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One of the greatest benefits of a human connection with Nature is the loving feeling of heartwarming joy that comes from observing and interacting with sweet, silly young animals. The time of their precious childhood is when they are at their most inquisitive, playful and vulnerable.

Marty Stouffer Productions Ltd
1 Season, 110 Episodes
November 10, 2008
Documentary & Biography, Kids & Family
Cast: Marty Stouffer
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  • Marty rides the flowery Great Divide from Mexico to Canada. Marty Stouffer rides the Great Divide from Mexican to Canadian border in search of beautiful and unusual wildflowers. Along the route, we learn how Native Americans used wildflowers for food and medicine. Cactus of Arizona, Yucca of New Mexico, Columbine of Colorado, Paintbrush of Wyoming, and Bear Grass of Montana all play a part in this adventure.

  • How did a wildlife lover start making motion pictures of Nature? How did a young wildlife-lover get started making motion pictures of his favorite subject? How does Marty Stouffer film the amazing, yet difficult -- and often dangerous -- scenes for WILD AMERICA? Viewers are invited to learn the secrets of wildlife cinematography -- to share the frustration of failure and the exhilaration of success -- as the behind-the-scenes story is revealed.

  • Re-evaluating our changing relationship with all living things. As the dominant species, we are finally starting to realize our impact on the world and to re-evaluate our relationship with all living things. This program illustrates how we can best preserve our precious natural heritage of wildlife. Wild animals affect us in many ways -- for recreation, we admire their freedom; for economics, we harvest their bounty; and for science, we explore their mysteries.

  • We learn why natural habitat is so important in supporting wildlife. Whether it's the gnarled old Scrub Oak that hosts an intricate web of a Spider, or a raging river filled with Trout, a creature's habitat is as varied as the thousands of species that live here in North America. In this program, we'll uncover some of the many interesting places Mammals and Birds dwell, and learn why habitat is so important in their fight for survival.

  • A retrospective of the first ten years of fascinating creature features. A decade of North America's fascinating and varied creatures, spectacular locations, and imaginative filmmaking have combined to make "Wild America" one of the highest-rated programs on TV and a favorite for millions of viewers. Marty Stouffer proudly hosts a retrospect of "Wild America"s first ten years. He also presents a peek at the future of the Series.

  • Certain hues aid reproduction, serve as camouflage and simply enthrall. From rich reds to bright yellows, cool blues to velvet blacks, the many colors we perceive in Nature evolved because they have survival value for living creatures. Certain hues aid reproduction or serve as protective camouflage. Some signal danger. This pretty program reveals practical aspects of beauty, and shows how it enhances our enjoyment of Nature.

  • Creating habitat to benefit our local wildlife enhances our lives. If you can't go to see all the wildlife you'd like, then maybe you can attract more of it to your own backyard or window sill. It's easier than you think. Creating habitat for wildlife also enhances the beauty and value of your entire neighborhood. This program outlines easy steps to provide food and shelter for a variety of Birds, Mammals and other fascinating creatures.

  • The four American species are variations on a humorous theme. There are four American species -- Striped, Spotted, Hog-nosed and Hooded -- and each is a variation on the same theme: black and white, easily provoked and wickedly perfumed! Understandably, Skunks have few enemies other than cars, household pets and large Owls. But they do have many interesting traits which are often overshadowed by an emphasis on the obvious.

  • The lives of our numerous gray creatures are anything but drab. Nature's artistry includes brightly colored feathers, fur, petals and scales designed to attract mates or ward off enemies. But what about her neutral hues? Marty Stouffer examines the function of non-color in Nature, and shows us that the lives of gray creatures, such as the Glacier Bear, Stone Sheep, Gyrfalcon, and even the Gray Wolf are certainly anything but drab.

  • Being blessed with 30,000 barbed quills breeds a very confident attitude. One of the few creatures that can afford to turn its back on an enemy, the Porcupine has approximately 30,000 good reasons for doing so. Barbed quills on back and tail insure that it has few enemies in the first place, so this large Rodent confidently goes about its business at an extremely relaxed pace. As we see, however, it can be destructive and sometimes controversial.

  • Time-lapse photography reveals the incredible Plant Kingdom. Seeds that actually walk along the ground, mushrooms that glow in the dark, and vines that strangle their host to death... These are just some of the extreme tactics that plants have adapted to ensure survival. Time-lapse photography reveals the Plant Kingdom's most ingenious and dramatic reproductive techniques, proving Plants to be as wild and indispensable as any wildlife.

  • A magnificent landscape glows in all its vast and silent grandeur. The silent grandeur of Monument Valley, the ragged chasms of the Grand Canyon, the magnificent sandstone arches of Utah... these spectacular landscapes exert a powerful influence on the wild creatures that live within their realms. Cooper's Hawk, Rattlesnake, Mountain Lion and Gray Fox -- living things are fewer and further between in these vast spaces, but they are all interconnected.

  • America's Endangered Species, many are on the verge of extinction. This exploration of wildlife's struggle for survival presents many Endangered Mammals, Birds and Fishes that have never been filmed before. Some are large and impressive -- others small and overlooked. Seen are interviews with four prominent biologists, each an expert on a particular Endangered Species. Without our concern, many of these rare animals will never be filmed again.

  • Nature's strangest creatures are fascinating to observe and consider. The strangest features of some creatures are the very elements which have allowed them to survive. Claymation of prehistoric species shows the ways in which odd shapes evolved into forms we know today. The Musk Ox's circle dance and the Armadillo's shell game are explained. Also seen are the one-in-a-million white Moose, and the confused courtship of a prairie Grouse hybrid.

  • This powerful and ancient digger is always dressed for battle. Like a well equipped soldier, the Armadillo of our southern states is always dressed for battle. Its lizard-like skin and bony-plated shell give it a perfect defense against predators. Named "little armored one" by Spanish Conquistadors, this surprisingly agile swimmer and powerful digger has proven itself a true pioneer in the fastest known migration of any animal.

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