Clinton look back at the women they helped go from scantily clad to looking fabulous.

  • Stacy and Clinton look back at the different single moms they worked with to help them look and feel their best in order to get back into the dating game.

  • Roslyn and Kirstyn are a mother daughter duo living in Las Vegas and both feel that the other is a bust when it comes to style

  • Fiance's Donna and Robert are walking down the aisle but Stacy and Clinton say "we object" to this fashion-challenged couple's messy look when they interrupt their Las Vegas wedding. Can Stacy and Clinton save this couple from their big style mistake?

  • Clinton travels to the home of Jennifer & Del Wimmer to help the couple makeover both their wardrobes and their personal conflicts that are causing problems in their marriage.

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